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Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

How to remove the evil eye and damage using eggs at home

Removing egg spoilage is an old method of getting rid of negative energy. During the roll out of the egg, the fine structure of the damage is drawn in by the aura of the egg and remains with it. Subsequently, the eggs must be disposed of — it is either burned or buried deep in the ground.

If it is possible to drown the egg in the river, throw it into the flowing water. Consider several options for rolling out damage.

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Method of removing spoilage egg

Before the rite of removing damage, it is necessary to withstand a three-day bloodless fast and exclude communication with people to a minimum. These actions will help to accumulate mental strength for cleaning. So, after the full moon, prepare the following magical items:

  • icons and church candles;
  • fertilized eggs — 9 pieces;
  • new faceted glass of water;
  • sheet of white paper.

Before the rite, take a shower or wash your face and hands. You light candles in front of the icons, put a chair in front of the icons and seat the spoiled person.

Take a fresh egg and begin to gently run around the patient’s head (stand behind the person’s back).

Having rolled his head several times in a circle, go to the spinal column and move spirally down to the tailbone. Then, without lifting the egg from the human body, you begin to roll out your hands — right and left.

Important! The egg can not be torn off from the body of the tainted one; it must constantly touch the person.

The movements of the hand when rolling out go in the direction of the hour hand in circles.

If the egg suddenly slips out of the hands and falls to the floor, continue rolling out with another egg. Collect a broken egg with a plastic bag and set it aside — it will need to be buried in the ground.

Continue rolling out another egg from where you left off. If you can not roll out the body of a person, you can hold a ceremony on a photo in which a person is depicted in full growth without crossed limbs.

Plot when vykatka:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

After vykatki gently break the egg into the water (water half) and cast a spell on the water:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

The shell should be crushed by hand and put on a sheet of paper. Wash your hands in the bathroom and continue the rite.

Now you need to consider what happened to the egg in the water. After interpreting the state of the protein and yolk, you need to pour everything into the toilet and say:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

After this, it is necessary to wash the glass; it cannot be used for domestic purposes. Either leave it for new magical rites, or throw it in the trash. When washing the glass you need to say the following words:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Then you go to a waste land or to a place where people do not go, and you bury a sheet with a shell in the ground or burn it. After burning the ashes should be covered with earth. During the burning, they read continuously “Our Father” and “The Life-giving Cross.”

Leave without looking back. At home, they wash their hands in the bathroom.

The ceremony is carried out three times — two days later on the third. If the person has become better, next week they make one roll out and in a week — the last one.

However, the rite is not performed more than nine times. If there is no improvement, you should pick up another ritual to remove damage.

Interpretation of the yolk and protein

After you have smashed the testicle in a vessel with water, you need to carefully consider its condition. In the glass you can see different pictures.

Torn yolk

This means that the fine structures of the biofield were subjected to strong magic strikes.

The yolk is covered with foil

This suggests an amateur magical effect, which can be easily removed with several rollouts.

Blood yolk

This damage was performed using the blood of an animal, bird or person.

Yolk with black splashes

If the yolk boiled around the edges and is covered with black specks, and from it protein threads with bubbles stretch upward — they send deadly damage and torment on the person. The customer of this damage is in the immediate vicinity of the damaged.

Yolk is cooked

If the yolk at the edges looks boiled, the brittle will want torment for his victim. However, compared to the previous version, this is not a mortal corruption.

Yellow threads

If the yarn from the yarn stretch up, the damage was done by sharing the dead spirit. Sometimes a bubble is visible on top of the thread, which depicts a diseased human organ.

This damage is dangerous because the spirit of a suicide or a murdered person is hooked.

After a sudden death, the soul of a person disagrees with death and tries to continue life — as a result, it draws vitality from a living person, which leads to cancer.

Yolk stretched up

If the yolk forms the shape of an obelisk and stretches upwards, the effect is induced on the disease. If the top of the obelisk is crowned with a bubble on the surface of the water, the impact is made on the death on the grave of the deceased.

Human face

If you look closely at the structures of the broken egg, you can see the facial features or the figure of the porchelnik. You can recognize a familiar person.

If the face is unfamiliar, damage was induced by request through a black sorcerer or witch.

Remove the evil eye with an egg

How to remove the evil eye and damage at home with an egg? For this you need to prepare three fertilized testicles.

Shop foods that did not lie in the refrigerator will also do. The ceremony is carried out with one egg, but sometimes it can slip and break.

In this case, the rollout continue with another egg.

Rolling out should start with the foot of the right foot and climb up the body. Finish vykatku foot left foot. They roll an egg in front of themselves, trying to keep it in contact with the body.

Clothing must be selected from natural fabric, without a belt. A cotton nightshirt is well suited for this purpose.

Important! Women remove damage and the evil eye on women’s days (Friday, Wednesday, Saturday).

Men remove damage on men’s days (Tuesday, Thursday, Monday). On holy days the rites do not.

Roll the egg through the body with a plot:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

This ceremony can be carried out continuously, if you feel unwell or a breakdown. The egg must be taken out of the house and thrown into the trash.

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Eight day cleaning

The ceremony — the removal of egg damage at night for 8 days — and how to find out who did it? To clean yourself from exposure through the egg, you need to pour water (up to half) into a glass container or a faceted glass and gently break a raw egg there. On the container with the egg you need to read the plot:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Now you need to put a container with water on the bedside table so that it stands next to the head, not with the legs. Go to bed with a prayer, and in the morning pour the contents of the glass into the toilet with the words:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Glass container should be thoroughly washed with prayer, the next day the ceremony is carried out again in the same way. And so 8 nights in a row.

At the end of the jar / glass you need to throw in the trash can or leave for other ceremonies. These items cannot be used as dishes.

How to find out who causes damage? If you carefully examine the structure of the yolk and white on the first morning after the ceremony, you can see the figure and face of the porchelnik.

If you did not see anything, it means that the negative was picked up by chance.

The rite with an egg cleans not only the human biofield, but also the space of the room.

Removing spoilage egg without vykatki

To clear the biofield from the negative, you can hold the next rite. You will need a glass container with water, a church candle and a raw egg.

Carefully break the shell and release the egg into the water — the container should be half filled with water.

The order of the ceremony is as follows:

We bring the vessel to the chakras — to the crown, forehead, throat, chest, solar plexus, center of the abdomen (below the navel) and tailbone. We keep reading any prayer or plot text from negative influences.

You can drive in a circle around the chakra.

Then we carry out a vessel with water along the chakra column (spine line) several times from top to bottom, reading prayers. In conclusion, you need to enclose the container around the human body at the level of each chakra and put it on the bedside table for the night.

So do 7 days in a row, every morning pouring water with an egg on the ground. Try to find a place where people do not walk.

When pouring need to say:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

The jar after the ceremony should be thoroughly washed with prayer. You cannot use a can in the household — how will you carry out the cleaning cycle, break it on the street or throw it in the trash can.

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

Rolling out damage on the photo

How to remove the evil eye and damage the egg on the photo? Sometimes there is no possibility to roll out the damage on a person — he either lives in another city or lies in a hospital.

Then take his photo and conduct a ceremony with her. Prepare the following items for the ceremony:

  • Church candles — 3 pieces;
  • icon of the Holy Trinity;
  • photo of a person;
  • holy water from the church;
  • fresh egg.

Cover the table with a clean tablecloth and place the icon. Before the icon, light the candles and read the prayer of our Father and the Trinity.

Start rolling the egg on the photo, pronouncing the following plot:

Removing egg damage from yourself and another person

The plot must be read 7 times in a row. Try to learn the words by heart. If you fail, you can pry into the record.

It is important not to interrupt the movement of the hand and constantly roll the egg on the photo — clockwise in circles. Start with the head and move to the legs, then in the reverse order.

The egg will absorb the negative from the field of man.

Put out the candles with your fingers and sprinkle the photo with holy water, then attach the photo with your face to the icon and leave it until the next day. Candles use the same, on the last day they must be completely burned out.

After the rite, the egg must be thrown into the garbage street tank each time. If the person is no better, repeat the ceremony in a week.

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