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Rituals for attracting money at home

Ritual to raise money at home

Money is a very important and necessary moment in the life of every person. If a person feels that he does not have enough money, then performing a ritual to raise money at home will help him quickly fix it.

It happens that some people may not have enough money to open a new restaurant or buy a trip to Paris, others do not have enough for more trivial things — an apartment, a car, a bed, and some may not have enough for clothes or food. Speaking money, a person has the opportunity to improve the cash position, which will grow, because a person will become like a magnet, attracting huge flows of funds.

Rituals for attracting money at home

Ways of rites and rituals

Money magic is used by people in such situations, which have an impact on the varieties of different love spells:

  • Return large amount of money (when the debtor did not return the debt);
  • Attracting money home (it often happens that all family work, and funds in the house never appear);
  • Urgent need to get a large amount (per operation).

The reasons for using the love spell are as huge as their own. Below are the highest quality that can be carried out without leaving home.

But before you begin to perform any ritual to attract money, you should be familiar with the details and rules of their observance:

  1. Money spell will not act for a whole year, for this reason it should be updated from time to time;
  2. Such rituals are carried out only with a growing month;
  3. A person must unconditionally believe in the power of a given conspiracy or rite.

It should also be aware that the rite itself will not make money for a person. Reading a different kind of conspiracy, a person cannot relax and lie on the sofa for days on end.

Means will not go into the hands of just. The love of money will only help if it works with him.

Therefore, one must also call upon one’s own patience and good fortune to help, and then, in a cheerful mood, take up one of the above rites.

Rituals for attracting money at home

Rite with wallet

The main assistant in the process of receiving money is a wallet. We need to say such words for him:

“As in the sky, a huge number of stars, like waters in the seas and oceans, are in small quantities, so that money cannot be transferred in my wallet either. Amen».

The rite is necessary to conduct only on Wednesday and with the growing moon.

Grain Ritual

For the implementation of this ritual to attract funds to a person will need 5 different items:

  1. Bright and very richly colored fabric with patterns;
  2. Paper green tint;
  3. Seven seedlings grown and sprouted in the ground;
  4. Crystal vase;
  5. Coarse linen fabric.

No need to imagine an incredibly huge and thus impossible amount of money, then the rite simply will not work.

When embarking on a conspiracy, you need to very accurately imagine the right amount of money and how a person will feel and how to look when such funds appear. After you need to write on a piece of paper, how a person treats his relatives and the most dear people.

The letter is also worth a detailed account of the state of health, as well as psycho-emotional state. Having finished describing your life in this way, it is necessary to cover the table with a tablecloth.

In the center of the table you need to put a folded sheet. Place a vase on it.

Seeds are dropped into a vase and mixed thoroughly. Candles are lit. The hand is placed on the vase, and, without leaning behind it, you need to go around the table three times.

After one share of the grains put in the wallet, and the other wrap in canvas, putting a note to it. A canvas with such treasures should be hidden in the right side of the house or apartment, about which no one will know.

The result will be felt no sooner than a month later.

Rite of passage to the moon

Such a rite of money is held on the water. Water should be poured into a glass and put it on the window sill on a moonlit night so that the light from the month would fall well on the liquid, charging it with its energy. Later, carefully washing with water from this glass, it is necessary to whisper these words:

«Like you, the moon, was thin, but became full, so I have all sorts of good to become full.»

This already powerful ritual will gain more strength if water is poured into a glass on the young moon, and washed during a full moon.

“To make money”

The easiest and easiest conspiracy to attract money. Every time a person goes shopping or makes a sale and purchase deal with someone, while receiving money (or even change), he should say these words:

“In my wallet is your money, where your treasury is, my treasury is there too. Amen».

Rituals for attracting money at home

Plot on the new moon

The rite is required on the new moon. At 00:00, on the first day of the moon, you have to go outside, taking twelve coins with you in advance. Substituting the coins under the light of the young moon, you need to say 7 times:

“Everything that lives and grows multiplies from the light of the Sun, and money multiplies from the light of the Moon. Grow money.

Multiply, add. Enrich me, come to me. ”

After these words, you need to hold the coins very tightly in your fist and, returning home, immediately put them in your wallet.

Another way to the moon, see the video:

Wealth ladder

This is a very old and high-quality ritual. If you correctly carry out this conspiracy, then a month later a person will feel significant additions in his budget.

To carry out the ritual is possible only with the growing moon.

This will require a green thread, 9 carnation buds, as well as a green candle. It is necessary to tie knots on the thread, attaching the buds of carnations to it, which means that the result should be 9 knots. Then you should take the thread with the buds and say loudly:

“Let this money come to my house upstairs. May it always be so. Amen.»

Then it is necessary to tie the «ladder» around the green candle and for 9 days light it up briefly before it burns out.

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