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Read conspiracy to attract customers

What kind of conspiracy must be read to attract customers?

Successful business development always depends on the presence of customers and customers. To increase their number, various marketing methods are used, for example, advertising. But, unfortunately, quite often a situation arises where, despite all the efforts being made, it is not possible to sell a product or services in sufficient quantity to ensure the prosperity of the company or company.

Therefore, very often businessmen need to use a conspiracy to attract customers.

Read conspiracy to attract customers

Like other magical influences, conspiracy on customers is distinguished by a number of features. First of all, it is important during the ritual to comply with all the recommendations that are given in the description of a particular ceremony.

In rituals of this type, everything is important, in this kind of magic there are no trifles.

It should be understood that for the success of the rite, it is important to visualize the result. It is this fact that ensures that the impact will be effective.

A ritual involving the use of conspired honey is very effective. Such an impact is the most suitable option to attract customers to the store.

That is, the ritual is suitable for shop owners and sellers in the market.

It is not necessary to pour out onto the store threshold or coat the counter with a liter of honey, it’s enough to drop a few drops of a natural product imperceptibly and read a plot to attract customers.

His words are:

Read conspiracy to attract customers

A very strong rite is conducted using the following attributes:

  • 40 fresh chicken eggs;
  • 200 g poppy;
  • Wax candle.

It is important to buy poppy and eggs during the growing moon without surrender, it is allowed not to take delivery of the purchased products.

In the evening of these products on a huge baking sheet should bake an ordinary omelet. When the dish is ready, a candle should be placed in its center, light it and speak the magic plot.

His words are:

Next, the candle must be extinguished and at midnight on the same day the omelet should be carried to the nearest intersection and left it there.

At the same time you need to say:

An unburned candle should be taken to your workplace and lit there, leaving it to burn out naturally. Remains of wax should be collected, wrapped in a napkin and hidden in a secluded place.

This bundle will serve as a talisman, and attract success in trade.

Attracting customers is possible if you hold a strong ritual with the land. This ceremony is held for two weeks, starting from the first day of the beginning of the lunar month. Conventionally, the ritual is divided into three stages.

First, from the working premises in which the trade is conducted, should be expelled the evil entities that interfere with the business.

For this you need to pre-buy church candles of medium size. There should be as many of them as there are corners in the room, and additionally one more candle. At first, the candles are installed at the corners of the room and fixed with the help of clay, and then set on fire with the help of matches.

Then the last candle is taken in hand and ignited by a match. With it you need to clockwise bypass the workroom. In the process, the well-known “Our Father” prayer is continuously read.

Be sure to stop in every corner and read the prayer over the lit candles.

Read conspiracy to attract customers

If a particular candle has gone out, it must be lit again, but for this you should use the candle in your hand. The process of bypassing the premises must be repeated until all the candles in the corners of the room have burned to one third in height.

After that, again you need to go around the perimeter of the entire room and extinguish every candle in the corner with your fingers. Next, the candles must be collected in the package and take them to the nearest intersection.

Then the second stage of the ceremony begins.

From the same intersection, one should take a handful of earth and pronounce such magic words three times above it:

Land should be brought home and in the working room, to repeat the above words above it. After that, the ground should be hidden in a secluded place. It is advisable to scatter it behind baseboards, from which no one will sweep it.

Immediately it is necessary to proceed to the third stage of the ritual.

It is necessary to collect a cup of holy water, which should be brought from the church in advance. Mug must be put on the window sill, so that it is illuminated by moonlight.

Leave it so you need to full moon. If the water evaporates, it should be periodically refilled.

At the moment of the onset of the full moon, the following words are spoken about in the water:

Such magic words need to be spoken three times and after that drink the conspired water in small sips. At this ceremony is considered completed and in a short time we should expect a significant increase in the number of buyers.

In order to attract customers, very often certain objects speak, which serve as a talisman and attract customers. So, you can speak the bell, which can later be on the front door.

In the new moon you need to take the bell in his hands and speak it with these words:

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