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Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

What can and can not be done on Pure Thursday: rites and conspiracies

The fourth day of Passion Week owes its name to the event, which is noted in the Gospel books as one of the most important. On this day, during the Last Supper, Jesus Christ taught his disciples the greatest lesson of humility and love, washing their feet with his own hands, and then communing them from their hands.

Pure Thursday is the only date in the year when ceremonies performed for the good receive an extraordinary power of realization. Two days before Easter, you can change for the better not only your life, but also help close people in trouble.

The main thing is not to wish anyone evil and be guided by godly goals.

Traditionally, Pure Thursday for believing Christians begins in the church, where it is desirable to defend the morning service and go through confession with communion. It is believed that on this day all church rites are endowed with a special cleansing power and even remove sins in which the parishioner did not dare to repent for a long time.

There are other important customs associated with the significant date:

  • general cleaning in the house with the involvement of all family members;
  • tidying up all clothes and household utensils;
  • baking cakes, the formation of cottage cheese cakes and dyeing chicken eggs;
  • water procedures that have a sacred meaning on this day;
  • harvesting the fourth salt as well "passionate" candles brought from church after the service;
  • fortune telling for the future.

For every ceremony held on Pure Thursday, there are corresponding prayers or plots. The main condition for them to act is the absence of negative thoughts in the person who performs the actions.

It is also important to remember that on this day, even guided by good intentions, you cannot give anything out of the house, no matter what anyone asks: after a given thing in someone else’s housing, all prosperity will also flow away.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Washing the body before the morning or evening service is an effective ritual of cleansing from sins. It can be done in two ways: with a salt spelled or reading a plot on pouring water. In the first case, two handfuls of salt are taken from the new packet and pronounced the right words over them, after which the crystals are poured into a bucket filled with water and mixed well.

If you have your own courtyard, then water yourself with salt water is better on the street.

Words on the salt read these:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

In the conditions of the apartment, the procedure is transferred to the bathroom. For bathing, get up before sunrise, read "Our Father" and immediately become a cool shower.

Before you utter a conspiracy, you should completely relax and imagine that the body is washed not with water, but with a clean, all-pervasive, transparent light. When the visualization is complete, you need to slowly read the text of the cleansing prayer:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Another folk sign associated with water, says that if on Good Friday wash with silver water, prepared from the evening of Maundy Thursday, then no famously within a year does not cling. For the preparation of water, only high quality silver is suitable — an old coin, ornament or teaspoon.

During the morning washing, they said these words: "Everything is washed away, that is let loose, that the body aches, than the heart ruffles — everything, everything is washed off on Pure Thursday".

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Beginning on Good Friday and for the next two weeks, Christian believers do not do the cleaning, washing and ironing of clothes, so all these actions ended on Thursday. From the early morning all the windows in the house were opened and order was set in order to the evening, the littering corners were dismantled, the carpets were cleaned, the bed linen and curtains on the windows were changed.

Great importance when cleaning on Clean Thursday is attached to the absence of dust wherever it can be wiped off, and to clean floors that have been washed with a strong salt solution. This was done with a twofold goal — to remove the dirt accumulated over the winter and unleash the whirlwinds of positive energy in the energy space of the dwelling.

In order for energy flows to freely circulate through the house, on Maundy Thursday, they additionally made at least a small rearrangement of furniture, and also put up protection against external negative energies — the evil eye or damage.

The ritual was carried out after the harvest, but until the evening service began in the church. Unnoticed by prying eyes, the hostess gathered a large handful of salt, into which Thursday was mixed, and, reading the plot, spilled it in a thin stream along the elevation of the threshold at the entrance door, additionally reading the following words:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

The Thursday salt prepared in different ways on the night from Wednesday to Thursday is considered the strongest medicine and one of the most effective magic components. First use "black" salt is allowed on Thursday, in the process of general cleaning and for the ritual to protect the house.

In this capacity, as well as for the washing on this day, it can be taken unconsecrated, but on the Easter table it is placed after sprinkling with holy water.

Manufacturing "baked" or "fried" Salt opens a string of ritual activities related to the eve of the Easter holidays. There are several ways to procure a miraculous product:

  • On a spoonful of salt take five tablespoons of leaven from white kvass or the same soaked rye bread crumb, all mixed in iron and put in a heated wood stove. A substance is considered ready when it takes on a coal black color. Then he is taken out of the oven, cooled and finely pounded.
  • In a large cast iron skillet pour out a pack of salt and a glass with a quarter of rye flour and, continuously stirring the composition with a wooden spatula clockwise, bring the mixture to a rich black color, then cool and fray in a mortar.

Before mixing the salt with other components, a special plot is whispered on it, and in the process of baking or roasting it, it is read three times "Our Father".

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

It is better not to buy salt itself in a store, but, as they did in the old days, to collect by a handful, from three different houses, where the tenants live regularly and richly. Already cooked salt was stored in a dry place near the stove, in a bag stitched from coarse canvas.

Talking about her publicly was not accepted, and only the mistress of the house could know where the knot was hidden.

No actions performed on this day should bear the desire to take revenge on someone, to appropriate someone else’s, or to influence the will of another person against his will. On Pure Thursday it is unacceptable to carry out strong cuffs and love spells, impose damage or attract dark forces to help you.

It is better to use the eve of Easter holidays for all kinds of rituals of purification, to attract love in your life and to strengthen family well-being.

If a lonely girl did not have anyone in mind who she would like to say to her fate, but would like to meet such a person soon, then during the Thursday harvest she would "settled" betrothed in his house. In different parts of the dwelling, new items for men were being laid out — slippers, shaving accessories, socks.

At the same time, a prayer was addressed to the Most Holy Theotokos.

A girl who sympathizes with a certain young man, but who is incorporeally expecting a decisive step from him, on Pure Thursday could charm her beloved for marriage. To do this, she had to wake up that day before sunrise, wash herself with natural cool water (river, rain or thawed water), wipe off with the hem of her skirt and clearly tell three times into the open window of her bedroom:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Some girls, in order to increase the fortunetelling, wiped their face not with a hem, but with a new towel, in which they wrapped Easter cake and a couple of dyed testicles and gave it all to the first beggar who came in to beg.

In order to attract money to the house, as much as possible, from the night of Wednesday to Thursday, pour as much iron stuff as possible into a bucket or basin, mix it with your hand and say:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

On Pure Thursday such water, without taking money out of it, washed all the doors and windows of the house. After harvesting, the coins are taken out and hidden in a clean-washed, secluded corner of the dwelling, and water is poured under a tree or a bush, on the ground, on which neither people nor animals walk.

Money must lie in the corner for exactly seven days, then they can be spent.

If a person is bogged down in debt and loans, then with the rise of the sun on Thursday, he must put the dough on live sourdough, like on a white loaf and leave it to rise in a wooden pot. When kneading a dough during the day, the following plot is read: "Send me, God, arguing, in gold, but ringing silver. Amen.

Amen. Amen".

The dough is crushed three times; the same time the plot is read.

For this conspiracy, you need to take the old 5 kopecks or 5 rubles, polish them to the status of a brand new coin and pronounce a special conspiracy over them: "My words are reliable, my business goes fast, it becomes stronger than a stone, it closes on a damask lock. The keys to that lock are abandoned, lost, not found, not unlocked, and so be it.


The culmination of the money ritual becomes the words addressed to the golden idol that until gold turns into copper, the conspiracy of its strength will not be lost and the money in the house will not end. Now you should put a coin in a special wallet pocket and carry it with you as a talisman.

In order for money to be in abundance, in the early morning of Thursday, you need to take a bucket of water and throw in it, not counting a handful of coins of various denominations. Then you need to lean over the bucket, pin the little fingers in "Castle" and without pausing, 33 times read the plot.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

During the big cleaning, the bucket will stand aside, and when the main dirt has already been removed, a rag is moistened with water and wiped with it all the horizontal surfaces in the house except the floor. The floors are washed last, moving from the threshold to the depth of the room.

The money pulled out of the bucket is hidden in some distant corner of the house for a week, and the water is poured under a tree, onto unsprayed earth. Similar ritual "on money" can be held not only on a clean Thursday, but also on other magically strong lunar dates.

So that health does not leave the whole year, on the eve of Great Thursday three large pots of water are poured into a basin and left overnight so that the moonlight falls on the water surface. In the morning, before dawn, in the courtyard or in the bathroom, a person pours himself three times over with stored water, saying:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

In the event that the son gets drunk, the mother needs to clean all the windows of the house with clean water on Clear Thursday. Last water is then collected in a glass jar. When the addict is about to leave the house, you need to pour some water on his back, saying the words:

"As I gave birth to you, fed me with my milk, so you, God’s servant (son’s name), did not drink alcohol, brago, did not pour wine into your mouth. The windows are washed and you are clean.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"

This action is done 7 times. At the same time, it is important to keep the performed manipulations secret even if a positive effect is noticeable.

On Pure Thursday, there was also an old-fashioned custom. "feed the wolf". It was carried out in order that forest animals, first of all predatory, would not drag off livestock and not harm the family who speaks.

To hold it, it was necessary to bring bones and pieces of meat into the woods and fields, and leaving them there, say: "I leave everything to you, but I owe you nothing more".

On Thursday, the child is woken up before sunrise and washed from the evening with harvested water, uttering words of prayer.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

If the child is small, then the pronouns are used in the words of the plot. "him" or "her". For a teenager, it is better to use epithets. "lad" or "damsel".

If the day, which falls on Pure Thursday, is spring warm weather, then for girls who want to prolong their youth and beauty, it is best to wash outside, from a wooden tub, where the water has stood all night. The procedure is performed alone and shortly before dawn. Three times the face and neck are washed with water; after the third time the words are pronounced:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Returning to the house, you need to immediately begin to paint in onion peel or other natural dye, giving the shell a reddish color, three chicken eggs. After staining, the testicles are in turn laid out in a bowl with cold water, each scrolling there three times in a clockwise direction and removed.

This water should also wash and then pour it under a tree in the yard.

To remove damage to the discord in the family and the devastation in the housing, you need to bring from three houses in a large jar or pan of water and use the contents of two containers during the Thursday cleaning. The third vessel is set aside separately, and the water in it, even before the time of cleaning, speak:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

After all the dirty work is done, you need to wash yourself with this water; You can also drink a few sips.

If family members regularly feel someone’s evil influence on themselves, but the name of the person who causes damage is unknown, it is possible to return the curse to the enemy in absentia. To do this, you need to wake up at night from Wednesday to Thursday between three and five o’clock in the morning, open the oven door and shout into it such a conspiracy in response:

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

A family under the scrutiny of envious persons should regularly conduct rites of purification of their biofield and aura of the dwelling from the accumulated negative; Clean Thursday is the most suitable day for this purpose. For the simplest ritual of energy cleansing, fill as many glasses with water as the person lives in the house.

Some silver object is put into each glass and left so for the whole Thursday night.

Immediately after sunrise, family members dismantle glasses and half drink water, and the other wash, pouring it on his right hand. It is useful to read a prayer before washing. "Our Father" or any other water related procedures on Maundy Thursday.

The water remaining on the bottom of the glasses is drained into a bowl and irrigated with the corners of the house, the doors, the threshold.

If the husband has lost interest in his wife, the spouse can take advantage "family" love spell and make wake up the feelings of a loved one. Left alone, a woman must sort out her entire wardrobe and choose from it all beautiful dresses. After that, having pressed the heap with the counted dresses to the chest, the wife sits on the matrimonial bed and says:

"(7) I have dresses, and everything is beautiful, and I in these (7) dresses are the most beautiful. As without dresses, red-girls in public do not walk, and you without me, (your name), will not be.


Instead of the number 7 substitute the number of selected dresses.

This conspiracy is read only if the husband’s infidelity or sympathy is known for sure, and the wife knows the name of the rival. This kind of magic belongs to the bewitching and partly deprives the conspiracy of free will.

On Pure Thursday morning, the wife lays out two new handkerchiefs on the bed and, cutting her nails, in one handkerchief folds nail clippings from her fingers, and the other from her toes. In this case, the woman sentences: "I cut my legs, put them in clean handkerchiefs. As I am to my nails without any pity, so my dear to (her name) without a little interest.

My words are true. Amen".

Both handkerchiefs are tied and laid out in different corners of the house, so that no one can find it. Gradually, the spouse will cease to be interested in another woman.

The ceremony takes place after midnight, when Clear Thursday has already arrived, but it is still a long time before morning. You need to sit in bed and, looking out the window at the moon, read the plot, stroking those parts of the body where the joints ache.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

The conspiracy will be effective only if the loss of voice is not associated with an external effect: injury to the ligaments or an operation. A few minutes before dawn, you need to go outside, walk around the house from the back and, straining your voice as hard as possible, shout to the east:

"Zoryanka-Zorya Ulyana, take away the nut-less stringy, give me, God’s servant (your name), strength in your voice! Amen".

The plot is repeated three times.

From dawn to sunset on Pure Thursday, you need to try to swim in three different houses where successful, successful people live. Each time you swim, you should say these words:

"Great Quartet, be my father, turn to me with your face. Like you, Great Thursday, pure, fragrant and bright, so all my life will be pure and cloudless.

As said, so be it. Amen".

From the evening of Wednesday, they heat a wood-burning stove or oven to a gentle heat, then extinguish the fire, so that the stove is simply kept warm, and they put a rag bag with a handful of salt tied into it.

Before the first rays of the sun, the bundle is taken out and carried to any natural pond or well. There the contents of the pouch are shaken out into the water and the plot is read.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

Prayer from the feeling of fearfulness and pursuing fears must be read, starting from the morning of Maundy Thursday and ending with the evening hour of Easter Sunday, twice a day. It is better to do this immediately after waking up and before going to bed.

Pure Thursday: folk signs, customs, prayers, conspiracies

According to the tradition, everyone can divine on a pure Thursday — both married and single, but this must be done with the first rays of dawn, otherwise divination will become invalid. When you wake up, you should bathe and immediately sit down to the window or go out to the courtyard so that the path in front of the house is visible. The first living thing seen this morning will tell you what the next 3-4 months will be for a guessing person:

  • old woman — troubles and failures in undertakings;
  • girl — good luck in your personal life;
  • man — success in all matters;
  • a dog or dog with a man — the achievement of an important goal in life;
  • cat — monetary or personal failures;
  • child — the upcoming learning of something, a new hobby.

Deciding to find out your fate through divination, it should be understood that this area belongs to superstition and should not be taken seriously by a truly religious person.

Observance or ignoring of the rites and customs associated with the pre-Easter church dates is a personal matter of each individual, but we must not forget that these days did not receive their meaning in vain — they are consecrated the most important event of the Orthodox world. The greatest lesson of meekness and humility, taught by the Savior on this day, is his main covenant to all living things — only by clearing your thoughts and removing the negative from your life, you can get closer to the idea of ​​a perfect life and the fulfillment of all desires.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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