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Review of the value inherent in the tattoo with a cross in guys and girls

The value that has a tattoo with a cross

I love tattoos — big, small, colored, black and white, with ornaments, animals, in general — different, the main thing is that they be made qualitatively and placed in the right place. In fact, tattoo art is a very fascinating science that you should definitely start learning if you want to paint your body correctly.

Today I want to take the first step and reveal in this material the value of the tattoo cross.

Review of the value inherent in the tattoo with a cross in guys and girls

Historical background on the symbolism of the cross

Today, the cross is the oldest, most interesting and versatile symbol in tattoo art. Pads with crosses have arisen in tattoo art since the days of distant antiquity and have hitherto completely lost their popularity.

The “cross” picture itself appeared even long before writing. The oldest versions of the crosses belong to the Neolithic era, they were represented by cave drawings and petroglyphs.

Pictures of a similar plan can be found in the states of Asia, Africa and America. As a rule, the cross was depicted painted in a circle and personified a combination of opposing things — sunrise and sunset, night and day, light and darkness and the like.

Due to the fact that the cross has always acted as a well-known world symbol, it is not at all surprising that it has various meanings and characteristics.

For example, the word “cross” meant a weapon with the help of which convicts tried to death. And after Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross of the Son of God, the cross became the main emblem and symbol of the Christian religious movement.

He is called to remind adherents of Christianity about God, as well as his feat, committed to atone for human sins. The cross is a symbol of human suffering, in which heaven and earth are combined, that is, a certain vital road that each of us has to go through.

Also, the cross symbolizes a personal spiritual cross, which each of us has to bear during our life.

In addition to the Christian emblem, the cross is also a very old, universal Cosmic symbol. The above two directions may be associated with the four sides of the world, the four lunar phases (similar to the times of ancient Babylon) or natural forces, as well as the four main elements of the universe.

In addition, intersecting 2 lines are often interpreted as a symbol of the intersection of the paternal and maternal energy of all that is on planet Earth. And the point at which the lines intersect is the boundary of the origin of life.

In Chinese nationalities, the cross symbolized the ladder to heaven, and if it was depicted in a square, it personified our planet. In Mexicans, the symbolism of the cross correlated with the wind and rain, there are also varieties of Aztec crucifixes.

A widely known across the planet Celtic cross, which is created by knots and threads of life, in all cases is depicted in the solar circle and is designed to tell about the repetition of everything in nature, isolation and integrity of the universe, as well as the combination of the elements and natural forces. In addition, it symbolizes the ongoing spiritual development and self-improvement.

By the twentieth century in Germany, under the influence of Hitler, the cross began to personify Nazism and late neo-Nazism.

On the African continent, the symbol of the cross concerns the subject of custody, protection, unity, fate and supreme power.

Greek completely equilateral cross, is the so-called «red cross». And the Egyptian cross with the addition of a loop symbolizes immortality, in some cases showing a clue to the understanding of divine wisdom.

In very frequent situations, crosses were used in the Middle Ages, especially in the era of crusades. Then they symbolized honor and power for knights belonging to the Teutonic Order and the Templars.

Nowadays, you can find very different versions of the variation of crosses, each of which will have its own unique history and its own characteristic. Pads with crosses are also very diverse and attractive.

If we turn to the Christian funeral tradition, then in it we find another characteristic of this tattoo. So the cross, which is applied to the arm, shoulder or grave, almost always symbolizes the memory of a lost loved one.

It turns out that the cross is a versatile and meaningful symbol, which in the art of tattoo can have a very variable characteristic. It combines the pagan tradition, Christian, Hinduism and a large number of other cultural and mystical world currents.

Review of the value inherent in the tattoo with a cross in guys and girls

General characteristics of the tattoo with a cross

Characteristic tattoos with a pattern of a cross will largely depend on its location. Next, we turn to the most popular options:

  • A cross applied to a hand symbolizes patience and strength, as well as a person for whom honor is in the first place in life.
  • A cross in the area of ​​the wrist, forearm, or shoulder area will tell you about the special perception of your honor from the position of a person wearing a tattoo.
  • The image of the cross in the back area — symbolizes the individual «carrying his own cross». Such a tattoo will indicate that the person does not want to adhere to the expectations and stereotypes of others, and with his own forces he chooses his own fate and is responsible for the decisions made by him.
  • Cross in the neck — tells about humility before fate. For the fair sex it will have the same meaning as for the men on the back.
  • The cross on the fingers is a symbol of memory and grief about a deceased native person.
  • Cross applied to the chest — for tattoos of this kind, as a rule, such symbols are chosen that have decisive significance in a person’s life.
  • Tattoo with a cross, applied to the leg, has a more decorative character. It may also indicate an important event in a person’s life.

Value in girls

The cross in the form of a cross is mainly chosen by deeply religious women, for whom religion is in the first place. In this case, the tattoo will symbolize patience, strength, chastity and purity.

If the tattoo flaunts on the shoulder or the hand of the lady, it means that you have the honor to contemplate a girl for whom personal honor is very important and who faithfully and steadily cope with any adversities in life. A similar version of the pattern can decorate the back area.

Of course, for a girl who decided to put a cross on her body, God is of great importance in life. Also, women of the fair sex who today are actively looking for their meaning in life, strive to find out all the secrets of the universe can also boast such a tattoo.

Anyway, such a girl is spiritually deep and rich.

Value in men

As for the strong half of humanity, for them a tattoo with a cross will also often tell about increased religiosity, although this sign can also be used by atheists, with whom he personifies a knight’s cross.

In general, the cross in men is the personification of strength, masculinity, decisiveness and, of course, honor. The image of such tattoos on a man’s back seems to say that the man himself is building his own destiny and is fully responsible for it.

The cross, inflicted on his back — will tell about the submission of his share.

Tattoo with a cross, inscribed on the hand (or fingers) — symbolizes the memory of the deceased person and the eternal grief about him. Often, men near the tattoo also put some kind of inscription, which for them is the motto of all life.

It is based on it that we can conclude with which person you are communicating.

Review of the value inherent in the tattoo with a cross in guys and girls

The value of the tattoo with a cross on the zone

Prisoners often put various tattoos on their bodies. In very frequent cases, they can meet images of a cross tattoo, in particular in the back area.

Then the cross will act as a symbol of strong will, disobedience to fate and fearlessness.

And also — the personification of faith in the Higher forces and their impact on our lives. The most popular version of a tattoo with a cross from thieves is a card cross.

You can also find tattoos with a cross, inflicted on the back, which shows the dome — the latter will tell about the number of crimes committed. It should be noted that violators of the law often put the image of the cross on the fingers, this sign is their typical business card.

Now you know how important cross tattoos are. At the end of this topic we recommend that you view an interesting thematic video:

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