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Rituals for the new moon — the wealth, love and fulfillment of desires

Rituals and rituals for the new moon — for wealth, love and fulfillment of desires

Human ancestors have long noticed the great power of the moon, and also how much it affects human life. Centuries have passed, during which the cycle of the moon was divided into certain phases.

And each phase has its own interesting rites and rituals. A new moon is an ideal time for any kind of undertaking — from everyday life to professional sphere, from life situations to the monetary sphere.

If a person wants a positive result from the case — you need to start it on the new moon, and best of all — on Monday.

Would you like to learn more about the different rites and rituals for the new moon? Then below will be given the highest quality and reliable rituals for the implementation.

If you trust the signs — the new moon has long been a time of change and the present fulfillment of desires.

Rituals for the new moon - the wealth, love and fulfillment of desires

Rites and Rituals on the New Moon

Rituals for the new moon are most often sent to ensure that desires are fulfilled. These are ceremonies for attracting money, love, and also household. The task of the ceremony is to change life for the better.

This is the chance for a person given a young moon.

They are needed in order to push a loved one to a serious step — the wedding. For this he needs to present a gift in the phase of the young Moon (new moon).

The magic of love is known to all the girls who at least once guessed at their loved one. Any female is a little wizard by nature.

New Moon provides an opportunity to use in practice this kind of force, which nature itself and the Earth have bestowed on girls.

  1. If a girl has a boyfriend whom she wants to marry, but he does not dare to make an offer, you should perform such a ceremony. On the new moon, you should link or sew something for your beloved, and then give it to him with love. Then the girl will just have to wait.
  2. Another reliable method to establish contact with a guy is to cook an ear from the fish’s head on a new moon, and then treat him to a married man with such a dish, after which he becomes very sensitive to the opinion of his girlfriend, listening to her on every issue.

New Moon Ritual to Allegiance

For its execution it is required to take a red candle, 3 bay leaves, as well as a sheet of paper and a pen. On the night of the new moon, you need to light a candle, and on paper indicate the name of the beloved, saying it out loud three times.

Then you need to fold the note three times, put the lavruhu inside, and then fold it again three times, sealing it with wax. Sealed sheet must be tidied up in the most secluded place.

Love attraction

On a new moon, a young woman is required to undress completely by placing a bowl of water and a candle of red hue at the mirror. Rose oil drip into the water and put rose petals. After the candle should light, saying these words:

“The rose under the moon grew and smelled, so I would have become beautiful and love found. Moonlight, let my bridegroom come to the doorstep.

Amen. (three times). «

After that, the girl should wipe well with such water, looking at herself in the mirror. Then, with this very water, it is necessary to wipe the door handle well from the outside and at the same time splash water on the threshold.

Other water with pink petals is placed under the sofa. You just need to wait, and during the month will meet fate.

Rituals for the new moon - the wealth, love and fulfillment of desires

Household rituals on the new moon

If a person has hair fall out, then during a new moon one should stand at the threshold and look for a month. At the same time, you need to hold your hands with your head, ask loudly for a hair fortress at the Moon.

There are many methods for rejuvenation:

Beauty ritual

You need to take a regular egg, separate the white from the yolk in it, beat the white, and then spread it on the face and neck. Hold this tool for 20 minutes and then rinse with water.

You need to bury the yolk under the rose bush so that beauty becomes like a rose. If there is no rose, then you can choose any other flower that has a beautiful shade.

For cleanliness

In the new moon you need to carry out general cleaning at home, and after it you need to wash well, dressing after that in all clean. The sign says that money will quickly come to the house that was cleaned on the new moon.

Rites for money in the new moon

The rituals of the new moon in order to attract money are very simple in their essence, but at the same time very high-quality. They do not require special attributes.

For many of them, you only need a banknote, as well as the belief that everything will work out.

  1. First you need to write yourself a receipt to get a large amount. It is required to perform this on the new moon, as soon as the young month will be seen. The receipt must be the most natural — with the date, name, number, as well as a very real amount (large, but not too much).
  2. On the new moon you need to pour a glass of water and leave it on the windowsill. In the full moon, you should wash this water and just wait for the money to arrive.
  3. Seven times should bow to the new moon, throwing her coins and loudly asking about wealth.
  4. Speaking money on the new moon is quite simple. It is necessary to take the average face value of the bill, but in its face value should not be one. You need to show this bill for a month, and then put it in your wallet in a separate compartment. This money must be saved until next month.

Rituals for the new moon - the wealth, love and fulfillment of desires

Interesting video about raising money in the new moon:

Signs on the New Moon

  1. If a bird got to an unmarried woman on the balcony, then a quick marriage proposal awaits her.
  2. To marry in the new moon, then after live very happily and harmoniously.
  3. But the anniversary of the wedding on the New Moon can not be celebrated — this is for trouble.
  4. If on a new moon, a fallen tooth is dreamed up — for separation.
  5. The salt scattered at this time is a great quarrel.
  1. People who were born in the new moon will always live happily ever after.
  2. Moving is better to arrange it in the new moon, so that the new apartment has money.
  3. A new moon is not a good time for conception, the baby will be very weak, it is better to wait with a couple of days.

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