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Read the plot so that the guy missed

What a conspiracy to read, so that the guy missed and missed

If you want to attract the attention of your chosen one, you can use a conspiracy to miss the guy. Such rituals belong to the means of white magic, therefore harmless both for the purpose of directional impact, and for the performer.

Read the plot so that the guy missed

Conventionally, the rituals that cause melancholy can be divided by the time component. There are short-term effects and long-term rites.

The safest rite is considered safer. They usually stop working right after the guy decides to meet with you.

Further relations are entirely dependent on partners. Most often, such effects are used after an occasional quarrel or spat with a loved one.

Long-term effects are usually applied in cases when it is necessary to eliminate a competitor. After the magical effect, your chosen one begins to yearn for you and, naturally, moves away from your rival.

Most rites of this type are performed either in the growth phase of the moon, or in the full moon.

This rite will increase the man’s attention at the very beginning of their acquaintance. This will allow you to build a more stable relationship with your chosen one.

In the ritual is used:

  • A small silver spoon;
  • Holy water, but it can be replaced with thawed or spring water;
  • Glass cup

Read the conspiracy, so the guy must be bored, secluded in a separate room after sunset. Water needs to be poured into a glass and put a silver spoon there. All this needs to be put on the table in front of you.

Then you should sit down and, looking at the spoon, fully concentrate on thoughts of your beloved.

When the feeling comes that you seem to have dissolved in space, you need to read such a conspiracy:

The attributes used in the magical rite should be left intact until morning. And the next day, you need to hide in a secluded place so that it does not catch the eyes of a stranger.

Water from a glass, it is advisable to pour out in such a place that a person on whom the magical effect was directed went over it.

Read the plot so that the guy missed

You can hold a strong rite, which will affect the chosen one remotely. But for this it is important to have a naturally strong energy.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to focus on your chosen one, and visualize his image next to him. Be sure to create a mental contact.

To do this, imagine that between your foreheads stretched energy harness that connects all your thoughts. If you are not sure that you will succeed, then you can try to use an additional photo of your loved one.

But if you feel that even with the picture you could not establish a mental connection with the chosen one, then you should refuse to hold this ceremony.

After installing the mental connection, you need to bite your tongue and speak (mumble) the following conspiracy:

This rite must be repeated three days in a row. It is important between the conduct of rituals to communicate with his chosen one, but after the end of the magical action it is necessary for three days to disappear from his field of vision.

If the rite was successful, then soon your loved one will begin to look for meetings with you.

The most fast-paced are ceremonies for refreshments. In this case, the food or drink speaks with special words, which subsequently should be treated to your chosen one.

Of course, to perform such a rite you need to be able to communicate with the guy you like. It is not necessary for this type of rituals to prepare their own dish, you can purchase something delicious in the store.

The magical words used by the treat can sound like this:

A treat should be presented as quickly as possible, otherwise it will lose its magical properties.

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