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Rites and Rituals for Christmas

Effective rituals and rites for Christmas

The night before Christmas is considered to be a mystical time, when communication with ancestors and otherworldly forces that can influence the fate of a person is enhanced. Since ancient times on this day, people have tried to perform rituals to lure good luck in their lives, the realization of cherished desires, the wealth of love and prosperity.

We offer you effective rituals and rituals for Christmas that will help you change your life in a positive way.

Rites and Rituals for Christmas

Proven Christmas Rituals

Christmas magic is inherent simplicity and accessibility, but at the same time it is effective — it has been tested by many generations of our ancestors. On this day, you must abandon the complex rites and rituals, giving their preference to simpler methods.

So, if you want to realize your cherished dream — mentally or aloud, say it several times before going to bed. You can write down what you want on a blank sheet of paper and put it on the windowsill.

Light forces will certainly hear your request and help you realize what you want.

Good luck

So that next year, Mrs. Fortune patronized you, you should follow the following rules for your Christmas dinner:

  • on the table should be twelve lenten dishes;
  • in the central part of the table you need to install a small sheaf of straw, tie it with a beautiful ribbon of scarlet color, and put dried grass down under the tablecloth;
  • when the gala dinner is over, distribute the remaining dishes to guests and people on the street, while you need to wish them success and prosperity.

Thanks to these not difficult actions you will be able to attract financial means, good luck and various benefits to your home.

Want to know more about the magic of Christmas night? Then we recommend you to watch this video.

Attracting prosperity

On the seventh of January you need to take the insoles from your shoes or any old, outdated things, take them out to the yard. Then you should prepare everything you need to make a fire and say the words six times:

“Everything that was worn, everything that was done, that I faithfully served and no longer need to be burned at the stake of this bright place, it will free the place from troubles and misfortunes. Let it be so!»

At such a fire, it is great to burn all the things that you associate with unpleasant events in life. But if you do not have such items, instead of them, be reserved with notes on which write all your disappointments with disappointments and failures and use them as a “fuel”.

Thus get rid of any negative information about the bad events of the past, cleanse and open a place for everything new, good and positive.

Fortune telling

The night before Christmas (from 9 pm and before midnight) you need to sit by the window, preparing these items:

  • wooden comb;
  • live rose (instead of it you can use perfumes with the scent of flowers);
  • a small piece of rose quartz;
  • candle pink.

Start combing your hair while watching the candle flame. When you can fully calm down, calm down, you will need to ask a question that troubles your heart:

“When I meet my betrothed who is destined to me by fate? Under what circumstances will this happen? ”

Higher forces will begin to send you clues in the form of subconscious thought-images, with which you can easily find the answer. All thoughts that come to your mind, should be written down on a piece of paper, while putting their numbering.

Somewhere to 50 thoughts you will most likely get the right answer.

Then you will need to take a piece of rose quartz and ask it:

“Help me meet my betrothed!”

Sit some more time, concentrating on your request, and then put out the candle and go to rest. Send a leaf with the written information under the pillow.

In the night dream you should receive signs from above regarding your question.

Rites and Rituals for Christmas

In the morning, you should re-read the written list and rewrite it in reverse order, so that 1 point becomes 50, and 50 — 1. Once again, carefully read what you wrote down.

Keep this list and view it from time to time. Also during the week you need to light a candle and concentrate on the thoughts of your beloved, you can talk to him as if he is right next to you, visualize your meeting soon. And carry a piece of the mineral in the secret pocket of your purse.

In the near future, life will give you a quick meeting with someone who will make you happy.

On healing from diseases

Christmas is a time of miraculous healing from many ailments. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the powerful energy of this holiday and hold a ceremony of recovery for yourself or your neighbor.

It is believed that the strongest renewal energy is available to people at three in the morning at Christmas (from 6 to 7 January). Therefore, in order to heal from any illness, it is necessary to go out into open space at this time, raise your hands to the sky and say the magic words:

“Open your arms, Holy Heaven!
Give me, perhaps, golden happiness!
How are you, the sky, a lot of stars
So let me (name)
there will be many happy tears! ”

And in conclusion, the traditional phrase-fixing action of the ceremony is pronounced:

“In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!»
The magic of Christmas offers many interesting rituals with ritual ordinances. In the process of choosing them, we should not forget that they must carry in themselves extremely light energy and be directed to your benefit and the benefit of the world around them.

Rites and Rituals for Christmas

Also, do not forget to make gifts on Christmas Day — even minor trinkets bought by you and whole-heartedly presented to your loved ones will bring joy and happiness to both the donee and the donor!

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