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Read the conspiracy to fulfill the desire in the new moon and full moon

How to read a conspiracy to fulfill a secret desire?

In the modern world, many people are interested in how to use magic to fulfill a hidden desire. This is due to the fact that every person has a dream that you want to realize.

Magic can help with this, but it must be used very carefully. Any magical rite performed for selfish purposes and containing a negative message can lead to unpredictable consequences. For such an action may even pay off the entire generation of blood relatives.

Therefore, the desire not only should be sincere, but it should not contain a negative message.

Read the conspiracy to fulfill the desire in the new moon and full moon

A conspiracy to fulfill a wish will succeed only if all the recommendations and rules of a particular ritual are followed. Any deviations can cause negative consequences.

It is important that your wish is real. One should not ask the higher forces, something unrealizable, dreams should be fully conscious and concrete.

This will allow you to correctly and clearly articulate your thoughts. For the sake of interest, magic cannot be used to achieve a goal and, of course, you should believe in magic.

Read the plot on the execution of the desire to be in the period of the rising moon or in the full moon. Lunar energy will contribute to achieving the goal.

A strong rite is held at the time of the new moon, but it is very important that this time coincides with Saturday or Sunday. The optimal time for the ceremony is sunrise.

In the ritual will need to use:

  • Slice of bread;
  • Bit of rock salt;
  • Glass of drinking water;
  • Candle.

It is very important to choose the right color of the candle, which depends on the type of desire:

  • White — to get rid of the negative;
  • Orange — for career issues;
  • Pink — for the desire of a personal nature;
  • Blue — to solve health problems;
  • Green — for the desire associated with obtaining a well-paid job;
  • Yellow — when making wishes for traveling and developing creative ideas;
  • Red — when desire is associated with sexual relations.

After the color of the candle is chosen, you can proceed to perform the ceremony. The ritual is held in a separate room.

First, you should speak water with these words:

After that, the candle is lit, then a piece of bread is taken in the right hand, and salt is necessary with his left hand.

In the process, you need to whisper these magic words:

After that, the bread must be eaten, bitten off by a small piece. In the process of this action it is necessary to represent the moment when the conceived will become a reality.

After you finish the bread, you need to rub it hand in hand and take three small sips of the conspired water. At the end of the ritual, extinguish the candle with fingers moistened with water from a glass.

After this, it is necessary to pronounce such a magical conspiracy:

The water left in the glass should be drunk, but you should mentally say the last magic words again.

Read the conspiracy to fulfill the desire in the new moon and full moon

As you know, the power of the moon can help in the fulfillment of the cherished desire. The full moon has the most energy, but it needs to be addressed with the right words.

The ceremony is held at midnight and it is very important that during the ritual the night light should be in the sky.

First, you should mentally formulate your desire, and then read a very impressively magical plot, previously written on a piece of paper.

Such words may be spoken:

Before any rite should focus on your goals and distract from the realities of life around. It is important to understand that your desire should not be a threat to the outside world.

If the ceremony was successful, then you will have an inner feeling that everything worked out.

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