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Rites and rituals in the new year for the fulfillment of desires

New Year’s rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desires

The New Year is a favorite holiday event for adults and children. On the eve of the New Year’s celebration, we strive to leave all the negative events in the outgoing year, and instead attract all the best and positive things into our lives. Therefore, various rituals for the New Year are very popular.

Next we look at the most effective of them.

Rites and rituals in the new year for the fulfillment of desires

Get rid of everything old!

It is important to perform spring cleaning on the eve of the New Year, removing all things that you no longer use from your home. This will help you to get rid of problems in any areas of life.

It is advisable to do the cleaning together with relatives and in the most friendly atmosphere.

The more waste and unnecessary things you can collect, the stronger your joy and positive emotions will be in the New Year.

To enhance the effect of this method, at the end you need to pronounce the following magic words:

«Down with troubles and disappointments,

All the sadness and sadness stay behind

We get rid of tears and wails

And only joy and happiness await us ahead! ”

Proper home decoration

When all the trash is expelled from your home, you can begin to attract the desired in your life. To do this, use the objects at hand: Christmas-tree garlands, balls, multi-colored cloth patches, bells and any other beautiful baubles.

At the same time adhere to the following recommendations:

  • if you want to improve your financial situation — hang bills on the Christmas tree (and the higher their denomination the better). New coins will also do!
  • lonely people who seek to create happy relationships are encouraged to hang images of hearts and happy lovers in prominent places in their home (photos or pictures of animals are also considered);
  • and colorful garlands with red balls will help to bring happiness and good luck to you, while placing at least one bell on the door.

Rites and rituals in the new year for the fulfillment of desires

Rites for the New Year

Rite of passage

Want to get a lot of gifts right on New Year’s Eve? Then perform such an interesting ritual (it is done no earlier than seven days before this solemn event).

In the afternoon, at exactly 12 o’clock in the afternoon, sit down at a large table on which there should be a glass of water. Put a gold ring on its bottom and say:

“Just as the table is filled with expensive dishes, let my house be full of various gifts. The guests will come to me, they will bring gold with silver, they will treat me with food, they will show their generosity ”.

The words are repeated 12 times, then the face should be washed with a hew of water and wiped with the hem of its clothes.

Ritual for the desired

On the eve of the New Year, you can write a letter for the future yourself, which indicates what goals you want to realize, what you would like to attract into your life. Put a sheet of paper in a red envelope and pack it in an empty bottle of sparkling wine that you will unleash this night.

It is necessary to keep the prediction before the coming of the next year — you will have a great opportunity to verify its effectiveness.

Love attraction ritual

It is very similar to the previous method, but only in this case you will need to draw a table about your ideal elect. In it designate the following columns:

  • the quality of your soulmate, start writing with the words «My man», write in the present tense;
  • qualities that you do not accept — their description begins with the words «I categorically reject»;
  • moments you can put up with, start writing “I am ready to put up with something …”;
  • what you can give your future husband. Begin this column with the words «I can give him this and that ..».

For the described table, take the red ink, draw it on a piece of paper of pink color, and then cork the completed masterpiece in a red envelope somewhere on the Christmas tree. January 14, you take out a letter and burn it, scattering the ashes to the wind.

You can learn more about the magic of the New Year holiday in this video.

Rite of worship

Surely you have heard of such a New Year’s tradition, but you could not have guessed about its great magical power. You will need to prepare a glass of champagne and stock up on small pieces of paper, which should put their most intimate 3 wishes.

When the clock hits 12, set fire to a piece of paper and throw the ashes into a glass of champagne. Then dry the glass in one breath.

Rites and rituals in the new year for the fulfillment of desires

Do not be afraid of the simplicity of this method, because the magic effect in many points lies in your faith, how sincere and strong it is. If you seriously desire the fulfillment of desires, then everything will come out just the way you want it.

Ritual to raise finance

When there are 30 minutes left before midnight, take a large banknote, whisper your request for material wealth to it. Then put it under the left heel (you need to perform all the actions, being in shoes and socks) and do not remove it until you go to sleep.

In the morning of the first number you take out the money and put it in your wallet. Do not waste or exchange a bill, and when you receive your first salary in the New Year — add a similar bill and leave the magic couple for a whole year.

We also bring to your attention some more New Year rituals and ceremonies for wealth:

  1. Take a rag bag, put three yellow coins in it, in which the image of an eagle will look up and send it to the freezer at 12 o’clock at night.
  2. When the New Year’s chimes hit midnight, squeeze a coin in your fist and visualize your desired wealth. Then, very quickly, you need to throw a coin with a glass of sparkling wine, drink a drink in one gulp. Then the coin goes, a hole is made in it and it is worn as an amulet.

What magical rituals and rites you wouldn’t stop at, don’t forget that in many ways their work will depend on your faith. Sincerely believe that everything will work out, all your dreams will surely be fulfilled, and in such a positive mood, enter the New 2017!

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