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Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

Highly effective rites for luck and good luck

Luck plays a very important role in a person’s life. Often, it is thanks to her that some people easily manage to do what others spend their entire years or even decades of their lives.

The rite of luck and good fortune has always been in high demand among those who believed in magical powers. In this material we will present to your attention effective ceremonies for good luck and financial well-being.

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

Rites to attract money and good luck

Good luck rite with tarot cards

For it you need to prepare:

  • Tarot deck;
  • orange and black candles;
  • fabric bags orange and black.

The deck is taken in hand, you are thinking of something that you are trying to get rid of. You need to choose the 3 most negative habits (or character traits) that you want to eliminate.

Then 3 arkanas are selected from the deck (they personify your vicious sides).

For example, if there is a shortage of finances, they take the Five Pentacles (the lasso of poverty), suffer from the unfaithful husband — prepare the Hanged Man’s card, often quarrel — collect Three Swords and so on, based on the symbolism of each arcane.

Then all the cards are redrawn or copied, because later you will destroy them.

The deck of cards is again taken in hand, now think about what you would like to achieve and then choose the three arcana that stand for it.

For example, for financial well-being, take the Emperor’s lasso, for attracting new love — the Knight of Cups, buying a car — the Chariot of Hermes and so on.

Lay out in front of you 3 photocopies of bad arcana and black cloth bag. Also lit a black candle.

The cards are alternately taken in hand, visualize that you are getting rid of what each of them means. When all 3 arcana will be in a bag, it will need to be tied up with the words:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

After these words, three arcana of their innermost wishes are laid out in front of them (there is no need to photocopy them) and an orange bag. A candle of the same color is lit.

Cards are taken in hand one by one, at the same time imagine how strong your desire to achieve the desired and put the lasso in the bag. On it you need to read the plot:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

Then, with a bag, you walk up to the front door of your home and imagine that everything that you have thought up is starting to enter into it. Then the bag is placed near the orange candle; do not extinguish it — let it burn out on its own.

At the end of the bag hides and is stored as a talisman for a year.

And the black candle is also extinguished and taken out of the dwelling together with a bag of black color. When you throw it away, visualize that this way you eliminate all the troubles and bad luck from your life.

Ritual for good luck

If you want to overcome any obstacles, win a conflict dispute, we recommend that you resort to the next rite. For him, stock up on two new long knives and stand up so that your face faces north.

Start knocking the blades of one knife on the second, saying the following text:

“I will sharp the sharp with the sharp, I will ruin the bad with the bad, everything that is against me will return to the enemy will not turn on me. Strength is in my hand, power is in my hands forever and ever and for all times. ”

When completed, the knives should be hidden in a secluded place and never again use them for their intended purpose.

Conspiracy to have profit

Need to collect in a small basket of one cone with twelve different pines. The easiest way to do this is with a big stick.

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

It is necessary to perform the ritual in the summer, in the daytime, when the moon is in the growth phase. Before knocking down the bumps, go to the tree, hug it and ask for help with these words:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

When you get all the twelve cones, it is necessary to cross the basket and say:

“My little basket is full, full of profits, profit to me, God’s servant (my name), close friends. You, profit, get in the basket, stay with me.

Forever and ever. Amen».

Then the basket, in which the bumps are lying, is placed in the red corner of your house; The red corner is the place of honor in the home, where icons usually stand.

But you can also place the basket in the kitchen, in a prominent place.

Hex on the sand

To carry out this plot, you will need to prepare a pine, birch or oak twig or twig. But aspen is strictly prohibited!

Retire to a secluded place. The best time to conduct the ceremony is earlier morning, in a pond that is not yet disturbed.

You need to stand on the shore, close to the water, and trace your name. When writing, say the appeal to the water element:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

Wait for the water to clear what has been written, after which you need to leave without looking back. A twig or twig is taken away with you and kept under your pillow for three days.

Then throw it away — it has already fulfilled its function.

The ritual of engaging with luck

This ceremony has a very powerful effect, it can be applied to anyone who wants to become more successful.

The lead time is the first three days when the moon enters a growth phase. At this time, you need to imagine your ideal, incredibly lucky and happy life.

Visualize how all your dreams come true with ease.

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

On the fourth day, with a wire, you need to measure a distance equal to the coverage of your ring finger and some more to connect the ends. Also prepare glass beads in advance.

It should be strung on a gauge wire beads, each of which is said in the following words:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

At the end, make a circle from the beads and wear it on the ring finger on your right hand.

Ritual for good luck with candles

To conduct this ritual, you need to prepare your photos, also 5 candles, 4 of which are green and 1 is white. In addition, stock up with incense, 10 bay leaves, 2 green fluorite stones, coins and a bowl.

The rite itself is performed as follows:

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Make a large square of green candles on the floor. In its central part is set a white candle.
  3. To the left of it is incense.
  4. Fill the bowl with bay leaves, stones and coins and place it on the right side of the candle.
  5. The pictures are put under the candle.
  6. Then on the floor you need to draw a circle so that it connects the green candles, become in its central part.
  7. Incense is ignited from a white candle, and then a couple of drops of wax are dripping on the photo.
  8. Take the cup with your hands and say the following phrase three times:

«Luck quickly comes to me, prosperity flows to me — so be it. ”.

  1. After that, put out the candles, first stew white.
  2. Wait until the incense is completely burned, and bury the rest of it in the ground.

Hex to attract luck and finances

The time is every day of the week when the moon is in the growth phase.

A coin or bill is taken, the denomination of which is an even value, and it is slandered in such words:

Rite and rituals of luck, luck and attracting money

The incoherent money is placed in the right corner of your room and stored there for seven days. After that is wasted.

To get the desired effect, repeat the above manipulation three times.

Thanks to magic, you will be able to attract Lady Luck to your side and achieve her position in various areas of your life. You will be required to maintain faith in the performed ritual acts, as well as observance of all the conditions of the rites.

We offer you to view a video clip, which reveals the secrets of luck

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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