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Rites, traditions and customs of the Russian people

Historical rites and customs of the Russian people

The rites, customs and traditions of the Russian people are rooted in ancient times. Many of them have significantly changed over time and lost their sacred meaning. But there are those who still have a place to be.

Consider some of them.

Calendar rites

Calendar rites of the Russian people go back to the days of the ancient Slavs. At that time, people cultivated the land and raised cattle, worshiped pagan idols.

Rites, traditions and customs of the Russian people

Here are some of the rites:

  1. Sacrificial rites of God Veles. He patronized pastoralists and farmers. Before sowing the crop, people would go out into the field, wearing clean clothes. They decorated their heads with wreaths, held flowers in their hands. The oldest villager began to sow and threw the first grain into the ground
  2. Harvesting was also timed to the festival. Absolutely all the villagers gathered near the field and sacrificed Veles the largest animal. The men began to plow the first strip of land, while the women at that time were collecting grain and collecting it in sheaves. At the end of the harvest, a table was laid with generous treats, decorated with flowers and ribbons.
  3. Maslenitsa is a calendar rite that has reached our days. The ancient Slavs appealed to the sun god Yarilu with a request to send a rich harvest. Baked pancakes, led round dances, burned the famous Shrovetide
  4. Forgiveness Sunday is the most important day of carnival. On this day, people asked for forgiveness from relatives and relatives, as well as forgive all offenses themselves. After this day, Lent began.

Despite the fact that Maslenitsa has lost its religious meaning, people are still happy to take part in mass festivities, bake pancakes and rejoice at the spring.

Yule traditions

It is impossible not to say about the Christmas rituals, which remain relevant to this day. They are traditionally held from January 7 to January 19 in the period from Christmas to Epiphany.

Rites, traditions and customs of the Russian people

Christmas rites are as follows:

  1. Kolyada. Young people and children go home to mummers, and tenants treat them with sweets. Now they rarely sing carols, but tradition has not yet outlived itself.
  2. Christmas divination. Young girls and women gather in groups and arrange divination. Most often, these are rituals that let you know who will be married, how many children will be born in marriage, etc.
  3. And on January 6, before Christmas in Russia, they were cooking compote with rice, cooking delicious pastries and slaughtering cattle. It was believed that this tradition helps to attract a rich harvest in the spring and to provide the family with material wealth.

Now the Christmas rituals have lost their magical mystery and are mainly used for entertainment. An extra reason to have fun in the company of girlfriends and friends is to arrange a group fortune-telling for the betrothed, dress up and shuffle on holidays.

Family rites in Russia

Family rites have been given great importance. For the matchmaking, wedding or baptism of newborns, special rituals were used that were holyly honored and observed.

Rites, traditions and customs of the Russian people

Weddings were usually scheduled for a time after a successful harvest or baptism. Also a good time for the ceremony was considered the week that comes after the bright holiday of Easter. Newlyweds were married in several stages:

  • Matchmaking. In order to marry the bride to the bridegroom, all close relatives from both sides got together. We discussed the dowry, where the young couple will live, agreed on gifts for the wedding
  • After the blessing of the parents was received, preparations for the celebration began. The bride and girlfriends gathered every evening and made a dowry: they sewed, knitted and woven clothes, bed linen, tablecloths and other home textiles. Sang sad songs
  • On the first day of the wedding, the bride said goodbye to girlhood. The girlfriends sang sad ritual songs of the Russian people, farewell laments — after all, the girl from that moment turned out to be completely subordinate to her husband, no one knew how her family life would turn out
  • According to custom, on the second day of the wedding, the newly-made husband and his friends went to the mother-in-law for pancakes. Arranged a stormy feast, went to visit all new relatives

When a child appeared in a new family, he should be baptized. The rite of baptism was carried out immediately after birth.

It was necessary to choose a reliable godfather — this man carried a great responsibility, almost on a par with his parents, for the fate of the baby.

And when the baby was a year old, a cross was cut off on his teme. It was believed that this ceremony gives the child protection from evil spirits and the evil eye.

When the child grew up, he was obliged to visit the godparents every year on Christmas Eve with refreshments. And those, in turn, presented him with presents, treated him with sweets.

Watch the video about the rites and customs of the Russian people:

Mixed rites

We should also tell about such interesting ceremonies:

  • Celebration of Ivan Kupala. It was believed that only from that day it was possible to swim. Also this day the fern blossomed — the one who will find a flowering plant will reveal all the hidden secrets. People made fires and jumped over them: it was believed that the couple, jumping over, holding hands, through fire, would be together until death.
  • From pagan times came the custom to commemorate the dead. At the memorial table must have been a rich treat and wine.

To follow the ancient traditions or not is everyone’s business. But you can not build them into a cult, and pay tribute to the ancestors, their culture, the history of their country. It concerns religious customs.

As for recreational activities, such as Maslenitsa or the celebration of Ivan Kupala — this is another reason to have fun with friends and the second half.

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