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Rites to raise money

Rites to raise money

There are people for whom money is the meaning of existence. They are ready to do anything to get a round sum. But, more often than not, their methods are dishonest.

In order to make good money, you can seek help from otherworldly forces.

Rites to raise money

They are always ready to give help and give the desired to the asking person. Of course, one cannot do without a ceremony, but if you know the subtleties of rituals for attracting money, you can significantly replenish your wallet with a pleasant sum of money.

Candle rite

This ritual is aimed at luck, which contributes to enrichment. To implement it, you need equipment that you can get in any store and even in the closet.

  • A few candles are green;
  • Green plate;
  • A simple pencil;
  • Brown pouch.

The action of the ceremony is the materialization of desire. On a sheet of paper you need to write the amount you would like to receive.

After that, the paper should be neatly folded or rolled up and placed in a bag. Further, the bag is set on fire from a candle and placed on a plate.

While the bag is burning, you need to close your eyes and imagine the desired amount. It is best to try to feel it in your hands, feel the smell of fresh bills, hear their pleasant rustling. After the end of the ceremony can not immediately throw out the ash left over from the bag.

It is necessary that he stayed in the house for some more time.

During the ritual can not imagine a way to extract money, it is important to imagine crisp bills. But the path of replenishment of the wallet will be chosen by the higher forces themselves, and it will be very unexpected.

Some people win the lottery, others find the old nest egg, others get a huge inheritance.

Magic collage

This is a long-term ritual that has established itself well among practicing magicians and astrologers. It is necessary to take a large sheet of drawing paper and paint its edges with green paint or pencil. Next, you need to take as many newspapers or magazines as possible and cut out all the images of money from there.

After doing this, you should stick the resulting images on the drawing paper.

If there is no suitable press at hand or there are no images of money in it, then you can find what you need on the Internet and print it on a color printer. The main thing is realism.

The more natural the bills look, the faster the enrichment will come. After the collage is ready, you need to look at it for some time and imagine that all this money is in the hands.

Contemplation should be done every day for about fifteen to twenty minutes.

A wish list

To perform the ceremony, you will need a regular notebook and pen, which should have an attractive appearance and, preferably, a relatively large amount of money. The color of the accessories does not matter.

In notebook you need to write a list of your desires, for the execution of which requires money. The required amount should be written opposite the desire.

Records should be made in a slightly darkened room, preferably by candlelight. There should be no extraneous sounds distracting from the rite.

The subtlety of this ceremony is that the money will come in parts, which in their size correspond to the sums necessary for the fulfillment of desires.

For example, it takes $ 500 to buy a smartphone, and $ 200 to buy shoes. This means that at some point the first amount will come into your hands. It can be found on the street or won in the lottery.

After some time, the person who conducted the ceremony, will be the happy owner of another two hundred, who will come in the same unexpected way.

When conducting this ceremony, it is important to clearly understand the subject that you want to buy. The emphasis is not on money, but on purchased material goods.

Greedy, however, is not worth it, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Possible negative effects of rites on money

Appeal to higher forces is always associated with certain risks. The inhabitants of the thin world, who always come with joy to the aid of a begging person, can at once change their good disposition and bring trouble to the head.

This may occur due to an error in the ritual, as well as due to bad thoughts, for which a magical act takes place.

  • You can not perform rites in bright light;
  • Avoid strong noises during the ritual;
  • You cannot ask the higher powers for money to buy something destructive, for example, for drugs or alcohol;
  • In no case can not be greedy.

The last point is especially important. Higher forces owe nothing to anyone, which means that assistance in business is solely a manifestation of their goodwill.

When a person’s appetites begin to grow, the spirits «offended», believing that they are treated as a means of fulfilling desires, without due respect. In this case, they can take away what is already available to the applicant.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to avoid trouble and live in wealth and prosperity!

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