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Rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desire

Rituals and ceremonies for the fulfillment of desire

Even the most practical person in his soul has intimate dreams, the fulfillment of which will give him absolute happiness. But sometimes it takes a very long time to wait, it will be much easier to help Luck and open all the doors for her, performing ceremonies for the fulfillment of desire. In modern times there are many rituals of this kind, but they are all united by one principle — thoughts should not be directed to causing someone to harm.

The kinder the message that is laid down in the ritual for the fulfillment of desire, the greater the likelihood that such a desire will come true.

Rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desire

Five of the best rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desires

Rite of passage for the fulfillment of desire on the nodules

Very simple ritual over pretty everyday wishes. In order to implement it will need 3 tapes of red, green and white hue.

  • It is necessary to fasten the tape between a knot and speak your desire.
  • Then follows a braid of twelve motions of ribbons, each time repeating a wish.
  • At the 13th orbit, a knot is tied and the person says: «Amen.»
  • Such a pigtail should be reached in the evening and repeated that wish 12 times with the word «Amen.»
  • When the desire is already fulfilled, the pigtail needs to be burned, and the ashes are dispelled into the wind or lowered into the water that flows; 12 times you have to thank Heaven for the performance.

Ritual on a pot of honey

To perform this ritual, you must purchase a pot of clay, a white napkin, honey from lime or acacia, and a bright red and gold satin ribbon.

  • In the pot you need to put an object that is a symbol of desire — a paper heart, a coin, a key or even a nail.
  • It is necessary to pronounce the words three times: “I’m putting an offering in the pot, I’ll get a gift for tomorrow”.
  • Thinking about the wishes, you should pour honey into the pot and put it on the windowsill for 24 hours.
  • While honey begins to feed on the energy of Cosmos, one must approach it seven times and repeat such a conspiracy.
  • After a day, you need to close the lid with a flat pot and a clean cloth, and then tie it with a ribbon, again repeating the plot three times.
  • Next, you need to hide the pot from loved ones, but so that you can just get it.
  • When the desire comes true, you need to pour into the pit that was dug under the largest tree near the window, honey with a “lining”, without forgetting to thank the Higher Forces.

This is a strong rite, because it is recommended to carry out the most powerful desires. The pot needs to be spoken only for a growing month, preferably on a birthday or on the 27th.

Rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desire

Magic mirror

Different magicians do not recommend performing this kind of ritual without any special need, because through the mirror you can open the window to the parallel world. Therefore, this rite is carried out only in the most “emergency” situation, the most precious desire.

  • On the birthday or in his number you need to purchase a round mirror.
  • For 15 minutes, it should be rinsed under running water in order to get rid of foreign energy.
  • Then the mirror should be wiped, comfortably positioned, put it in front of you and three times from memory to read the words on the ritual fulfillment of desires:
    “Through the glass of the mirror and its reflections, through the awareness of oneself and the double, the kindest will be fulfilled, my innermost desire. As in the mirror, I see myself now, so after (specific time) I will see that my wish has been fulfilled. Amen».
  • It is necessary to wrap the mirror with a napkin, with which it was wiped, and hide it under the mattress in the headboard area.
  • When the desire comes true, the mirror should be washed out again with clean water, and on the next birthday or on its date, take it out of the house, bury it under the tree and sincerely thank Heaven.

Midnight Ritual for Money

For this ceremony, the usual album sheet, a red felt-tip pen, a medium plate and a taper from the church come in handy.

  • At 00:00 at the full moon one should stand at the window and, looking at the Moon, formulate a desire.
  • Further, in large letters it is necessary to write on a piece of paper, loudly pronouncing.
  • The candle is lit from the match and fixed in the plate.
  • Placing a sheet on a candle, you need to repeat the desire until all the paper does not burn.
  • While the candle itself is burning down, you also need to say desire, but already about yourself.
  • Then you need to collect the ashes and wax, roll into a ball and carry around with you, however, so that no one sees.
  • Before going to bed you need to reach the “ball” and repeat the desire, warming it with warm hands.
  • When the desire comes true, the wax should be melted and poured into the water, and the water should be drained under the windows, thanking Heaven.

This is a very powerful ritual, like all the others that are performed on candles. The main condition for this is that a person needs to repeat the desire in the way it turned out to be recorded, without rearranging the words or changing the meaning.

Otherwise, his strength will be lost.

Rites and rituals for the fulfillment of desire

Rite for three candles

This is a very powerful and popular rite, which helps to simultaneously realize not one, but 3 cherished desires at once. For its implementation is useful flat dish, a small amount of sugar, as well as 3 candles of the same size. A green candle is a symbol of financial success, a red one is a symbol of love.

The third candle should turn white and you can make the kindest and warmest wish for it.

  • Securely fix the candles on a tray, and then pour sugar in there so that it covers the bottom completely.
  • Light a green candle from matches, and then turn to Archangel Raphael, asking about his help in the monetary sphere.
  • Light a red candle, and turn to Archangel Michael, asking about his help in love and family life.
  • Light a white candle, and turn to the Archangel Gabriel, asking about the fulfillment of the most secret desire.
  • When the candles burn, you need to brush off the remnants of wax and sugar on a clean sheet, and at dawn to bury it under the fruit tree, which is located as close as possible to the house, once again pronouncing each wish silently to yourself.

The beauty of this rite is that no special spells are required — words must follow from the heart, and the ritual will begin to work almost immediately.

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