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Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

How to use Dua from damage and the evil eye

What is Dua? How to use Dua from damage and the evil eye so that no negative impact can harm you — we will tell about it in this material.

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

What is Dua

The concept of “Dua” came to us from Islam, where it acts as a direct appeal to Allah. In fact, this is an ordinary prayer, but not the usual Christian one, but supporters of another religious movement. But there are certain differences between Orthodox prayers and Duas, which are as follows:

  1. Dua can not be used by Gentiles or sinners who do not adhere to the norms of the Koran.
  2. Each sura (that is, Dua) ​​has its own meaning, it is used for a particular case. For example, you can not use dua from damage to regain lost health.
  3. The pronunciation of Islamic prayer can be carried out exclusively in Arabic, and the words are always memorized in memory. It is permissible to repeat the sacred text not out loud, but mentally.
  4. You can not use surah for fun — you must first make sure that prayer is really necessary for you now.

Whatever Dua you choose, the initial surah of the Quran “Al-Fatiha” is always pronounced first. Its name can be translated as «opening the book.»

Its text is as follows:

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

This sura at the same time expresses gratitude to the Almighty for his help and generosity, and also expresses a person’s prayer to set him on the right path. In addition, the first Dua contributes with the flow of Divine energy to fulfill your desires.

After reading the opening sura, one can begin to pronounce suras designed to solve various problems. Then we give examples of sacred texts, with the help of which it becomes possible to eliminate any negative impact from the energy plan of a person.

Dua from damage and from the evil eye

The Qur’an is the scripture of legitimate Muslims. Every self-respecting believer in Islam is obliged to know him from beginning to end. The Qur’an itself provides a very powerful defense against evil in the global sense of the word.

For this reason, many people professing Islam believe that there is no need to say any auxiliary prayers from the evil eye for a person with the sincerity of the person praying and strictly adhering to all the commandments indicated in the Qur’an.

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

But despite this, the pronunciation of the Koran does not act 100% guarantee that it is impossible to face a negative energy message and suffer from the destructive impact.

So, for example, if we turn to Surah Al-Falyak, then we will find in it a story about how Allah teaches the Prophet Muhammad to save people from the damage that the Jewish Labid had brought on him using eleven knots tied to a bow of a bow .

Allah advised the prophet to read Dua “Al-Flayak” and “An-us”, and Mohammed observes that in the process of reading the sacred text all nodes are unleashed and it becomes much easier for him.

And the sura called “Yusuf” already tells how Mohamed trained the adherents of Islam (spouses Aisha and Yakub), he told them about the existence of the evil eye and advised him to pronounce ayahs (verses recorded in the Koran), as well as use protective amulets.

If you find signs of a negative impact on yourself or your baby, and your guesses were confirmed by clairvoyants (the main thing is that they are real and do not name specific amounts for the assistance provided), you should read the special Dua from damage and evil eye.

Sacred texts from damage and the evil eye in Islam

While studying the Qur’an, every believer learns that there are only 3 fundamental defensive prayers from the evil caused by the enemies, namely:

They are pronounced in a complex, one after the other. We give examples of sacred texts.

Surah Al-Ikhlas (they ask for sincerity in it). Its text is:

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

Turning to this Dua, the prayer asks the Most High to protect himself, as well as his family and friends from any negative, from various temptations, evil spirits, jinn and enemies.

Surah “Al-Falak” is represented by these words:

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

And Surah «An-Us» is pronounced:

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

If you believe what is written in the Quran, then Muhammad regularly uttered the above-described Dua daily, before going to bed. After that, with the help of his palms, he rubbed all his torso from head to foot.

It was thanks to this rite that the prophet retained the integrity and inaccessibility for the action of evil forces until morning.

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

Prayer from the evil eye for kids

In very frequent situations, Islamic women pronounce the sura of the Koran, bearing the name Al-Adiyat, above the beds of their children. Traditionally, it allows you to save the child from bad energy.

Sura is represented by eleven ayahs. If, according to the words, to translate the text to it, then you will get this analogy in Russian:

Sacred Muslim dua from damage and the evil eye

How to use Dua from the evil eye

In order to ensure the high efficacy of sur from destructive energy, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations for their reading.

  • First of all, you need to be 100% sure that you really have the evil eye. Do not take minor troubles into account, they are probably sent from above to temper your spirit. But if you regularly encounter continuous failures in all walks of life that do not end there, this indicates the presence of damage.
  • One should turn to the Higher Forces for help not in the morning hours (as is customary in the Orthodox religion), but at night when the sun disappears over the horizon. Prayer reading should be completed before sunrise. This is due to the fact that the Almighty cannot hear the calls to him during the day and therefore does not render his assistance to the person.
  • It is necessary to read a dua from damage or the evil eye to the person who has been negatively affected. If the patient is so exhausted that he is unable to accomplish this, the mission can be entrusted to the elder person in your family. At the conclusion of the prayer, he should be blown into the face of the patient.
  • It is best to pronounce suras in the desert. But at the moment, not many Muslims can afford it. Therefore, it is permissible to utter suras in his home, but always in complete solitude. Provide complete isolation from the sounds of the world.
  • Sacred texts are not translated. They are read exclusively in the original (you can use Russian transcription for convenience).
  • When applying for a request from the Almighty, hold the Koran in your hands.
  • During the healing process of spoilage, the use of alcohol and tobacco smoking is prohibited.
  • It is important to get rid of lustful and depraved thoughts.
  • The most successful day for the pronunciation of suras is Friday.
  • In no case do not change the sequence of suras from damage and the evil eye. Begin to exorcise damage from the first sura of the Qur’an, and complete this process one hundred and fourteenth. It is allowed to insert the thirty-sixth surah in the middle, but only for those cases where there is a very strong negative impact.
  • One day (or, more precisely, night) is not enough to eliminate damage or the evil eye, the ceremony should be repeated for seven days.
  • With such an opportunity, connect to the dua reading all people who wish you well.

In order to feel more confident in pronouncing the texts of Islamic prayers, we advise you to watch the following video clip. In it, believers pronounce the sacred Suras, you can learn from them the technique of reading Dua.

May Allah be with you!

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