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Ritual for the love of a man or a guy

The rituals of love in the new moon and full moon

Rites and rituals for the love of a guy or a man This is the most popular, but also the most numerous section of witchcraft. This category of magic includes conspiracies to attract feelings, ceremonies to find a loved one, as well as many rituals for quick marriage.

Ritual for the love of a man or a guy

Rite of passage to attract attention

For the implementation of this kind of ritual for love, a girl or woman will come in handy. ordinary towel cream (or other favorite cosmetics) and soap. Such items should be placed on the table, sprinkling them with holy water, and around them you need to install 3 candles from the church. It is necessary to set fire to candles and read the words three times:

“To the creator of the human race. The giver of spiritual well-being and higher goods. May the force descend on these things, let them become armed with the will of heaven and sacred intercession.

Let these things during the application give me, the servant of God (name), the support of the Lord. Yes, all of the above will come true.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Sacred Spirit. Amen (thrice). «

After pronouncing such a rite follows cross over, blow out all the candles at the same time and go to sleep. Early in the morning the girl should wash with this special soap, and then wipe her face with a towel. After uttering such words in a whisper:

“I, a servant of God (name), wash my face with healing soap, wipe myself with a clean towel, and people like me. I will be for the people of the sky pure brighter, the red sun is more beautiful, the star of the morning is young, the snow of the first is pure, the light of white is milder.

The sun is clear, I, the servant of God (name), decorated, the month of the young translucent, star studded, dawn girded. Yes, all of the above, so be it now and forever.

Amen (3 times). «

Ritual for the love of a man or a guy

The ritual of returning a loved one to the full moon

This ritual will require incredible patience, as well as readiness for any outcome.

For the implementation of such a ritual of love will need:

  • ordinary glass
  • a candle from the church
  • as well as the window where the month shines.

The rite should be carried out with a full moon. Exactly at 00:00 it is necessary to strengthen the candle in a glass and set it on fire.

Gently pour a little water and place a glass with a candle and water so that it is well lit by the moon.

It is necessary to concentrate on the desire to return the beloved one and watch how exactly the candle burns. The girl must remain silent until then, until the candle goes out.

After you need to put a glass at the head of the sofa and go to sleep. Waking up at dawn, you need to take a glass and go with him to the street. There you need to go through the road and leave this glass near the curb.

Only then, on returning home, can one speak for the first time after the night.

From the house you need to go to the nearest church, put a candle there for the health of your loved one and read Psalm 90 three times.

At the exit of the temple should pause and three times read the words of the ritual in a quiet whisper so that no one can hear them:

“If he is my servant of God (name), let him come with me, the servant of God (name). If it is not mine, let it melt as the light of the night, if it is not mine, but let the blood boil in it. And if not mine, then let God take away more from me a heavy burden in the form of love.

Let it be so. Amen. (3 times)».

This is a very powerful love ritual, but it doesn’t work right away, you need to get ready to wait a while. And we must remember that thanks to this technique it is possible to return that beloved if he is truly intended girl fate.

If this man turns out to be “not hers”, then he will not return, however, the woman will still feel significant relief, and in the near future will be ready for new relationships.

Ritual for the love of a man or a guy

The ritual of love in the new moon

In order to quickly meet a man who is destined to the very fate, you must go to the nearest temple at 12 at night, grab 3 candles with you. The ritual is best done on the new moon. Approaching the church, it is necessary to light the candles and look at the direction of fire:

  • If the fire begins to lean to the right side means a loved one lives far away and will appear in the life of a girl from across the sea. If the fire is sloping to the left — the future beloved will live in one state with a woman, however, in different cities.
  • Direction to the left side also speaks of a rather early meeting.
  • If a the flame of a candle goes to the girl, then the beloved walks very close, because a woman needs to look at all the people around her very well.
  • Sometimes it happens that the candle fire is sloping from the performer of the rite, which means that fate has not yet prepared a future for hergo or spouse, so you need to humbly wait.

The bridge is a sign of transition from one state of soul to another, the road from life to life. Therefore, it is necessary to head to the bridge and enter a new life.

After the candlestick testimony has been unraveled — you need to blow out the fire and go from the church to the river, or rather to the bridge over the river. We must stand in the middle of the bridge, throwing the rest of the candles down.

If the fire from the candle suddenly turned out to be directed from the girl, then you should head for not the bridge, but the most crowded place in the city, better square. You need to stand in the middle of the square, drawing a circle around yourself in thoughts and pronouncing the words of the love-ritual conspiracy:

“My beloved, come soon after me, hurry to me, I, the servant of God (name), are all alone and like fire engulfed. Come to me, come, calm down, give my heart.

Amen. (3 times)».

After that, you should go home and try not to speak to anyone along the way.

See in this video another way to ritual on love on a red candle:

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