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Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

In addition to the well-known ways to remove curses from themselves, the method of reading the Quran against the evil eye and damage is no less famous. Surely, any representative of the Muslim culture is aware that Islam does not welcome any signs of magic, even if it concerns good fortune telling or harmless conspiracies that save the body and soul from suffering.

Indeed, in its essence, any kind of witchcraft is an attempt to communicate with evil spirits: Satan and even Iblis. However, the Qur’an does not at all deny the existence of magic in general — even Mohammed himself once turned out to be the unfortunate victim of the curses that the enemies had directed at him.

Many people were going to help him, however The prophet believed only in the power of allah, giving up the temptation to heal from torment.

Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

And Allah gave him such a chance, telling the Prophet through angels several verses, in the process of reading which all the destructive power of which evaporated before our eyes. On the basis of beliefs, the evil eye on Mohammed was induced with the help of his hair, which was imposed on the scallop.

And each time he read the dua from the evil eye, one of the hairs fell off the ridge, and it was much easier for the person.

Evil in Islam

Shaitan and Iblis since ancient times carried real evil. But not all of their representatives were very angry — among them there were also decent citizens.

It is for this reason that the image of benevolent jinn who respect the holy scripture of the Quran is often used in practice by various healers. However, despite the fact that respectable genies are able to help a person, they know the prohibition of the use of any witchcraft by people.

Therefore, they would not help anyone in the world who violated the sacred covenants of Allah, while the most honest people will be able to share an element of their own strength, but only if people believe in the help of the Most High.

For this reason don’t trust sorcerers, who claim to cooperate with good jinn, because all good jinn follow the will of Allah and will never provoke a good Muslim to malicious witchcraft.

If an exemplary Muslim constantly reads the Koran, and most importantly, he fulfills all the vows indicated in the scripture without violating the Will of his great God, then he should not worry. Regular reading of the Book creates an amazing defense around the person, making him indestructible.

If suddenly with such a person and there will be trouble, it can only be barriers that were sent by God in order to test faith.

However, in modern times not everyone can constantly follow the instructions of the Quran, as well as constantly read it. Of course, this does not mean that a person will immediately fall to Iblis for such behavior, but he may lose his protection.

Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

In such a situation, an unstable situation can take advantage of specific enemy; he can easily succeed in imposing a curse or an evil eye on a person. Almost any evil eye is accompanied by diseases and behavioral disorders, however, Allah is complacent at the same time, he provides a real way to heal for everyone.

And this method is the Koran. A long and constant reading of this book will not only eliminate various negative influences, but also raise self-confidence, give hope, and even for a moment bring a person closer to understanding paradise.

Only reading this book in its original is valid — In the Arabic language. Needless to say, if a person does not know such a language, a translation of this scripture will also have some effect on it, but this can not be compared with the power of the original version of the book.

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Such suras will quickly help to get rid of various witchcraft:

The first sura of the Quran is called Al-Fatiha:

112 surah of the Quran — called Al-Ikhlas:

113 surah of the Quran — called Al Falyak:

The Last Sura of the Quran — Called An-us:

Features of reading the Quran from the evil forces

Reading the Koran from the evil eye and damage

  1. Based on the holy book of the Quran, the evil eye first strikes the most attractive personalities which is constantly envied by others or simply admired and highly praised. Even the most noble and decent man of the Muslim faith, not wanting harm to another, is suddenly able to jinx him, admiring his attractiveness, financial position, success or happiness in his personal life. It goes without saying that no one wishes to take such a sin on their souls, because every Muslim needs to ritual bathe more often. If a person suddenly began to feel as if he could jinx someone, he needs to wash his hands urgently., toes, elbows and knees, and also the face and sides inside the thigh with clear water, washing away the manifestation of any negative magic from your body. If a person has jinxed or damned someone on purpose, then there will be plenty of such ablutions to wash, and the affected person to be rid of torments.
  2. It is because of the female beauty and the strong danger for the female, and therefore for the entire family, the evil eye, that Islam as a religion suggests wearing the most closed clothes. However, despite the less stringent regulations regarding the male, they also should not boast of their own body in front of other people, especially when God gave them truly amazing beauty, powerful muscles or a reliable family. It is a wonderful family atmosphere and a happy personal life that also often serve as a reason for severe damage. For this reason, all people are not advised to bring their joy abroad at home, and if others know that a person has everything to go well with the family, you should rarely be alone in public, and walk along different roads.
  3. However, not only man is able to jinx it. Damage can send and jinn. People are not able to notice them, but the jinn themselves have a tremendous impact on the world around them. Like ordinary mortals, the evil eye of such creatures may be unintentional, but the harm from it is much greater. To get rid of these kinds of curses, besides reading the great Quran, a person can also use special Islamic amulet Hamsa, which is otherwise called the hand of Fatima.

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