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Psychological age: what it is and how to define it

How to find out your psychological age

Have you ever noticed that people of the same age are often perceived as being completely different. Someone just wants to say «big child», and someone, on the contrary, evokes a feeling of genuine admiration and respect for oneself.

Why it happens? The psychological age of a person, who may differ from the passport one, is to blame.

Want to know how old you are psychologically? Then read my next article.

Psychological age: what it is and how to define it

Psychological age: what is this figure?

Personality development is strongly influenced by the dynamics of its psychological age.

In general, there are three ages that are interconnected with one another, but do not coincide:

  • passport (otherwise called chronological);
  • physical (referred to as biological);
  • and psychological.

It has long been scientifically established that there is always (at least often) a difference between the physical and passport age. After all, a person can look like 30 years old at 45 years old, and, conversely, by the age of 25, have the appearance of pretty battered life.

As for the psychological age, he is responsible for the sensation and awareness of the individual. It has a strong effect on biological age, although it also does not correspond to it in all cases.

Psychological age is age identification, which differs depending on the degree of awareness. So a person considers himself in a certain age category — that is, he feels young, mature or old.

At the same time, it takes not the age limiters, but the content of the period, as a guideline. This refers to the specific sphere of social relationships, the way of life (professional activities, hobbies, life rhythms, and so on), as well as individual personal achievements.

At the same time, the psychological age is a definite age reference point indicating the realization of the individual. With proper development of your personal abilities, competent building of your life, you can feel younger than you really are.

A well-done make up helps to hide fine lines.

How to diagnose psychological age

A method is known that allows one to establish the degree of psychological maturity using 4 aspects (based on the ideas of the American researcher Robert Castenbaum).

What are these 4 aspects?

  • vital activity indicator;
  • appearance;
  • self-perception;
  • hobby.

In addition, the psychological age can be assessed by its three main components:

  • mental age (intellectual characteristics);
  • social age (an aspect that indicates social maturity and the ability to adapt to the surrounding reality);
  • emotional age (an indicator of personality maturity, poise, emotional reactions).

All of the above applies more to young people. And for older people (who are retired), the peculiarities of their social environment, social and emotional support have a greater influence.

For example, residents of the CIS countries, as a rule, are ahead of physical aging and see themselves significantly older than they really are. Why it happens? The blame for the decreasing level of finances, personal and career prospects, emotional life saturation is to blame.

Often all this comes from our compatriots by the age of 45-50.

As for the Europeans, on the contrary, they demonstrate to the whole world internal rejuvenation. Many people in Europe, even after retirement, practice an active lifestyle, travel a lot and say that they feel “a little more than 30”.

Psychological age: what it is and how to define it

At the same time, the higher the physiological age, the longer time periods it can use at the level of consciousness. And when in adolescence a couple of years is a whole life, then in 60-70 years we can already speak about ten (or even twenty and more) time intervals.

The issue of early maturation and aging

An important factor affecting psychological maturity is the standard of living. Beatrice Luna, who is a scientist at the Medical College of Pittsburgh, says that in European countries, people really mature only to 24-27 years old.

Although the classic age of eighteen years.

This is due to good living conditions, not motivating to pursue a career, as well as create a family. A very large percentage of the population gets a chance to stay longer as a “child” while in an infantile and carefree state.

The situation is exactly the opposite in developing countries. For example, if you take India, then almost half of the female population gets married before they are eighteen years old.

And by the age of majority they already have children.

I would like to add that the family situation is also an important factor influencing psychological maturity. The presence of family problems, conflicts, incomplete families provokes stress, which helps to accelerate the maturing and aging of the individual against the background of his one-year age.

A test to help determine how old you are psychologically

Surely, we all really want to know their psychological age. It is not difficult to do this, since there are a lot of tests developed by psychologists on this topic.

The simplest of these is the test, which uses the Robert Castenbaum scale.

I suggest you analyze yourself using this test. To do this, you will need to insert quantitative age indicators in place of gaps.

I feel for ___ years. By my appearance it can be concluded that I am ___ years old.

My hobbies meet the age indicators of people in ___ years. According to my behavior in everyday life, you can come to the conclusion that I am ___ years old.

After that, you need to add all the numbers, and divide the result into 4. As a result, you will receive the number of your true psychological age.

Psychological age: what it is and how to define it

How to be psychologically young?

According to experts of psychology, the individual himself influences the indicators of his inner age.

Below are a few tips given by psychologists, allowing for a long time to keep psychological youth:

  • in all situations, maintain a positive perception of the world;
  • it is necessary to be in a state of love (of any meaning), attracting only pleasant communication to oneself;
  • you need to plan for the future of any stages of your self-improvement and pleasant events;
  • it is also shown to change not only your external, but also internal image (for this you can cover your eyes and visualize yourself in a new form, having new qualities);
  • Do not allow yourself to think that with age you have less opportunities (physiological, mental, and so on);
  • adhere to a healthy lifestyle (eat right, live according to the correct and stable mode of the day, engage in physical activity, give up the addictions that spoil your health);
  • be sure to develop and load your intellectual activity;
  • Please note that the spiritual age can be changed, and in fact it affects the ability to be truly happy.

The most important thing to realize is that you are capable of changing your psychological development. Psychological age is a kind of age that is influenced by a person.

And only you decide what concepts to include in it: youth, vigor, activity, plans for the future or complaints, diseases and memories.

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