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Salting damage removal

If you suspect that damage has been imposed on you or your relatives, you can try to remove it using the methods of folk magic. As a rule, most of them involve the use of certain items that, by their very nature, are capable of absorbing a negative impact.

Salt is one of the magical products and even experienced professional sorcerers use it in their rites.

Salting damage removal

To remove the damage from their relatives, you must go to the neighbors and take a small amount of salt from them. Do not be afraid, you will not cause them any harm.

The number of handfuls of salt taken from different neighbors should be equal to the number of members of your family.

Mixing all the salt, it should be salted, cooked dishes, while sentencing:

Cooked dishes should definitely try all family members.

Salt is the first means of dealing with the negative in case of detection of signs of damage to your home. Needles stuck in the door or scattered cereals near the threshold or other foreign objects may testify to this.

In this case, you should immediately try to remove the salt with a negative effect, which did not gain strength and did not cause harm so far.

To do this alone in the late evening indoors you need:

  • Put salt in a plate;
  • Pick up a lit candle;
  • Three times cross with a candle of salt in a plate;
  • Three times utter the words of a special plot against corruption:

Then the energetically charged salt should be decomposed into the corners of all the rooms in the apartment. Salt per night will absorb all the negative effects. And in the morning it will need to be collected and buried in the ground, as far as possible from home.

Returning home, be sure to clean the floors.

There is a seven-day ritual of removing spoilage with salt. Even if he does not remove the negative program, it will greatly weaken its impact.

To do this, you need a griddle, which will later need to be thrown away and a packet of salt. The rite consists in calcining salt in a frying pan and reading a special conspiracy over it.

His words sound like this:

If you are not mistaken and the damage is really induced on you, the salt will emit a crackling sound, it will darken a lot and smell unpleasant. Next, the used salt should be poured into a separate plate and put it at the head of the bed for the night.

And if you are trying to help a loved one, then next to the plate you need to put his photo.

This operation with the same salt must be repeated seven days in a row. After that, the used salt should be washed into the sink with a strong jet of water.

And unused salt in a pack and a frying pan should be thrown away from the house, and it is better to bury.

Of course, you can hardly count on the salt in cases where a strong damage has been imposed on you. But for healing itself or relatives from household damage caused by non-professionals, it is quite an effective tool.

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