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Psychic Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich: extrasensory perception lessons

Lessons from the extrasensory perception of the great master Psychic Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich

Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich is a psychic whose extrasensory lessons are known all over the world. He left behind a great legacy of knowledge and during his lifetime proved his strong paranormal abilities.

What did Safonov talk about?

Safonov believed that the reality surrounding man is only a small part of the universe. All the most important and most important is in the subconscious.

And everything that happens in the physical world is a reflection of unconscious processes that are strongly influenced by the other world, hidden from human eyes.

Psychic Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich: extrasensory perception lessons

How to understand that you are receiving signs of the Universe, which you should listen to:

  • Random information that came into your life from an unknown source. These may be sudden thoughts — they cannot be ignored, because they contain an important message.
  • Incredible coincidences, even in small things that surprise you. In fact, there is no chance, and if such things happen, you need to listen to them and try to decipher the meaning
  • Events that seem fatal, inevitable, in fact, exist only in your current reality. They are always familiar: you need to go to another level, where life is more safely

Safonov insisted: you can’t ignore all of the above if you want to learn to hear the subconscious and interact with it correctly. Our world consists of causes and effects that are not always accessible to the human mind.

Laws of the universe

Everything that happens in your life and the world as a whole is subject to the general laws of the universe. There are no exceptions, there are no accidents.

Psychic Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich: extrasensory perception lessons

  1. The law of attraction. Everything that happens in a person’s life, he draws himself. What is your life attitude, then you get. Dating with certain people, favorable and not very events, circumstances. Your thoughts and emotions resonate with the outside world.
  2. The law of equilibrium. It is easiest to understand by example: if you win a large amount of money in the lottery, then this positive event is offset by a negative in another area of ​​your life. Relationships, health may suffer. This can be avoided if you give part of the winnings to charity or otherwise express your gratitude.
  3. The law of specularity. The world always reflects what you radiate. It works as if you are looking in a mirror: you are smiling, and the reflection responds with a smile. Therefore, if you are a joyful and happy person emitting a positive, get in return happiness and joy. If you are used to thinking negatively and blaming the problems of others, ruin your life

Knowing all three simple laws can change your thinking and drastically change your life. Just live in harmony with the universe, remember that giving, you will get much more.

Books by Vladimir Safonov

Safonov’s teaching was also based on the existence of seven human bodies: one physical and six invisible to the eye, astral. They can be represented as a translucent hologram.

After death, only the physical body dies, and the rest continue to exist.

Psychic Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich: extrasensory perception lessons

Vladimir passed on his knowledge not only personally, but also through books written by him. Among the most famous:

  1. «Incredible.» In this book, the author shared his experience, which he received in the course of numerous experiments. He spoke about his work with people and the unidentified. You can learn a lot of curious and even shocking things.
  2. «The thread of Ariadne.» In this work, Safonov considered clairvoyance through the prism of personal observations. He shared conclusions about the features of the physical and psychological interaction of a person with otherworldly forces. Simple and clear about the mysterious and unusual
  3. «Ten letters to Robinson». A fantastic story about a traveler who performs mystical tasks. The book helps to figure out how to use the power of the human subconscious to solve any, even the most difficult problems and out of difficult situations.

Watch the video about the main psychic of the country:

What abilities did Safonov have?

Vladimir by nature was given strong extrasensory abilities. But he sought to constantly develop them, so he grew stronger.

What gave him the opportunity to help people:

  • The ability of a diagnostician — without the help of any medical devices, Vladimir could determine what a sick person is, where problems lie
  • Ability to heal. Safonov could treat people with the help of his enormous inner strength. But unlike many other psychics, he did not try to make money on it. Practiced only on volunteers in the laboratory and helped close people.
  • Contact with other worlds. Using my innate gift, Safonov can establish a connection with mystical entities. He called it the exit to the astral plane, and often practiced esoteric sessions
  • Transfer of bioenergy. The energy of the human body at all levels (physical, mental, astral and etheric) is concentrated in the chakras, which are integral parts of the aura. Safonov could transfer this energy from himself to the people around him.

The gift of Vladimir was so strong also because he combined the scientific approach to extrasensory perception with zoterics. Education engineer contributed to this.

In addition, he was a deeply religious man, so in his work he tried not to violate the spiritual commandments.

The knowledge that Safonov passed on to his descendants does not fit into the ideas of the world that are familiar to man. Some may consider a psychic crazy, but Vladimir’s loyal followers are convinced that he is right and are striving to achieve the same level.

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