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Read a toothache plot — useful tips

How to read a toothache plot to work?

Toothache is very difficult to transfer. And there are cases that it can not be removed even with drugs.

Therefore, magic offers its own ways that allow you to quickly relieve pain. Of course, after relief you should definitely visit the dentist and solve the problem radically.

Read a toothache plot - useful tips

There is a huge amount of magical rituals, so choosing the right ritual is not difficult. You should know that the correct conspiracy against toothache necessarily contains an appeal to higher forces.

Since such conspiracies appeared in the pre-Christian period, many conspiracies contain appeals to natural elements.

Considered to be very effective conspiracies, relieve toothache, which speaks to the moon. To read the plot for a toothache in this case is necessary only when the moon shines in the sky.

One of the conspiracies is as follows:

These magic phrases must be pronounced at least three times. And each time the toothache will decrease.

You can also use another plot whose words sound like this:

Such a conspiracy is very effective in the full moon period.

A strong conspiracy to help remove toothache is rooted in the ancient Ukrainian past. Such magic words can be pronounced in any phase of the moon, but the effect will be most productive on the new moon.

Contact the month should be these words:

Read a toothache plot - useful tips

You can talk and spring water, which can later be used for rinsing. She will calm you down for a while.

Replace spring water, you can use the thawed water, which is easy to do on their own.

This magic conspiracy must be pronounced, so that during the rite your breath touches the surface of the water.

Pronounced phrases are:

If you have the opportunity during the toothache to get aspen twig, you can hold a very strong and fast-paced rite. In order for it to be successful, you need to completely get rid of extraneous thoughts and focus only on achieving the goal.

It is very important to distract from the pain enough to present a picture that will be described in the conspiracy.

The plot words are:

After that, a magic aspen twig should be applied to the cheek where the aching tooth is and say these magic phrases:

Having spoken such phrases, you need to read several times, at least three, the well-known “Our Father” prayer.

And then say these words:

This magical conspiracy can remove even the most painful sensations.

Read a toothache plot - useful tips

As is well known, wisdom teeth are very problematic teeth. It is very difficult to treat them, therefore at the first appearance of caries signs, they are recommended to be removed.

But it is not always possible to do it in time, so it often becomes a question how to urgently remove the pain emanating from the wisdom tooth.

In addition, pain often occurs when wisdom teeth erupt. As a rule, this occurs at a later age and causes swelling and severe irritation of the gums.

There is a special conspiracy that can dull the pain.

For the ritual, you must first prepare:

  • Hourglass, which can be replaced with the usual dial;
  • Candle;
  • White thread.

Having retired in a separate room, you should sit at the table, set the clock in front of you and take off the candle next to it. You need to take the thread in your hands and, without taking your eyes off the flame of a candle, read the plot many times.

His words are as follows:

While reading the plot, the thread should be held in the hands. After a certain time, you will feel the pain go away.

After that, the candle should be extinguished and tied with a string. And on the thread you need to tie several knots.

In the process, these words are pronounced:

The ritual ends with the reading of any prayer that you know.

As a rule, conspiracies against toothache are effective only if you believe in magic. In addition, ceremonies, have distracting attention and allow you to escape from unpleasant sensations.

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