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Read the plot to win the lottery

A plot on a lottery ticket will help solve temporary financial problems. Rites of this type can not harm, so without fear you can use them.

But they can only be successful if you truly believe in magic and represent the specific amount you need.

Read the plot to win the lottery

Read the plot to win in the lottery should be in the period of the growing moon, unless otherwise provided in the recommendations for the ceremony. The optimal period for such exposure is the first week after the new moon, and the best day is Thursday.

In order for the plot to win in the lottery to have positive consequences, no one can be told about the plans for the ceremony. If the description of a particular ritual has certain conditions, then they must be fulfilled.

There is a strong rite, which certainly must be carried out in the phase of the waning moon. The ritual is performed on an overcast and inconspicuous day.

Such a prerequisite is explained by the fact that on such a day few people will look for an opportunity to attract good fortune through magic. And this means that the probability that she will smile for you increases significantly.

On the day preceding the day on which the ritual is scheduled, a lottery ticket should be purchased. And the next day at 8:00 in the morning, you need to dress in inconspicuous gray clothes and go out.

Before you cross the threshold of your own home, you need to say these words:

After that, you need to take five cents, and put in your left pocket. Then you should go to the nearest reservoir, for example, a lake or a pond.

On the way, you can not talk to anyone. Approaching the lake, you should be on the right bank, so that you look to the north.

Then you need to say:

Then you need to throw a coin into the pond with your right hand. After that, you should go home without looking back.

On the way you can not talk to anyone, but on arrival home you need to retire. It is better to choose the time so that no one is at home at the time of your return.

The rite should be continued at home. Plates are placed in the corners of the selected room, in which ordinary kitchen salt is poured.

Around the perimeter of the room are installed 40 blue candles, purchased previously in an esoteric shop. They need to be lit on the same day at midnight, and it should be done by moving clockwise.

After that, you just need to sit in absolute silence and wait until the candles burn out. Then it is necessary to collect the cinder, mix them with salt and the next day throw it into the reservoir where the coin was previously thrown.

If you have already purchased a ticket, you can speak it with special magic words. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony during the growing moon, while the words of the conspiracy are pronounced with a lit green candle.

You need to take a lottery ticket in hand and say:

Words need to be spoken seven times in a row, and then you should hide a lottery ticket and wait for the draw.

To carry out a ritual, to attract winnings in the lottery, you can rite, which uses happy coupons purchased for travel in public transport. As is known, a ticket is considered lucky, in which the sum of the first three digits coincides with the sum of the last three digits.

Such tickets in the magical ritual should be used seven pieces.

In addition, the rite should use:

  • Own photo, the size of which corresponds to the size of the coupon;
  • A green leaf, about 7 * 7 in size;
  • Orange or light brown candle.

Having retired in a separate room, it is necessary to put a sheet of green paper on the table, a photo on it, and a pile of happy tickets for travel on top. Next you need to install and light a candle. After that it is necessary to wrap all attributes in the form of an envelope.

And create a green envelope sealed with melted wax candles.

During this, you should say the following magic words:

This enveloped enveloped should be with you at that moment, the code you will buy a lottery ticket.

Read the plot to win the lottery

As it is known, green color symbolizes good luck, therefore very often in rituals a green candle is used.

The next ritual is performed at midnight. At the same time the moon must be visible in the sky.

First, open the window, and then install a candle and a mirror on the window sill, so that looking in the mirror, you can see the moon and the candle flame.

After that you should take a yellow coin in your hand and say the following phrases:

Then the plotted coin must be put in the pocket. It should subsequently be used when purchasing a lottery ticket.

Although lottery winning plots are white magic, they are not recommended to be used often. It must be remembered that they are not a way to make money, but can only help solve temporary financial problems.

In addition, I am trying to try my luck to win in the lottery, it is important to set specific goals where the money will be spent.

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