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Read the plot to sell the car yourself

How to read a plot for a 100% result on the sale of the car?

Magic rituals, which allow to sell a certain thing profitably, are very popular. Plots for the sale of cars are also in great demand.

Rites of this type there is a huge variety. They are simple and complex in their execution. Choose them should be in accordance with the situation.

But at the same time, any conspiracy to sell the car is aimed at selling the car as quickly as possible and with the greatest profit.

Read the plot to sell the car yourself

Each rite offered by magic has its own rules and characteristics. It is very important to follow all the recommendations of the chosen ritual, because only in this case you can count on success. You must read the plot to sell the car in a positive mood.

Any internal negative is capable of scaring potential buyers at a subconscious level. You have to believe that after reading the plot you will soon be very profitable to sell your own car.

The ritual in which a plot to sell a car is read should be performed in the growth phase of the moon. The night light, increasing, will strengthen the effect of the rite.

If there is a need to sell the car very quickly, then you should go around the car three times in the clockwise direction and speak the magic phrases.

The magic conspiracy is repeated many times as many times as it takes to go around the car three times. It is very important to do this without witnesses.

Since it is believed that the natural component is very important for the success of any rite, it is better to drive a car out of town for the ritual.

Read the plot to sell the car yourself

In the phase of the growing moon, a very strong ritual can be performed.

It will need to use:

  • Church candle;
  • Millet, previously consecrated in the temple.

The ritual is held at midnight on the church square, while it is very important to choose a time so that the moon is visible in the sky. You need to choose a place so that you do not attract much attention to yourself.

Next, you need to light a candle and, holding it in your hands, walk around seven times around the car.

During this time, nine magic words should be repeated:

When passing the last lap around the machine should be sprinkled with millet.

And at the end of the ritual should say these words:

After that, you can leave the church in full confidence that soon it will be possible to profitably sell the car.

In the ritual you need to use:

  • Natural honey;
  • Holy water;
  • Red ribbon.

First, you need to smear with honey some parts of the machine, for example, the hood, bumper, roof, doors. Then, a small amount of honey should be diluted with holy water and pour this syrup around the car.

In the process, you should pronounce these magic words:

The red ribbon should then be placed under the driver’s seat. If this item is of interest to the buyer, then it can be explained that the red ribbon is a charm from accidents.

It is allowed to carry out the ritual just for sugar syrup if there is no honey in the house.

Read the plot to sell the car yourself

Water is usually a powerful magical booster. Thanks to this additional attribute, you can quickly and profitably sell even a used car with high mileage.

It is important to conduct this ritual on Wednesday during the growing moon.

In the ritual should use water from a spring or from a well, tap water will not work. If it is difficult to get water from a natural source, then you can use mineral water recruited from an artesian well.

Water speaks out in the open in a secluded place with these words:

Spirited with water you need to sprinkle the car. After that, very quickly there is a good buyer.

Prayer to St. Nicholas can be read as to attract a buyer, and in the case when he is already there. This will help the most profitable deal.

As a rule, the prayer is read in the church near the icon of the Wonderworker.

First a candle is placed, and then the prayer itself is worn out:

After the prayer, it is necessary to order a prayer about your well-being.

Before any ritual, whose action is aimed at the successful sale of the machine should be fully focused. Be sure to believe in magic and in their own power.

In addition, when meeting with customers, you should listen to your own inner voice.

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