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Pure Thursday — the facts, signs, the rite of purification at home

Clean Thursday — what a holiday, especially the use of prayer

Pure Thursday is a great Christian holiday that is celebrated every year. According to tradition, on this day they clean up the house, bake cakes and paint eggs, preparing for Easter.

Share all the nuances that you need to know.

What kind of holiday?

In Orthodoxy, Pure Thursday is one of the most important holidays. It is believed that on this day Jesus Christ held the Last Supper with his apostles and taught them the Holy Communion.

Pure Thursday - the facts, signs, the rite of purification at home

What to do on Pure Thursday:

  1. In the evening, put a silver spoon in a bowl of water, and in the morning each family member should wash up with this water, saying: “Everything that the soul and body toil, everything is washed off on Pure Thursday”.
  2. Clean the house. Progeneralte as it should: special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the windows, refrigerator, stove and sanitary ware. You fill the surrounding space with positive energy and literally “clean out” everything negative.
  3. Forgive all offenses and get rid of negative emotions. Last year, leave all the anger, anger, irritation, forgive the enemies and all those who have ever caused you evil. Destroying the negative in your own soul, you will find extraordinary calm and bring yourself closer to happiness.
  4. Swim or go to the bath. The first method is more difficult — the water in April is still cold. But bath procedures just right. Sunrise is the most favorable time to visit the bath. Do not forget to pour cold water several times, imagining how it washes away all your sorrows.
  5. Bake Easter cakes, Easter eggs, paint eggs. It is better not to buy pastries in the store, but to find at least the simplest recipe and prepare delicacies yourself. Cook with prayers and mantras.
  6. Visit the temple for confession and holy communion. This is not necessary if you are a staunch atheist and do not consider yourself to be a religion.

Try to do all of the above, do not miss this opportunity to be filled with the blessed divine energy.

What time and when does the service start

Believers must attend the temple on Pure Thursday to pray for their sins, ask God for help, health, and well-being.

Service usually begins in the evening, on the eve of Good Friday, at about 8:00 pm, but in some churches earlier. You can find out the exact time only in the temple that you plan to visit.

And what is the date of the great holiday in 2018? This will happen on the fifth of April, so be prepared in advance.

The rite of purification at home

You can clean the house with a candle before Easter, so that the whole coming year in your family reigned peace and tranquility.

Pure Thursday - the facts, signs, the rite of purification at home

How to conduct this ceremony:

  • Put your body in perfect order, especially wash windows, stove and bathroom fixtures
  • Take a shower and dress up clean
  • Take a wax candle bought in the church shop beforehand, light it
  • Walk around the house with a candle, looking into every corner and reading prayers.

Any Christian prayer will do — for example, Otchenash.

Pure Thursday is a special, sacred holiday that cannot do without prayers. When and how to read them best:

  • Wednesday night to Thursday
  • Be sure to take a shower or bath to be cleaned physically.
  • Clean the house, let the fresh air into the room

And the prayer will become the third element of purification — it will relieve you of emotional negativity, purify the soul.

Four prayer options:

Pure Thursday - the facts, signs, the rite of purification at home

How to paint eggs on Pure Thursday

On Pure Thursday it is important not only to clean up the house and visit the bath, but also to bake Easter cakes and paint eggs. And then give them away to friends, family and taste with family.

How to paint eggs is easiest:

  • Boil hard boiled eggs. Do not forget to salt the water — then they will be easier to fall behind the shell
  • Cook onion decoction. Boil the husks in water until it becomes saturated.
  • Boil eggs in the finished broth for ten minutes.

Done! To make Easter eggs look festive, rub them with oil and polish with a napkin — the shell will become glossy.

There are many popular beliefs regarding Clean Thursday. Good to know:

  1. If you meet Easter in a mess and dirty house, do not expect good luck in the coming year.
  2. If in the morning the first person you met was an elderly woman, wait for trouble. If a man — your dearest wish will be fulfilled. Child — to financial well-being. A young girl — to good luck in love affairs.
  3. Do not lend money. Also, you can not share anything from home. It is necessary to refuse even a neighbor, if she comes to ask for salt. All that you give will take away your luck and luck.
  4. Prepare the Thursday salt, then use it for cooking.
  5. Buy in the church shop a passionate candle — it has powerful healing properties.
  6. On a clean Thursday, ask for help from a Higher Power. To do this with a lit candle you need to go to the attic of the house, and stand for a while, reading Christian prayers.

Watch a video on what to do on Pure Thursday:

Facts about Pure Thursday

Why do Christians celebrate Pure Thursday and consider it a great holiday:

  • It is on this day that Judas betrayed Jesus, according to the biblical story.
  • On the fourth day of the Great Week, Christ fed bread and wine to all who agreed to follow him.
  • This is the day of the Last Supper — the most famous congregation of Christ with his twelve apostles.
  • It was on this day that the son of God asked him to spare the human race and atone for the guilt of the people by his own death.

Now you are aware of everything you need to know about Pure Thursday. When a great holiday comes — bake cakes, paint eggs, tidy up the house and think about the meaning of your own life.

It is on this day that you get a huge chance to be filled with positive energy, to attract happiness and good luck in your life, to recharge yourself with luck for the whole year ahead. And white magic rituals and ceremonies, conspiracies will have great power.

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