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Sacred value that a tiger tattoo has

What is the significance of tiger tattoo

People always strive for all that is beautiful. Now clothes, hairstyle and even the manner of human behavior give a special meaning.

A tattoo depicting a tiger as an unusual decoration always attracts the attention of representatives of various social groups and nationalities.

The value of the tattoo tiger is given special attention. When choosing a sketch of the planned tattoos, each person associates him with his personality. After all, the main goal of any tattoos is self-expression of the individual.

What puzzles are hidden in a similar tattoo — about this you can learn from this material.

Sacred value that a tiger tattoo has

What do tiger tattoos mean in different states?

Characteristic tattoos depicting the tiger, very interesting and variable.

For the most part, the tiger is associated with the following characteristics:

  • physical strength;
  • rage;
  • ferocity;
  • power;
  • royal majesty;
  • passion and sensuality;
  • modesty and visual appeal;
  • stiffness and aggression.

At the same time, the characteristic of tattoos is directly dependent on the context of the tattoo and on the culture in which the tattoo should be considered.

As an example, in the Asian states, the tiger is a replacement and manifestation of all the characteristics of the eastern lion, which, as we know, is the king of all animals. Also in Asia, the tiger often embodies military prowess.

It is not surprising that the image of the tiger is a military emblem among the Hindus.

The Chinese spread the myth about the five tigers guarding the direction of the light and its central part. The black tiger — the guard of the north, the red — the south, the blue — is the keeper of the east and white — the western and central parts, respectively.

In addition, the Chinese deity of financial well-being traditionally sits astride a tiger and protects excitement and risk in human destinies. In some parts of China, it is known that tigers can harm only sinful people, thus the gods punish them for their bad deeds.

It should be noted that the Chinese are currently using the image of the tiger to scare away evil spirits and bad people from the dwelling. And women in the position try to always have an image of this royal animal with them in order to protect their future baby.

In Korea, the tiger is known as the «king of beasts.»

In Hindu culture, the deity Shiva, when he is angry, is depicted dressed in a tiger’s skin and sitting astride this animal.

As for the Western states, they can detect the image of the tiger much less often. Despite this, the Greco-Roman myths often replaced tigers with leopards harnessed to the chariot of Dionysus (he was the god of winemaking).

Other characteristics of tigers

The tiger, drawn sitting in a cage, acts as a symbol of feelings withheld or subdued passions.

The tiger is the 3rd sign according to the Chinese horoscope. Persons born under this sign are, for the most part, very emotional and endowed with tremendous spiritual power.

In Buddhism, the tiger personifies strong anger.

A tiger that has opened its mouth wide is a popular choice for prison tattoos. He testifies to the ability of the tattoo owner to protect himself and his close environment.

Also, such a tattoo is actively used by prisoners embittered by power.

The tiger depicted with the dragon is the main image in the symbol Yin and Yang. In this case, the tiger is the personification of the feminine, and the dragon — the male energy.

There is a legend that if a person saw this living creature in a dream, it means that in the near future it will awaken a dormant force or a long-forgotten feeling of passion.

Sacred value that a tiger tattoo has

It turns out that mainly the characteristics of the headdresses with tigers directly affect the characteristics of this predator. The tiger always attracts attention due to its grandeur, grace, noble nature and aggressiveness. He often acts as the embodiment of two opposites: it may be, at the same time as a bloodthirsty and wise living creature, and symbolize humility with aggression, life with death, good with evil.

Due to this, the tiger always causes respect and reverence for itself.

The value of a tiger tattoo in girls

The fair sex, stuffing a tattoo with a tiger, tend to focus on the duality of their nature.

The presence of dark stripes on the skin of a predator — will indicate bad strength, ability for magic, witchcraft. And golden stripes, on the contrary, symbolize light, positive energy.

Famous American actress Angelina Jolie knowingly chose the striped animal as her personal talisman and decorated her lower back with a Bengal tiger.

Girls often perform tattoo with stealing tigers on the shoulder. In this case, the tiger will become a symbol of grace, wisdom and hidden power.

A sleeping beast is associated with calmness. A little tiger will focus on your innocence, tenderness and vulnerability.

Value for men

Representatives of the strong half of humanity, when they put a tiger tattoo on their body, try to focus on their spiritual and physical superiority. In addition, the striped beast is a symbol of ambition and nobility.

The authority of the owner of such tattoos is designed to grow in the eyes of others. In this case, the tattoo is often applied to the shoulder area.

On the tiger’s chest, men depict respectful family values, as well as girls. When the prey of real tigers is divided, they, above all, allow the babies and the female to get enough.

The tiger grin is a symbol of military nature.

The tiger of white color — symbolizes itself vulnerability, insecurity. And the head of a tiger is a symbol of high intelligence.

The value of tiger tattoo on the zone

The head of a tiger among prisoners has its own value — it will tell about the anger of the owner of the tattoo on power. And also — will tell about hostility to those who stopped committing crimes.

In addition, criminals who have such a tattoo, known as «bulls» who are ready to physically crack down on someone, if ordered to make the leader.

Prisoners put tigers on their backs, chest, shoulders, thighs, and arms. They are performed in black, gold and yellow colors.

Tiger Tattoo Versions

The tiger’s cap is made in different versions and styles. In particular, tribal style is popular.

Due to geometric shapes and curls creates a visual illusion, as if the animal is moving.

Another interesting version is the tiger tattooed together with a zebra. It usually stops wonderful personages.

Tribal tiger will tell about strength and elusiveness. This tattoo is popular with the military.

Tattoo with a white tiger. White tigers are an extraordinarily rare species. History knows only one situation when such an animal was caught.

It was brought to the American zoo, where they tried to get offspring from it, but the idea was not crowned with success. Therefore, a white tiger in a hat will indicate the exclusivity of a person, his dissimilarity to other people and his uniqueness.

Sacred value that a tiger tattoo has

Siberian tiger. The Siberian tiger is the most massive representative of its kind. His main place of residence is the Russian Federation and part of the regions of China.

Due to its impressive parameters, a tattoo with a white tiger will tell about all the power and strength of this predator.

Tattoo with a tiger cub. It is usually stopped by the fair sex. They have a cute little animal is the personification of innocence and fragility.

Mostly images with tiger cubs emphasize the connection between mother and child.

Often, other images are involved in tiger tattoos, for example, dragons, butterflies and flowers.

In the process of choosing tattoos you need to remember that she will stay with you for life. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to carefully examine the symbolism of the image, and also consciously decide to make a tattoo.

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