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Read the money plot at home

Money plot can be read at home

The problem of gaining financial well-being has existed at all times. And in the modern world it is quite acute for many people.

Therefore, the issue of attracting money through magic is very relevant.

Read the money plot at home

To conduct a ceremony in which a plot for money is used is quite simple at home. Such rituals are related to white magic, and for their effectiveness decisive is the desire of a person to achieve the goal.

A conspiracy for money to read at home must necessarily be alone. In addition, it is important not to devote anyone to their plans for the ceremony.

There are many reasons why it may be necessary to turn to magic, but the main ones are as follows:

  • When you need to improve the welfare of your own family. This should be done in the case when all family members work from morning to night, making incredible efforts to get rich, but money is not enough all the time.
  • When the debtor is in no hurry to return the debt. In this case, magic should be used if the amount of debt is very large, for small loans such rites are usually not effective.
  • When there is an urgent need to obtain a target amount of money, for example, for treatment or an urgent trip.

At home, you can hold a strong ritual aimed at attracting money.

It will need to use:

  • A flap of bright diaper;
  • A sheet of paper is green;
  • A couple of green candles;
  • Seven pre-germinated wheat kernels;
  • Crystal vase;
  • A piece of rough canvas.

This ceremony belongs to the category of ceremonies that allow you to receive a specific amount of money in the shortest possible time. Therefore, it is very important to determine the amount you need before the ceremony. In addition, it is important to imagine how confident you will feel when this amount appears to you.

The rite will be successful only if the receipt of the required amount of money does not take you by surprise.

The rite begins with the fact that it will be necessary on a sheet of green paper to describe in detail their relationship with relatives and close friends. Then you will need to describe the state of your health, special attention should be paid to the emotional component.

Read the money plot at home

After that, on a small table it is necessary to spread a prepared flap of bright diaper, and put a sheet on it, having folded it beforehand.

Further the following actions are performed:

  • A crystal vase is placed on the sheet;
  • Sprouted wheat grains are put in a vase;
  • On the sides of the vase are installed and lit candles.

After all such installation manipulations you need to keep your hand on the vase three times around the table. In the process, it is necessary to express in any way the desire to receive a specific amount of money and state the goal, what you want to spend it on.

After that, a part of the seeds should be put in the wallet, and the rest should be wrapped in a canvas along with a note and a diaper. Such a bundle should be hidden in a hidden place in one of the corners of your own home.

It is very important that no one ever found it.

The result of such a ceremony comes in about a month. But this whole period you will be lucky, which will help to significantly stabilize the financial condition.

There is a very simple lunar ritual, which is performed at night in the phase of the rising moon. In this case, the plot is read on a glass of water.

Spring water or well water has more energy. The use of tap water will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the rite.

In addition, it is important to choose the night so that the moon shines in the sky.

A glass filled with water should be put on the window sill so that moonlight can fall on it. In this form, it should be left until the next morning and go to bed.

The next morning, the moon-charged water should be used for washing.

Before you wash your face it is necessary to whisper such magic words:

Read the money plot at home

In the period of the growing moon, you can spend another strong conspiracy to attract money. For the ritual you need to choose a moonlit night.

A ceremony is held in a dark room without any light sources. In the ritual should use several paper notes and a few coins of different denominations.

Having retired in a separate room, you should spread the prepared money on the table and say such a conspiracy over them:

After saying the words, the money should be laid out under the moonlight for a couple of hours. During this period, you need to go into another room, but you cannot turn on the light there either. You should sit in the dark and think about how you spend the money, which will soon begin to arrive to you.

After two hours, you need to enter the room with the money, take the money and put it into your wallet separately from other bills and coins. They can not be wasted, since their purpose is to attract other money to your wallet.

Cash rituals usually work for a year. After that they can be repeated again.

But it should be remembered that magic opens up opportunities for getting money, but you have to make money yourself. Therefore, sitting and waiting for you to fall wealth does not make sense.

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