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Pregnancy Conspiracy: Conception Rites

A pregnancy plot is one of the most difficult in family magic. Conception of a child, the birth of a new life is such a great and complex sacrament that it is not so easy to influence him with one simple spell.

However, over the millennia of use of magic, conspiracies have been found that, if properly executed, as well as if you have sufficient magical abilities and absolute confidence in your actions, can bring the desired result.

Pregnancy Conspiracy: Conception Rites

It is very important to choose the rite that suits you best. For this you need to carefully read the plot and ponder its meaning.

As a rule, the correct choice of ritual will prompt the subconscious of a woman.

It is important to remember that if a ritual indicates, besides conspiracy, any ritual actions, they should be performed without fail. They will allow you to focus on the conduct of magical action, and therefore, will allow using magic words to achieve the goal.

Most rituals that use pregnancy plots are recommended to be performed barefoot on the ground, which, according to professional magicians, allows you to establish a stable relationship with the cosmos.

It is necessary to read conspiracies for pregnancy in complete solitude in order to prevent foreign energies from entering the magical process. For this reason, plans to hold the ritual in secret from other people should also be kept. At the same time you need to achieve peace in the soul.

Only a positive attitude when reading the plot will make the rite successful. During the ritual, nothing should distract you, so you need to switch off any communication equipment in advance and remove pets from the room.

If the ceremony is held indoors, then you need to collect the maximum number of living indoor plants in it. This will fill the space with positive energy.

In addition, the goddess of fertility is a symbol of the earth, and therefore the earth in flower pots will bring you closer to the earth.

Speak the magic words need quietly, but very clearly, realizing every phrase. It is impossible to read plots on pregnancy from a sheet, words should proceed from soul, but at the same time it is impossible to stumble.

It is allowed to strengthen the meaning of the conspiracy in one’s own words, but the phrases should be short but succinct. While reading spells you need to focus only on the desire to become pregnant and at the same time, it is desirable to visualize the expected result.

Conspiracies have a strong influence on human consciousness and give confidence in their own abilities. Some of the time-tested spells are listed below.

The most effective rites are conducted in the initial period of the moon’s growth, but it is also allowed to read the conspiracies in other lunar phases.

Pregnancy Conspiracy: Conception Rites

One of the strongest pregnancy plots is a conspiracy for a young month, that is, the night from the first lunar day to the second lunar day.

On New Moon look at the new month and repeat these words three times:

On the same night with maximum tenderness and passion, make love to your husband or lover, trying not to think about your future child.

Another conspiracy to pregnancy is pronounced on the marital bed. In the absence of her husband, take off all your clothes and go to bed.

Close your eyes and, stroking your belly, speak:

Repeat this ceremony on all days when you hope for a successful conception.

A pregnancy plot with a grain of wheat is good for those who have their own vegetable garden or summer cottage. In the spring, take a large and beautiful wheat grain.

Next, say this plot to him:

Plant the grain in the ground and provide it with maximum care and the best conditions for growth. The better the ear grows, the more hope you have to give birth quickly and safely.

Another ancient pregnancy plot is related to addressing water — the parent of any life. On the days of the summer solstice, come to the bank of a river or lake with the clearest water.

Completely undress and log in on the chest in the water.

Standing in the water, utter the following plot:

After that, quickly sink into the water with your head. Emerging, repeat the plot and ablution.

There should be seven repetitions.

Pregnancy Conspiracy: Conception Rites

Unfortunately, not even the most powerful magical conspiracies guarantee a successful conception. And this may be due to a variety of reasons.

First of all, it is important to follow the recommendations of a particular rite; without this, any ritual will not be effective.

In addition, it is necessary, before conducting a magical action aimed at conceiving, to be examined by a doctor. Moreover, the examination must pass both spouses.

And if the doctor finds any abnormalities, then you must first get rid of them. Although sometimes obvious problems with reproductive function are often associated with problems at the energy level.

For example, problems with childbirth can be associated with damage or a generic curse. In this case, the problem will need to be solved by other magic means that only a professional magician can offer.

You should also be aware that the plot on pregnancy will only work if the desire to conceive a child will be mutual between the spouses. Especially strong should be the desire to become pregnant with a woman.

For the success of the magical rite is very important faith in magic and in a positive result. With the slightest doubt in the soul of the magical action should be abandoned, it will not make any sense.

A pregnancy plot will be effective only against the background of mutual and sincere love of partners.

In addition, as it does not sound strange, the cause of the ineffectiveness of the magical rite aimed at conceiving may be household dissatisfaction. If you belong to people who believe that having a baby is necessary only after improving living conditions and raising incomes, then no magic conspiracy can help you get pregnant.

It is important that the realization comes that the baby cannot be a burden under any circumstances.

When a woman who wants to give birth to a child reads a plot to become pregnant, the magic words attract special healing energy to her. Such a favorable atmosphere will persist for some time, and will contribute to the healing of problem areas of the body.

In addition, the magic words will attract the desired events, which in this case are associated with the birth of a child.

One should be patient after the rite and wait a bit, because the plot for pregnancy never works with lightning speed. And, of course, after the ritual, you need to actively make love, to give the opportunity to the birth of a new life.

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