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Read the plot on the love of men — white magic

Every person dreams of a bright and sincere love for life on the planet. It is so natural that, hardly anyone, decide to argue.

But while women are more likely to turn to magic to attract love into their own lives.

Read the plot on the love of men - white magic

White magic offers a large number of conspiracies that can be used to attract love life. The main thing is to choose a rite in accordance with the current life situation.

It is very important to read the plot on the love of a man in accordance with the rules of a particular rite.

Most of the rites of this type are held during the growing moon. Of great importance for the impact of the impact is the place of the rite. White magic offers to read a plot on the love of a man in various conditions.

But it is precisely this that must be observed without any deviations; the success of the ceremony depends on this factor.

Very often in life there are situations when a girl dreams that a loved one appears next to her, but fans, for some unknown reason, bypass her side. And it does not depend on appearance or the ability to present oneself in society.

Usually in this case they say that they have no luck in their personal life. The rite, which is held every night for a month, will help correct the situation.

A special rite is always read at midnight:

Each time the plot is uttered three times. Within a month, the situation around you will change and you will only need to choose a decent person.

During any ritual it is necessary to remain in a positive mood. Negative emotions will make any conspiracy simply useless.

In addition, it is necessary to keep the plans for applying magic in secret.

Read the plot on the love of men - white magic

Also, there are frequent situations associated with the fact that it seems like, as there is a loved one, and feelings for him are strong, but for some reason he is not in a hurry to offer his hand and heart. In order to speed up this fact you need to hold a rite with food.

To do this, invite your loved one and cook on your own all those dishes that he loves.

Before serving dishes, they should be spoken with these words:

This is a very strong ceremony and you should expect that soon your loved one will make you an offer.

If you like a man, but you just can’t get his attention to him, you can make a difference in your favor by conducting a special magic rite.

In the ritual you will need to use the following attributes:

  • Red wax candle;
  • The scarf is made of natural white fabric;
  • Pencil or pen;
  • New igloo.

The process of conducting the ceremony involves the following activities in a secluded place:

  • A white handkerchief is spread on the table;
  • A candle is lit;
  • Molten wax in the middle of the scarf, a figure of a person, which will symbolize your beloved one, is piled up, and the contour must be completely filled with wax from the candle. ;
  • The name of his beloved is written on the figure;
  • A needle is stuck into the figure in the region of the heart;
  • Such an installation is wrapped in a scarf and hides in a safe place so that no one ever finds it.

In the process of carrying out all the actions such a conspiracy is repeatedly read:

The rite is very strong, but the main condition for its success is that it is necessary, as often as possible after the ritual, to be seen by a loved one.

Read the plot on the love of men - white magic

In magic, it is believed that the photograph reflects the aura of a living person. That is why ceremonies using photos have great power.

Having a fresh snapshot of a loved one, you can easily attract to him his love with the help of magic. Moreover, with the help of such a ceremony, you can eliminate your rival from your life.

After all, after such a magical effect, your chosen one will simply choose you.

Since the ritual with a photo is very powerful, before you conduct it, you must visit the temple and ask for protection from the higher forces against all the unforeseen consequences of using magic. In addition, immediately before the ceremony, one should read the Our Father prayer several times.

In the ritual it is necessary to use a photo to which special requirements are made:

  • The picture must be clearly visible eyes;
  • The photo should be taken recently, no earlier than six months before the date of the ceremony;
  • The elect must be in the picture alone, otherwise the magical effect may affect the other person.

During the growth of the moon, you need to choose a convenient day and read the magic conspiracy three times: in the morning at dawn, in the daytime and in the evening after sunset.

Looking directly into the eyes of the image in the picture, the following magic phrases are pronounced:

It is very important to pronounce a plot, to imagine that a loved one is next to you. After the magic words are spoken, you should keep the plotted photo always near you.

At the same time it is important that no one of them could see it.

The conspiracy to love is strong and most of them belong to the means of white magic. Conducted on the basis of sincere feelings, they can not harm.

Indeed, without love, the life of every person on earth loses its meaning.

It is very important to believe in magic and in your love. Indeed, the combination of such feelings can work wonders. Any conspiracy can be modified.

The main thing is that the spoken words should be sincere and emanate from the depths of the soul.

Strengthen the action of any ceremony, the action of which is aimed at bringing a loved one into life, you can read the prayers. This can be done not only in the temple, but also at home. They can be pronounced, both before the beginning of the ritual, and after it many times.

It is important to be in a positive mood, because negative emotions always scare love.

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