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Sacred value that a tattoo pen has in tattoo art

What is the symbolic meaning tattoo pen

It is difficult to argue with the fact that tattoos necessarily attract attention to themselves and rarely leave anyone indifferent. I am not an exception to the rule — I like to observe different examples of tattoos on people’s bodies, look closely at them and think which tattoo I would theoretically decide to do myself.

I had the idea of ​​performing a feather tattoo, at first I, of course, carefully studied the meaning of this image and am ready to reveal it to you in this material.

Sacred value that a tattoo pen has in tattoo art

Historical background of tattoo feathers

The feather tattoo draws attention due to its unusual value and visual appeal. With the help of this material you make it easier for yourself to choose the body pattern, plus correctly combine it with other variants of images.

Since ancient times, the pen was associated with warriors and leaders, and was designed to put emphasis on their strength, skill and moral stability. Feathers were actively used by shamans in ritual dances, they contributed to maintaining communication with the highest deities and deceased relatives, and also saved from evil forces, acting as a symbol of immortality.

The pen also caused the association with dreams, therefore, it was woven into a charm of dreams — in order to improve your nightly rest and protect yourself from evil thoughts and dreams.

The feathering pony was also made by majestic personalities who were able to win respect in battle and gained decent fame by their actions. Often drawings with feathers symbolized power and power.

As a rule, as of today, representatives of the stronger sex decorate their bodies with body patterns in the Indian style. And the tattoo is usually performed in black colors.

It looks very attractive pen, which has an Indian ornament.

Christian priests have a tradition of wearing a ring that has three feathers, a symbol of benefactors, faith, hope and mercy.

In ancient Greece, birds were associated with beauty, upper class and luxury. In most cultures, bird feathers are related to the symbols of wind and air, as they are very light and weightless, and accordingly tell about the burden of freedom, tenderness, purity, flight, dreams, elevation, truthfulness, inspiration and creativity.

The value of tattoo pen

In addition to the main characteristics of the tattoo pen, there are still many different variations of its values. So eagle feathers are a very popular option for a stylish and modern tattoo with historical roots.

Previously, tribal warriors decorated themselves with similar tattoos to demonstrate the strength and power of this bird, to fill themselves with its strength. And nowadays a tattoo with a feather is associated with courage, bravery and honor.

In general, the pen appears to be a very, very important subject. It can both decorate a women’s hat, and be in the poet’s hand.

It is for this reason that quills are often called upon to indicate a riddle, wisdom, and patience.

Tails with bird feathers are often chosen by cheerful individuals, because they personify courage, pleasure and are designed to focus on the bright, charismatic personality of their owner.

For the descendants of Indian culture, the feathers of birds still evoke an association with their long-time ancestors and are called upon to subdue the air element, thunderstorm, or wind.

Pens with images of feathers should also make their owner successful, as well as give him the ease of consciousness.

What do the feathers of different birds

The final symbolism of the tattoo will also depend directly on the type of bird.

  • Owl feathers — designed to protect against evil forces, improve thinking, are often used by fans of esoteric knowledge
  • Eagle — associated with physical strength, courage, courage, survival, fearlessness, honor, wisdom and dexterity. The inhabitants of Indian tribes were convinced that such images on the body would help a person to fully absorb these properties of a person.
  • Ostrich feathers are associated with justice and truthfulness. Residents of ancient Egypt revered Maat — the deity responsible for order and justice. She was always depicted having an ostrich feather in her hair. Maat took part in all the courts, even those that occurred after the death of a person.
  • Crane feathers — personified with spring life.
  • Feathers of the Firebird — a symbol of mystery, elegance and beauty.
  • Phoenix fiery feathers — a symbol of rebirth, immortality and renewal.
  • A massive tattoo with bird feathers that rush up — the personification of purpose, freedom, elevation. Even more impressive tattoo looks when the «villi» straightened and rise to the heavens.
  • Ordinary bird feathers are designed to inspire faith, courage, freedom, talents, and also spirituality with inner strength.

Sacred value that a tattoo pen has in tattoo art

Color variations of tattoo

Of the most popular places for the application of body-print images with feathers, you can call the back, the feet, as well as the spine.

In this case, as a rule, men stop on three-dimensional drawings, made in monochromatic colors. For them, tattoos will have a definite semantic meaning.

For example, if the feathers decorated hand, back or shoulder — such a tattoo will be associated with courage, determination, courage. In addition, the image will be able to protect you from various troubles, illnesses and defeats.

Also, the characteristics of the image will depend on its location, color variation, and more — the type of bird. The strong half of humanity is quite popular image with skulls, which seemed to connect two worlds: the living and the dead.

Patching is in high demand among creative freedom-loving individuals.

Traditional colors for this tattoo are gray or black, but ladies often prefer their more extensive colors:

  • purple or purple feathers, designed to focus on the characteristics of the character of its owner;
  • green or blue — symbols of calm, thirst for stability;
  • red — symbolize the elimination of enemies and the successful solution of various life situations;
  • yellow or orange — talk about small ambitions, comfort and spiritual harmony.

And the presence of additional elements will also change the overall value of the tattoo:

  • cut feathers — correlate with mental suffering, loss, defeat;
  • broken rods — associated with separation from your loved one, and also with shattered dreams;
  • thrown or falling plumage is a symbol of longing and sadness.

Importance of tattoo feathers in men

Modern tattoos with the image of feathers are of two types:

  1. Tattoo with feathers of ordinary feathers.
  2. Pads in Indian style.

In either of the two options, the pen depicted will be associated with ease, creativity, freedom, courage, trust, flight, and strong will.

The tattoo will be able to decorate any of the parts of the body, but mostly men stop at massive patterns made in the same color palette.

Moreover, the guys, as a rule, decorate with a tattoo of their shoulders or back — the pattern on these parts of the body is personified with strength, courage, determination and courage.

It is also believed that such a tattoo can protect from any misfortunes and pathologies.

Tattoo with feathers is quite popular in the area. And if a monk’s image is added to it, it means that a person used to steal with the help of sharply sharpened objects.

Sacred value that a tattoo pen has in tattoo art

Tattoo with feathers for ladies

In contrast to the strong half of humanity, girls often stop at headdresses, made in a wide range of colors.

And each of the tattoos will have its specific value:

  • violet feathers — characterize the girl as a “lady with character”;
  • green or blue — associated with calm and stability;
  • red feathers — symbolize a victory;
  • feathers in the yellow-orange palette — will tell about the desire to achieve spiritual harmony, comfort, as well as healthy ambitions.

Observing the cut feathers of beautiful persons, you will find out that they are in a state of spiritual experiences, losses.

Feathers that fall or have been cast are a symbol of sadness. The presence of a broken rod will tell about parting with the beloved and the destruction of all desires.

For the most part, girls decorate the neckline with tattoos. Unusual option — tattoo with a bright feather, decorated with small dew drops.

In order to focus on the beauty of the legs and arms, apply a feather on the area of ​​the ankle, wrist or shoulders.

Please note that the tattoo will also be treated depending on which bird’s pen it belongs to.

For example, the Firebird’s feathering is ideal if a girl dreams to emphasize her beauty, elegance, mystery.

Bright, beautiful peacock feathers — a great solution for anyone who wants to win over Mrs.-Fortuna.

It is noteworthy that the value of tattoos varies depending on the culture. If, for example, in some nationalities peacock feathers are associated with rebirth, for others they are a satanic eye, as evidenced by the presence of a small circle.

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