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Removal of damage independently and safely

Damage is a dangerous, destructive, incomprehensible and invisible force. It can destroy material well-being and personal life, deteriorate health and even lead to death.

Damage can develop like a disease, so it must be removed.

Removal of damage independently and safely

It is recommended that the removal of damage is carried out with the help of professional magicians. But, unfortunately, conditions and possibilities do not always exist for this. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to remove damage on their own is relevant for many.

The answer is yes, but it should be remembered that the independent removal of damage is a complex ritual, during which certain rules must be observed.

The most effective way to get rid of the effects of damage is the worship of miraculous images or holy relics. If possible, you should visit the holy places where thousands of pilgrims seek healing. The positive energy that permeates the entire space in such places allows not only to heal itself, but also to help your relatives and friends.

There are many other ways that allow you to remove damage.

To do this, you can use:

  • Prayers;
  • Ceremonies;
  • Meditation;
  • Plots.

During ceremonies, various objects are always used: salt, wax, eggs, candles. During ceremonies, the negative effects received by a person from outside are transferred to them, and subsequently the selected objects are destroyed.

As a rule, during rituals aimed at the removal of damage, prayers are read and conspiracies are pronounced, reinforcing the actions of rituals. Meditating, a person can deeply understand his own nature and causes of damage, which means that he is able to independently remove damage.

Removal of damage independently and safely

The prayer of the Cross for the removal of damage has a great power; when reading, it is imperative to signify yourself with a cross. It can be pronounced in modern language.

Consciously pronounce each phrase:

After reading the prayer, you need to pronounce the following plot:

The safest way is to self-damage the damage in the church. It should be understood that in this case the Christian egregore is used.

And this means that only a person who sincerely believes in God and lives in accordance with the church commandments can remove damage in this way. To remove the negative program, laid down by someone else’s evil intent, you must visit three different temples on three Sundays in a row.

Each time you need to put a lit candle from other candles in a free hole and read three prayers.

And two of them are mandatory, it is:

  • Prayer to the Honest Cross;
  • Prayer «Live in help.»

The third prayer is selected in accordance with the negative impact that you want to remove. The ideal and almost universal way is to contact your own Guardian Angel.

Remember that you can not devote anyone to their plans and intentions about the removal of damage. Also, while dealing with the removal of a negative program, do not lend anyone your own things or money, because with their help repeated damage can be inflicted, which will be very difficult to remove.

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