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Read the plots of disease yourself

A serious illness can disrupt a person’s life. If this is a slight indisposition, then recovery takes place as soon as possible. But serious diseases require long-term treatment.

It can be accelerated if special magic rituals are carried out in parallel with traditional treatment.

Read the plots of disease yourself

There are many different magical rites according to the method and purpose, the effect of which is aimed at curing a person and relieving pain. It is necessary to read conspiracies from diseases in full confidence that such actions will help to get rid of a certain health problem.

It is very important before conducting the ceremony, carefully study the recommendations for a particular ritual. If there is an opportunity, it is best to first consult with the magician about how suitable this effect is to solve your health problem.

Almost all plots from diseases, unless otherwise provided for in the rite, are read during the period of the waning moon. Such magic rituals can be used both for their own healing and for getting rid of the diseases of loved ones.

The fact that women more often use magic to get rid of diseases. There is a potent rite that allows you to speed up the cure of any female diseases.

On the day chosen for the ceremony, you should wake up at dawn and pour a liter jar of clean water on the floor. Then a silver cross is put in there. The bank must be left on the window.

The next day, you need to wake up again early in the morning. It is necessary to tie the head with a new kerchief and cross over three times. Next, from the can with water you need to take a silver accessory and put it on the window.

After that, the bank is taken in hand, and three times it is necessary to read the effective and well-known prayer “Our Father”, and then the prayer to St. Panteleimon.

After that, you should proceed to the pronunciation of such magic words:

These words are spoken six times. Then putting the jar on the windowsill, you should spray sprayed with water.

The remaining water should be drunk during the day, it is important to take breaks every three sips.

As you know, skin diseases are very difficult to treat. Therefore, people often use magic for this.

In the ritual, you will need to use a red cloth or red scarf. This object must be every evening before going to bed, wipe sore spots for twelve nights.

During the procedure, the following magic words are spoken:

On the thirteenth day after dinner, you should go to the old cemetery, where burials are already prohibited. You should take the red flap or the scarf that was used in the rite with you.

There, standing at the gate, a magic conspiracy is pronounced:

The flap of red cloth when pronouncing a plot must be held in the right hand and after the end of pronouncing the words it is necessary to throw it in the direction of the graves. Then it should be very quickly leave the cemetery, without looking back. On the way home you can not talk to anyone.

Only after you wash your hands at home can you begin to talk.

Read the plots of disease yourself

There is a universal ritual that can be performed even in case you need to speed up recovery from a common cold. But on the other hand, it is an effective help in the treatment of serious diseases.

The ritual is held in the open air.

It is necessary to approach the young tree, touch it with your hand and say these words:

If the ceremony was a success, then soon you will recover, but, unfortunately, the tree will wither. Try to buy a seedling soon and plant a new tree.

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