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Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

Yoga for two: how it is useful, the secrets of performing asanas

Yoga is the most ancient and deepest of all world practices. It is the Indian teaching, according to which the external and internal in each of us are closely connected.

Currently, the art of yoga is very popular, so it is not surprising that yoga studios have recently appeared like mushrooms after rain.

Yoga is divided into many variations of practice: hot yoga, yoga for children, yoga for those over 50, hatha yoga, yoga in the air and, of course, noteworthy yoga for two. In more detail about the latter I would like to tell you in this material.

Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

What is pair yoga, what features are different

Steam yoga on the folk is also called «lazy.» It is a special kind of yoga art, which involves performing asanas with the help of a partner and alternately.

Yoga for two is very similar to Thai massage, as well as tantra yoga, because it also pays enough attention to the awakening and transformation of energy.

However, the main benefits of pair yoga can be called a more simple comprehension of even those exercises that previously belonged to the category of complex or completely impossible. After all, working with a second person greatly simplifies this process (of course, provided that both partners have sufficient physical training).

In this case, for practicing steam yoga, you can take not only your spouse or sexual partner, but also just a friend, child, or even just a stranger. In the latter case, we are talking about a certain degree of psychological effect: a person must overcome his personal complexes, find his own path of development, improve the abilities inherent in it from the nature, both physical and spiritual.

Little secret. To make the classes even more comfortable and give you extremely positive emotions — choose a partner who is in the same weight category with you.

The practice of steam yoga is to help each other in retaining balance, stretching, bending and sagging. Here, one partner assumes the role of support and support for the second, and also can become a kind of “weighting agent.”

Thanks to all this, doing yoga is not just easier, but also much nicer and more fun.

However, in order to be so, it is obligatory to follow the following rules, developed specifically for pair yoga:

  • pay sufficient attention to hygienic standards, maintain a neat appearance;
  • choose a partner who has approximately the same level of training;
  • in the process of performing asanas, control your inner feelings and in advance tell your partner how you feel. In turn, do not forget to ask him about his feelings and convenience;
  • change roles periodically;
  • change poses.

How to start yoga in pairs: useful about its structure

Yoga in pairs, similar to the classic version of the practice, first of all, begins with comfort.

It is important that workout clothes are not chilling movements, give your preference only to materials of natural origin (cotton, linen and so on).

Another important moment in yoga is music. Ideally, it is worthwhile to include the music of the sounds of nature, as well as listening to mantras or light instrumental.

And, of course, separately I would like to mention a positive attitude: absolutely, any activity should begin only with a positive, you should not be overwhelmed by conflicts or spiritual differences.

Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

As for the structure of yoga, then it is possible to highlight the following list of aspects:

  1. All yoga asanas for two must be performed, being completely relaxed. The impact of yoga exercises is not aimed at the dynamics, but rather at stretching. In yoga for two, one of the participants of the tandem gets the title of leader, who is responsible for the level of load and quality of asanas, and the second partner is a slave.
  2. Complete rejection of competition. In the practice of steam yoga there is no place for competition and rivalry. First, the partners complement each other, then they connect with each other on the emotional and spiritual levels, and in conclusion, the third and final stage involves complete physical harmony. The latter manifests itself as complete improvisation and the implementation of exercises at the level of intuition.
  3. It is forbidden to perform asanas in case they cause pain or other uncomfortable sensations to a person. If this happens, you need to take a time out and consult a doctor without fail.

The beneficial effect of yoga on the body, its effect

Regarding the result from the practice of steam yoga, one cannot keep silent about the physical and physiological effect: thanks to regular exercises, stretching and flexibility are greatly improved, plus massage of internal organs takes place, which also has extremely positive effects.

In addition to the physical, it is worth noting the psychological result, which consists in the possibility to gain spiritual inner freedom and help the second person. It is for these reasons that in Western countries they began to call pair yoga a “yoga of trust”.

In the process of practicing yoga, due to the rim respiratory alignment, a person practicing yoga can get a complete picture presented by his fears, complexes — conscious and those hidden deep in the depths of the brain. And getting rid of these psychological blocks allows you to release such a gigantic amount of internal unnecessary energy, which, as a rule, is directed to “protect” yourself from this “terrible” surrounding world.

Thanks to respect for oneself, it becomes easier for a person to perceive the surrounding reality with a different look, as a result of which there is a release from excessive internal tension, psychological blocks and the main goal is reached — mental harmony and health, as well as sensitivity of mind and the ability to build personal relationships with the surrounding lungs. and in a harmonious way.

Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

Positive and negative in yoga

Now I suggest that you dwell in more detail on the pros and cons of the pair yoga method.

So from the main advantages of yoga for two are the following:

  • Undoubted benefits to the body. Due to systematic exercises, the work of the respiratory system is improved, the condition of the heart and blood vessels is normalized, plus the musculoskeletal system develops. In addition, the method of yoga is different tonic and tonic effect on the human body.
  • Yoga pacifies. In fact, with the help of training, not just physical relaxation and elimination of stress occurs, but the nervous system also returns to normal, making you more stress-resistant in everyday life.
  • Pleasant sensations. When practicing yoga, the partners touch each other, which gives them pleasant emotions. In the case of some couples, yoga in pairs will be a real salvation, as they suffer from an acute shortage of tactile caresses.
  • The threshold of trust between spouses rises, plus they begin to feel better responsibility for their soul mate. And this is also a frequent shortage in many ways.
  • Pair yoga promotes reconciliation. Even if the partners are in a state of conflict, the training will still force them to reconcile.
  • Practice promotes convergence. First of all, a common hobby that always brings together. And plus, as mentioned earlier, a lot depends on touch and tactile contact.
  • Yoga classes will make you more dexterous and flexible, will contribute to improved coordination of movements, increased concentration and even improved brain activity.
  • Pair yoga is easy. You can always count on the support of your partner. Plus, the partner will assist in the development of even quite difficult asanas, which are extremely difficult to perform on their own, especially for beginners.
  • Partners have the opportunity to observe the performance of yoga asanas from the side, and therefore, can notice the shortcomings of each other and help in the improvement of technology.
  • Regular practice of yoga in pairs will bring the relationship to a new plan. Many practitioners have noticed that after regular sessions they perceive their lovers with greater sensitivity, tenderness and trembling.

But, unfortunately, as in any other case, pair yoga also has its negative aspects. Of the latter, the following stand out:

  • Chance of injury. It especially increases when certain asanas are practiced.
  • High enough price for training.
  • If one of the participants of the couple cannot attend the training session for any reason, the second one will automatically be forced to do the same. This is not at all like self-study in physical activity.

With whom to go to the gym?

Who is best to take with you in a pair of yoga classes? Of course, it is best to have this second half — that is, a husband or a young man.

Who will do yoga in a pair?

In general, pair yoga is acceptable for almost everyone. Especially it is recommended to resort to this method for those couples who have begun to lose confidence or interest in each other, move away from one another and find themselves wanting to search for new impressions and emotions.

At the same time there are no age restrictions, because you can perform both difficult and the most basic asanas. And even if you have absolutely nothing to do with sports, but really want to try steam yoga — do not deny yourself this desire.

Approximate set of initial exercises steam room yoga

In steam yoga, it is assumed that the partner is exclusively a partner, no more and no less. He can not be the object of attention, personality, something meaningful to you, but acts only as a clot of energy, based on gender — female or male.

Next, I want to introduce you to the most popular steam yoga exercises:

  • asana «Airplane» — is quite complicated;
  • «Inverted triangle» — a simple exercise;
  • “Double dog, the muzzle of which is turned downwards” — asana is simple;
  • “Boat” is a difficult exercise;
  • “Headstand” is a variant of a very difficult exercise that should not be performed by beginners;
  • “Stretching” is a fairly easy exercise.

Examples of yoga asanas with a detailed description of the performance

Exercise «Airplane»

To perform such an asana, it is necessary that one (or even better, the two partners should be physically well prepared enough). Therefore, you can begin to perform this exercise only when you have previously mastered simpler asanas.

The execution process will be as follows:

  1. The first partner lies on the rug, raises his arms with his legs so that they are perpendicular to the body (the knees should be kept bent).
  2. The second participant of the pair rests on top, rests against the open palms and feet of his partner (to somewhat simplify the execution of the asana, we first advise you to rest on the floor with one foot).
  3. Also important is the establishment and maintenance of visual contact between partners. Try to stay in the specified position for as much time as possible.

Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

Exercise «inverted triangle»

This exercise is quite simple execution. It can be started by those who have just started practicing yoga in pairs.

The process of performing this exercise:

  1. You need to face your partner at a distance of approximately thirty to sixty centimeters.
  2. Legs should be at a distance of shoulder width or even slightly larger.
  3. Pull the arms upward so that they are located about ten centimeters from the level of the ears.
  4. Fix the position for sixty seconds.
  5. Spread your arms at shoulder level and turn your head to the right.
  6. Stretch with your upper body all the way to the right side.
  7. Using your right hand, reach for your foot, ideally from the outside. But if the specified action is given to you with difficulty, then you can reach the inside. In this case, with your left hand, stretch upwards.
  8. Concentrate your attention on the second participant of the pair, but at the same time stay in the position for as long as possible.

Exercise «Double dog, the muzzle of which is facing down»

  1. One of the partners (the one who has the best training) must put his feet on a level with his shoulders.
  2. The second member of the pair should raise their hands up and place them at a distance of about ten centimeters from the ears.
  3. Then the first partner needs to stretch forward and bend down, putting palms on the floor at a distance of about one hundred hundred hundred twenty centimeters from the feet.
  4. Now the second partner needs to put his hands at a distance of thirty to forty centimeters from the palms of the first person.
  5. The second participant should put his leg in the pelvic region of the back of his partner.
  6. The second partner needs to put the second leg to the first. According to the results, it turns out like a two-level “doggie, the muzzle of which faces downwards”.

Pros and cons of yoga for two, examples of exercises

Exercise «Boat»

  1. Partners sit on the mat one opposite the other, their feet touching.
  2. The back should be straight, with a tight spine.
  3. Raise your legs up to the formation of the body of the letter «V».
  4. As soon as you feel comfort — fix your feet to the partner’s feet.
  5. Feel the exercise and all the tension that occurs in your muscles.
  6. It is also allowed to join hands for the purpose of additional support.

Exercise «Headstand»

Please note that this asana belongs to the category of quite complex and is suitable for people who have been practicing yoga for a long time. Beginners from her need to give up.

It is performed as follows:

  1. A stand is accepted: “a dog with its muzzle facing downwards. At the same time it is necessary that the heads of the partners should be located in orientation to each other approximately in one hundred seventy-one hundred and ninety centimeters.
  2. Body weight should be transferred to the upper torso. Head rests on the floor.
  3. The elbows are located close to the head, you need to clasp it with your palms due to which an additional point of support is created.
  4. Stand upright and straighten your legs as much as possible.
  5. Any foot gently lowering so that it is parallel to the level of the floor.
  6. The foot of this leg must be rested on the partner’s feet. Asana is fixed for as long as possible.

Exercise «siphoning»

Performs concluding in yoga classes for two. It is necessary for the normalization of heart rate and proper muscle stretching.

  1. Partners are located in front of each other in a sitting position, as much as possible touching each other with their feet.
  2. Hold hands and stretch towards each other.
  3. For maximum comfort, you need to stretch gently, making support on the palms and hands of your partner.

Now you know all the secrets of doing pair asanas. We wish you a pleasant and effective practice!

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