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Rites on the Trinity for marriage

Rites on the Trinity for marriage

The holiday of the Trinity symbolizes the farewell to spring and the meeting of summer. The rites of the Trinity for marriage came to us from the depths of the ancient — from great-grandmothers and grandmothers.

To celebrate the wedding in the fall, the girls turned to other forces for help and read special magic words.

Rites on the Trinity for marriage

How to attract the groom to the Trinity

A girl should weave a wreath of field flowers on the eve of the Trinity, read special words on him and throw into the river. In order for evil forces not to interfere with the rite, after conspiratorial words, you should sign yourself with the sign of the cross. The words are:

“The girls walk in the meadow, gather flowers and grass, weave wreaths and their beloved ones call. My mummy’s betroot, catch a wreath and give me back!

To my words to remain in power, to give a wedded bet. Amen.»

Important! As a wreath throw in the river, quickly leave and do not turn around.

It is impossible to talk along the path home so that the rite does not lose its power.

Love plot on guy

If the young man did not want to pay attention to the girl, in the course went strong love spells. On Trinity Day, the evil forces actively helped in solving love problems, as well as on Christmas.

The girl had to go to church on matins and grab the consecrated grass with her. The houses of this grass wove a wreath and read a conspiracy:

“Without prayer, I go to bed and do not cross. Lord, forgive me!

I place a holy wreath under my head. As these herbs were wound together in a wreath, intertwined with each other, so the slave (Alexey) around me, the slaves (Anna) winds and twists. As the herbs in the wreath will dry, so the slave (Alexey) will, according to me, the slave (Anna), dry.

Food does not seize, drink does not drink, with the girls does not spree. I would not have gone, the slave (Anna) from his mind-mind, neither at a feast, nor during a conversation, nor in the field, nor in his own home.

Be my words are strong, stronger than the stone-bulat, stronger than a sharp knife. The key is the sky, the lock is the earth. Amen.»

In the morning, take a wreath to your beloved under the threshold. On the way back at the crossroads, leave the coins at the mercy.

In order to avoid God’s punishment for the words of the conspiracy, remove the cross from yourself for the night.

How to cook a love potion for the Trinity

If you need to charm your beloved boyfriend, wait for the holiday of Trinity. On this day, any grass has witchcraft power.

Herbs should be torn at dawn. On the way, also collect 13 river stones.

After returning home, put stones and herbs in a pot of water and light a fire. As the water boils, hold up your hands and read the special plot words 13 times:

“In the ninth heaven there are three dawns.
Those dawns of the Trinity are praised.
I, slave (your name), will be:
If I, a slave (your name), brew a potion,
Then I will spell any.
13 herbs, 13 river stones,
Call for help 13 devils.
Oh, you devils brother, go here.
My magic water is boiling.
13 devils, 13 brothers,
Come and serve me, slave (your name).
Cook you hell water.
How this water is hot, and how strong these stones are,
So be my words hot and sculpting to the body of a white slave (guy’s name)
Attach, cleave, and never from him not unstick.

As you read the plot words, turn off the fire. Hide the potion, let it stand until July 13th. In the covenant day you will need to pour the potion into the tracks of the beloved on earth.

Just try not to be noticed by anyone. After performing the ceremony, no one can talk to anyone.

In the evening of the same day, grab 13 ruble coins with you and take them to the nearest intersection from the house — in the mercy of devils.

Coins should be thrown over the left shoulder and gently say: «Paid». After that, you need to quickly go home, do not turn around and do not greet anyone.

If you do not fulfill this condition, devils can become attached and enter the house.

Curling birch trees

Rites at the Trinity for marriage

If the girl was afraid to read the conspiracy to marry, she went to the birch tree on the eve of the Trinity. On a young birch tree, it was necessary to curl twigs, tilting the top of the tree. If after the holiday the twigs remained twined, then be married.

If the branches developed or dried up, the marriage was postponed.

Another divination to the Trinity was the flow of wreaths along the river. The girls went to the river, collected meadow flowers and made wreaths. Signs on the wreaths are as follows:

  • if the wreath is nailed to the shore, there will be no marriage;
  • if sailed away, the bridegroom will be from afar;
  • if the wreath was drowned, it was considered a very bad omen.

A wreath for the fortune-teller could not be thrown into the water. The girls put on wreaths and bent their heads low over the water — the wreath was supposed to fall by itself.

It was considered a bad omen if any guy saw a wreath on a girl. Therefore, to the river went secretly, early in the morning.

To see the man in the dream, a trinity wreath of birch twigs was placed under the pillow.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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