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Preserved from damage and the evil eye — effective rites for all

Preserved from damage and the evil eye — effective rites for all

Protecting against the evil eye and damage is necessary for every person to protect against evil looks, wishes or directed influences. Conspiracies, objects or specially made amulets can become wards.

The amulet of Hamsa (the hand of Fatima), minerals, protective plants and even specially selected aromas are considered effective talismans.

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Guard against the evil eye

The evil eye is the most common negative phenomenon. Jinx can anyone with strong energy. The reason for the evil eye can be unkind thoughts, envy or outright hostility towards another person.

Places of mass gathering of people are filled with negative energy — queues in shops, public transport at rush hour, pavilions and large shopping areas.

Amulets and amulets are specially plotted objects or spoken words. The task of the guardian is to accumulate negative energy directed towards the owner, or to take it aside.

Verbal charms have a short duration, about a day or a week.

Conspired objects serve for a long time: until they deteriorate or are lost. To verbal conspiracy acquired power, you can write it on a sheet of paper and dip it in wax.

Until the wax crumbles, and the words are not erased, the charm will protect against the negative.

So that no luck jinxed

So that your happiness and luck do not jinx it, conduct a protective rite. You need to go to the river during the rising of the moon or in the full moon.

On the shore, find a stone, hold it in your hands for a few minutes — the stone will absorb your energy into yourself. Then throw a stone into the river and say protective words three times:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

This guardian against envy and the evil eye must be made after the wedding or other significant events to protect themselves from envious glances. The effective talismans against the evil eye are minerals — tiger eye, bull eye, cat eye.

These stones need to be carried constantly with them. If the stone from the evil eye is lost or cracked (may lose luster), he fulfilled his role as a protector.

Get rid of such amulets — they bury them in the ground.

If you go to a crowded place, I am the guardian

When there is a responsible event, it is necessary to protect against unkind people with strong energy. Before leaving the house, read the special words on the water three times, and then wash and do not wipe:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Ring against the evil eye

A closed object is considered a good talisman against negative energy. When a conspiratorial ring is put on, the biofield is closed and negative energy cannot harm a person.

If you remove the ring, you must re-pronounce the protective words when putting on. Words on the amulet from the evil eye say in a singing phrase:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Mirror protection

A mirror is an excellent guard against the evil eye: it has the property of sending negatives back. To protect yourself from bad looks and bad wishes, wear a small mirror on your chest near your heart.

For women, the mirror should be round, for men — square. The mirror is located by the reflecting side outside.

You need to purchase a mirror on the mother’s birthday before noon, you need to overpay for the purchase a little — just leave the change in the store. When you place a mirror on your chest, kiss the reflective surface three times, cross and ask to protect from all that is unkind — from the evil eye and damage, secret thoughts and wishes.

Effective pin protection

How to make a guard against the evil eye and damage with your own hands? Sharp iron objects are well protected from negative influences and evil spirits.

If a ghost appeared in the house, it is necessary to stick a knife or hammer a nail in the place where you observed the phenomenon — the ghost will not appear again.

Pin pinned to the clothes, closes the human biofield and does not miss the negative. Buy a new pin and a church candle on the growing moon. Hold the tip of the pin above the flame and read:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Pin a pin to the seamy side of the garment with the edge down, near the chest. Until the charm is undone or lost, it will protect its owner.

The pin can not be unfastened from clothes: you can talk a few pins for different things from your wardrobe.

After six months, the plot must be repeated with the same pin. If the charm is unbuttoned, it is necessary to get rid of it — the pin took over the astral blow.

Just dig in the ground. If the pin is lost, make a new amulet.

Protective bracelet

In the old days, decorations were not a decorative element of the wardrobe — they protected the owner from evil looks and wishes. Jewelery served to distract eyes, attracting attention. Along with the attention, the evil power of the envious person flowed away.

Jewelry is a trap for negative energy, for example, a bracelet against the evil eye. The bracelet can be made of protective stones, suitable for its owner’s energy.

Protective power and has a simple wool thread dipped in human saliva. A string was tied around the wrist, and in the evening they were burned on a candle flame.

The person’s DNA is in the saliva, the thread itself is a container for saliva. Tie the wrist with a red thread, pre-moistened with saliva.

In the evening before bedtime just burn the thread — with it all the negative will burn. In the morning tie a new thread on your wrist.

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Damage protection

To damage could not gain a foothold in the aura, you need to protect yourself with the help of charm. In addition to the charm, you should take precautions so that negative power does not penetrate the aura:

  • do not raise money, wallets or valuables at crossroads — take someone’s illness or misfortune with them;
  • after sunset, let no one give anything from home, who would not ask;
  • Do not brush your hair with a comb, especially when visiting;
  • constantly wear a silver cross under your clothes — this is not a decoration, but protection;
  • remove the rug outside the front door — it is easy to damage it.

The constant attendance of church services is an effective remedy for all kinds of negative influences. However, you need to stand just under the dome of the church during the service, and not at the door or the altar.

Black feather protection

For this ceremony, a feather should be found on the street. At home, place the pen in a bowl of water and recite a protective spell three times.

When reading, hold the bowl in your hand. Then go outside and pour the water with the pen on the ground.

The charm will protect against negative influences until the pen is extinguished. The plot words are as follows:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Defacement on the phone

A common phenomenon has become damage on the phone. If you brawl with someone or feel unkindly, fold the fig from the fingers of your left hand. At the same time, right hand together with the phone, draw a cross in front of you and say:

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

Then turn off the phone, put the screen away from you and read the Our Father prayer three or nine times. Damage will not stick.

Protection at a party

Damage can pass through food, so you need to apply security measures at banquets, weddings or anniversaries. Take with you a vial of conspired water and drink before eating.

You can drink water in the corridor, as well as in the toilet room. The words of the conspiracy must be pronounced three times, and the bottle must be immediately closed.

Preserved from damage and the evil eye - effective rites for all

See another type of amulet in the video:

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