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Read a plot to sell things and good trading

You must admit that very often in life it happens that two vendors standing nearby in the market have different success in trading. The queue is constantly lined up to one of them, and the other — the whole working day is bored without buyers. And this is with the same range of products.

Most likely, this is due to the fact that a successful seller has used magic to attract customers.

Read a plot to sell things and good trading

Plots that attract customers and drive away competitors, there is a huge set. You can use such rites for a one-time sale of a specific item.

Also popular are rituals in the event that trade is considered to be your main type of work.

For the sale of things should be used in the event that it became necessary to sell a particular thing. The rite is universal, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

Read the plot to sell things necessary for spring water.

The magic words are as follows:

Spirited with water should spray the product. An additional attribute in the rite can be any small object.

For example, if you need to sell a car, then you can start a match with water, which you subsequently put into the salon.

Read a plot to sell things and good trading

If you are professionally engaged in trade, then in the case of the presence of items that are not for sale, you can change the situation by conducting a magical rite. It is necessary to put an unclaimed thing between things that are in demand among buyers.

After this, you should read this plot:

After such a conspiracy, the goods will be sold soon.

If trade is your main activity, then in order to attract success you should make a special talisman. He will need to be constantly kept at himself, and he will attract customers and increase the attractiveness of the product.

The five-ruble coin should become a talisman. The rite is held in the period of the growing moon.

Having retired in a separate room, the coin should be put on the palm of the right hand, substituting it under the moonlight.

Next, say these words:

Such words are pronounced at least twelve times. And after each spell of a magic spell, you must pause and listen to your inner voice.

You should have a subconscious feeling that the ritual was successful.

Read a plot to sell things and good trading

When there is a need to quickly and profitably sell things, you must first use magic. This rite is universal and suitable for both one-time sales and for people working in stores and markets.

It will help in case you have planned the sale of things via the Internet.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to focus on the desire to make a quick and profitable shopping. After this, it is necessary to read the “Our Father” prayer known to everyone several times.

After this, you should say the following magic words:

Conducting magical rites, it should be remembered that the belief in magic and their own strength, will make the rituals aimed at the successful sale of things, productive.

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