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Raven Tattoo: Meaning and Decoding

Raven Tattoo: Meaning and Decoding

I prefer not to communicate with people who have a tattoo with a raven on the body, because the value of such a pattern almost always speaks of aggression, insecurity and danger. Given that the tattoo repeatedly enhances the character traits, the symbol of which is, communication with such a person can be extremely unpleasant.

We will understand in more detail.

Tattoo history

Since ancient times, people decorated their bodies with images of animals and birds. A raven is a symbol with its own specific meaning, which has its own characteristics in different cultures.

Raven Tattoo: Meaning and Decoding

What did this sign mean in different nations:

  1. The Celtic people associated the image of a crow with the goddess of war and death Morigan. They believed that this is a sign of dark forces, which promises only suffering, and can also mean a connection with the devil himself.
  2. The Celts summoned the spirit of a raven in magical rituals and in order to predict the future. It was believed that this bird is able to tell about future events, about the outcome of an important battle.
  3. The people of Africa worship the crow, considering its spirit to be its sacred helper. The killing of a bird is an ominous sign that promises bad weather and the death of the harvest. Therefore, they protected the crows and did not allow anyone to offend them.
  4. The Scandinavian peoples associated the image of a crow with the god Odin, the patron saint of the military. The raven personified for them the highest degree of intelligence, excellent memory and unsurpassed wisdom.
  5. The natives of America used the crow in shamanistic rites. According to the ancient legends of this nation, the bird was one of the progenitors of the human race.
  6. The ancient Romans crow symbolized faith and hope. Their neighbors — the Greeks, too, respected the bird, considering it the patron saint of farmers, a symbol of fertility and abundance.
  7. For the Egyptians, the raven is an ominous symbol. They believed that this bird can only bring destruction and evil.
  8. The Chinese consider the crow to be a strong, powerful bird, comparable in strength only to the sun. It is also a symbol of long, strong, harmonious and happy love.
  9. Orthodox people were afraid of the black bird, considering it a dark sign, a vengeful being. It was believed that it brings pain, frustration and suffering. Antipode dove, birds of the world.

Next, we will understand what a tattoo with the image of a strong, black bird in modern realities can mean.

Tattoo value

Interpretations in various sources give different interpretations. The value of the tattoo will depend on the gender of the bird depicted on the body.

Raven Tattoo: Meaning and Decoding

What a raven or raven tattoo can mean:

  1. Emphasizes the domineering nature of the owner. Well suited to people who occupy management positions, manage the business. They are somewhat aggressive, can be violent and uncompromising.
  2. The female crow is a symbol of loneliness, but at the same time deceit and cunning. Talking about the wily of its owner, his greedy motives and thoughts. Not the most favorable sign.
  3. Very often tattoos with black birds are applied to the body by people with magical powers. Mostly these are “black magicians”, who in their rituals do not shun dark ways to achieve the desired. In this case, the raven is the personification of secret knowledge and a powerful assistant in esoteric rites.
  4. Raven is also a symbol of great insight. The sign says that you cannot hide anything from a person: he sees those around him literally through and through.
  5. Sometimes the image of a crow is identified with innocence, an unjustly punished person. The roots of this meaning go back to biblical legends.
  6. To depict a tattoo with a raven can people who dream to live long, because the bird — a symbol of longevity. But do not forget that she is also a scavenger — by association, a person can literally “feed” on the energy of people who have fallen into desperate situations.
  7. A pair of crows is a symbol of a strong, long and happy family, a cozy marriage or a comfortable, harmonious relationship.

Important: It should be remembered that a tattoo is not just a decoration on the body, but also a strong energy symbol that can affect the whole future life of a person. Therefore, the choice of drawing should be approached with all responsibility.

Value on the zone

Prison has its own laws: prisoners ‘tattoos always indicate their status, position in “thieves’ circles”.

Raven Tattoo: Meaning and Decoding

What does the raven mean?

  • Indicates that the offender was engaged in theft. Crow — «he is a thief.»
  • At the same time, the raven is a symbol of hatred. This means that a person with a similar headdress takes property and money from other people because he hates them.
  • “They are honored” with such a tattoo, and especially dangerous, aggressive criminals, who are completely unpredictable in their actions, and often shock even the most experienced prisoners.

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Tattoo decoding

The meaning of the tattoo can vary depending on how exactly the bird is depicted.

  1. If it is drawn in the nest, or small chicks fly near it, it means that the owner of the tattoo man who aspires to the quiet comfort of the family hearth, feels a deep connection with his race.
  2. A raven in flight is a sign of an aggressive man who was born to attack. Throughout his life, he has been pursuing the weak and defenseless to hurt them and suffering.
  3. A raven on a branch is a sign symbolizing deep solitude. This is an introvert person who feels uncomfortable in society, tends to close himself from everyone and most often is only alone with himself.
  4. A bird with a skull is the most dangerous option. The character of a person with such a tattoo is extremely aggressive and dangerous. You can expect any meanness from him, he is even capable of murder.
  5. A pair of male crows — a sign of intimacy with friends. Most often it is an exclusively male symbol. Such a person is focused on strong partnerships, is not capable of betrayal, always give a shoulder in a difficult situation.
  6. A flock of crows or only bird wings — the personification of power and their own superiority over others. The owner of such a picture on the body believes that he is better than all the others, and it is almost always justified. But he can drown in his arrogance and get a lot of enemies, so with such a tattoo you need to be extremely careful.

Especially, I do not recommend making ravens tattoos for girls. They completely destroy femininity and softness inherent in the female sex, turning their hostess into an unpleasant and masculine personality.

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