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Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

New Year’s Eve — the most magical night of the year. At this time, the heavens open, and the universe hears the requests of people. At this time, traditionally, rituals and rituals that attract good luck and wealth are held.

On New Year’s Eve, you can get rid of obstacles and troubles, make a secret wish. What other rituals for the new year can be done?

Consider several effective magic spells for different occasions.

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Warding and protection in the New Year’s Eve

In order for the year to pass successfully, it is necessary to put magical defenses against the wiles of unclean spirits. These ceremonies will keep you and your family from unhappiness for a year, and the next year you need to repeat everything again.

However, before setting off protections and amulets, it is necessary to clean the room of energy dirt.

Cleaning the room from the negative

After finishing the usual cleaning in the house, sprinkle the room with holy water. Special attention should be paid to corners, windows and doors. Then light a church candle and say:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Pass with a candle around the perimeter of the entire apartment, starting from the entrance doors, and read “Our Father”. Then fumigate the room with an incense stick or place an aroma lamp. After that, go through the rooms with a bell, call and say:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Now you can carry out rituals for the new year, attract good luck and get rid of trouble.

Charm for a year

In the last minutes of the year, 12 apostles are asked for protection. To do this, you need to buy in the church shop an icon of the apostles and 12 church candles, symbolizing 12 months. Speak the plot in a quiet voice slowly, feeling the solemnity of the moment.

You do not just ask for protection, but also bless each month of next year.

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Let the candles burn out. Cinder roll into a ball and put the icon.

Next year, a wax ball needs to be interred. If there is a lot of snow, just buy land for flowers and put the ball in there.

Place the ground under the fruit tree.

Also read the New Year charm three times with lit candles:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

If you see off a leap year, instead of the first guardian, read this 12 times:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

No trouble will affect your family, and the troubles of a leap year will be a thing of the past.

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Charm from trouble

For this ritual you need to prepare in advance. You need to collect the following magic items:

  • pine cones and needles;
  • a thread of pure wool without synthetics with a length of 30 cm;
  • sprigs of dry wormwood with flowers;
  • a copper coin or any item of copper;
  • a coin of white or silver;
  • a piece of silk fabric;
  • dry lilac flowers;
  • dry red rose petals;
  • seven oat grains;
  • sea ​​shell or a stone with a hole;
  • three dry leaves of oak;
  • wax from the candle.

You must have 12 different items, symbolizing the 12 months of the year. Now take a piece of red fabric without a pattern and cut a circle out of it.

With a new needle and red thread, walk around the edge of the circle with a crochet stitch and lock in a knot at the end.

Place objects on the circle and tighten the threads. Before tying the sack into a bundle, blow it inward on objects and say:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

So you need to do it three times: blow and say a conspiracy. After tighten the bag and tie.

When the chimes start to beat 12 times, hold the bag by the string with your left hand and swing it. The guardian must describe 12 laps with your hand.

Keep it in your belongings: the amulet will protect you from harm and sorcery. A year later, bury objects in the ground, make a new amulet.

Metal items can be removed, rinsed under running water and put into a new protective bag.

For beauty and good health

In order not to get sick next year and always look beautiful, do the following ceremony during the last hour of the outgoing year. For the ceremony, you need to buy three red candles and a spoon of liquid honey in advance.

Stand in front of a mirror, dissolve your hair, light a candle in front of a mirror and hold a spoon with honey in your right hand. When you prepare everything, read the conspiracy words three times:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

You need to read the plot by heart, all the while looking into his eyes. Eat honey and drink some tea. Candles let them burn to the end.

Cinder roll into a ball and put in a white cloth for storage. This will be your talisman for the year.

Mutual love rite

In order for a loved one to reciprocate, you need to perform an uncomplicated New Year’s ritual with a red apple. During the celebration, ask the man to give you an apple from a vase and quietly hide it under the Christmas tree.

In the morning, carefully remove the core from the bull’s-eye, and in its place put a rolled-up sheet of paper with the initials of the beloved man. Tie the apple with red satin ribbon and place in a warm place.

In this case, do not say anything.

If the apple does not rot, but dries, the loved one will fall in love with you. If the fetus begins to rot, get rid of it — it means, not destiny.

Plots of wealth and money

Buy a ceramic pot with a lid in the first days of the new year, and put the change from the purchase inside. Only the pot should be your first purchase this year!

If you buy groceries or something else, put the change from the first purchase in the new year in a potty.

All days before the full moon you need to fill up the pot with small change, saying the following words:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

In the 14th lunar day, hide the pot in a secluded place so that the family did not find it and did not take a trifle. If done correctly, good luck and prosperity will not leave your home all year.

New Year’s money bath

Money rituals for the new year can be held until January 14: every day of the beginning of the year is filled with magical powers. In the coming year to swim in money, you need to take a money bath of 1 number.

As soon as you wake up after meeting the new year, throw a handful of coins into the bath, which you will find in your wallet, and fill it with warm water. Lie down in the bath and imagine that you are swimming in money and wealth. After 10-12 minutes, collect the change in the package, and release the water.

This trifle will be the talisman of the current year, you can not spend it.

Next year repeat the ritual with the same coins. You can store them in a box or tissue bag.

Important note: you can not carry out the ritual in a drunken state!

Ritual of lack of money

On the morning of January 1, you can talk yourself out of lack of money and failure when washing. Pour water into the container and speak the words of the plot 12 times. It is important that breathing touches the surface of the water:

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Now wash with water and let your face dry in the air. Do not wipe your hands or face.

American magicians act more simply: they “wash” their faces with dollars instead of water. It is believed that the whole year the money will stick to the person.

Make a wish for the new year

Rituals for the new year for good luck and wealth

Scroll of desires

What new year does without divinations and rituals for desires? Those who practice rituals to fulfill wishes every year say that everything is literally performed.

Only this ritual needs to be taken responsibly and the wishes to make real ones. It is impossible to demand the impossible from the universe, it still will not come true.

So, you need to prepare:

  • a sheet of white paper;
  • black bread crust;
  • red rose;
  • a piece of refined sugar;
  • pen or felt-tip pen in red;
  • white candle and scarlet ribbon.

What desires can you make on New Year’s Eve? It can be dreams related to well-being, love and money.

Each person has his own dreams, and the universe responds to the desires of the heart. Rite of passage must begin one week before the New Year’s Eve.

Light a candle. Write down three cherished desires on the sheet and put a magic “be it so” under them.

Pack all the items in a sheet, hold a few minutes in your hands and focus on your desires.

Then tie the bundle with ribbon and secure with wax from the candle — seal it. Put the package under the mattress, you should sleep with a bundle every night: 7 days before the new year and 7 days after it.

Then take the bag out from under the mattress and place it on the highest place in the house on your photo. First put the photo, and on top of it — a bundle.

During the year, all dreams come true!

Desire in champagne

What other New Year rituals and rituals of desire? Popularity gained cheerful collective ritual with champagne: it can be carried out together with the guests at the holiday table.

First you need to prepare napkins, boxes of matches and pens by the number of people at the table.

When the chimes start their fight, you need to quickly write down the innermost desire on a napkin, set fire to it, throw it into a glass of champagne and drink. All actions must be done before the last strike of the chimes.

If you succeed, the wish will come true quickly!

Three bags of fate

For this ritual, three bags of different colors should be drawn on three sheets of A4 paper: black, blue and red. Next, do the following:

  1. on a sheet with a red bag write a wish list;
  2. on the black bag sheet, write what you want to get rid of;
  3. On the sheet with the blue bag, list the good events of the past year.

After the chiming clock, you need to burn a sheet with a black bag and dispel the ashes to the wind (blow from the balcony). This is what should leave you in the new year. Together with the destruction of the sheet, you need to get rid of the pen with black paste — break it.

Two other sheets need to hide and forget about them until the next New Year’s Eve. After the holidays, you can re-read the notes and note what happened during the year.

This ritual can be performed continuously.

Christmas divination

This fortune telling should be carried out in a circle of guests. Prepare walnut shells for the number of people present and place a wish symbol in each half of the shell:

  • love — heart;
  • money is the symbol of the dollar;
  • car — car wheel;
  • and so on.

Pour water into the basin and lower the shells. Now you need to get up around the basin and blow: what shells will moor to “your shore”, then the desire will be fulfilled!

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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