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Red panties on the chandelier to attract money

Red panties on the chandelier: attract money to the house

Simoronsky rituals — a funny thing, but that the main thing working. By the way, the funnier the rite, the more effective it is.

You think such rituals are nonsense — pass by, but I decided to understand what and how.

Red panties on the chandelier to attract money

Simoron magic is based on humor and faith in the result, no matter what. Yes, at first glance, such rituals are still absurd, but they are not without common sense. The main thing is to believe in what you are doing.

Red truselya on the chandelier — perhaps the most popular rite.

Carry or hang

Red panties are able to activate almost everything, and monetary energy is no exception. The easiest way to magic in this case is to buy scarlet-colored underwear and wear it. Good luck and success, they say, are guaranteed.

You can enlist the help of red shorts before an important meeting — wear them before leaving the house and have no doubt that everything will work out.

Another option is the use of magic — wearing underwear backwards. This is a good option to change the situation, so be prepared for incredible and exceptionally pleasant turns. If you do not like to be in red all the time, it is difficult to understand when to wear, and when not, wear pants in your purse.

Many, judging by the reviews, it was possible to solve even very difficult questions in this way — there would not be any help here.

Red panties on the chandelier to attract money

Panties on the chandelier is a classic item for jokes, but why not try. People who live with you may not understand humor — in this case, dress up the lamps for the night, otherwise they will bring down the luck.

They say the point is that the light from the light bulb and red underwear together give maximum results. There are enough proofs in practice, so try.

Rules of the ritual

In order for the rite to work, it must be conducted according to all the rules. Decide what you want to get and what exactly is missing in life.

There is no universal answer — someone needs money, some luck or happiness, love, success, career growth. Present the desired as clearly as possible — so it will come true for sure.

Vague wishes give vague results, and this is not what we want.

Red panties on the chandelier to attract money

Pants choose lace — such «work» best. To search for the chosen one, the thongs are perfect — they will both fascinate and tie. For money, you need to wash clothes with citrus soap, for the love of sea buckthorn.

Try to charge the panties with the necessary energy — contact them, talk, say what you want.

Simoronsky technique with a chandelier is best carried out on a new moon. Put the panties on your head and start dancing.

Fool around, prank heartily — there are no restrictions here. Think up your own ritual dance for yourself — so that you like it and make sense.

When you dance, throw off the panties from the head and put them on the chandelier, saying: “Fly up, carry the money to the house”. Be sure to speak loudly: “Propered. »If the panties are not hooked properly, help them with your hands, straighten and lock.

Tips for choosing

Those very pants are guaranteed to help you. Key Features:

  • Vinous panties intoxicate, conquer men, but they must be applied carefully — attention is excessive. Thongs — the best solution to the chosen one is drunk from the senses.
  • Rhinestones — they attract skilled lovers, which is not always the same with faithful, reliable partners — decide what is more important to you.
  • Scarlet lingerie is for romantics. A man in scarlet pants will come exclusively gentle, passionate, sensual.

Red peas are a precursor of impulsiveness, swiftness. With such a man swim in love you will be infinite.

The strips are a lady of their own in the board, a friend, a partner, and a desired bride (they say it’s not long to wait for a little ringlet). Flowers of red shade — a charm for the opposite sex, and berries later, then.

Malinka makes clothes fun and funny, and gives family well-being. Cherries will help to attract a man for marriage.

What else do you need to know

Speaking red cowards for good luck is a kind of talisman with which you need to make friends. Explain to him that you would like to receive, otherwise how he will guess.

How long to keep the linen on the chandelier is a purely personal matter. Someone does not remove the panties from there at all, someone believes that pauses are vital. Select the most visited room, and even better bedroom, if you have a separate one.

Red panties — a great ritual for the fulfillment of desires, the opportunity to get it. There are no restrictions on the season, lunar day.

Do not forget that rituals work where they are believed. Skeptics should not practice with red shorts or with anything else.

Do not believe in magic — achieve your goals from the beginning to the end. We are sure that help from above is needed — receive it and do not forget to thank. Wear pants on yourself, in your bag or decorate a chandelier with them.

Yes, not everyone will understand, but you what’s the difference. But at last wealth or the most desirable man will come to life (he can be desired in any respect).

  • Simoron rituals are not only fun, but also effective. Do not forget to believe in success, otherwise it may not come.
  • Red panties attract luck, money, love — all that you need. Desires need to be visualized and articulated clearly so that “there” you are correctly understood.
  • Much depends on the material, shade of linen, prints. Bordeaux — the color of passion, rhinestones — the bait for skilled lovers, and Malinka cherries will help to create a family.
  • Panties will not be superfluous to wash with citrus or sea buckthorn soap.

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