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Prayer from the evil eye of the child

Under the influence of the evil eye, very often children fall. And this is understandable, because up to 7 years, and even medicine does not refute it, the child is psychologically unprotected, it absorbs the emotional impact of others like a sponge.

Therefore, we should take care of adults and put the child a barrier against the evil eye, which is erected by reading a special prayer. But in order to enclose the soul in every word of protective prayer, in order to increase its impact, one should read it in a language that we all understand. We give you an adapted text of such a prayer.

As a rule, the prayer should be read by one of the parents of the child, and if you feel that your child has already been jinxed to read it in the morning and evening.

Prayer from the evil eye of the child

Merciful Lord, teach me to call my child to you in prayer, so that it becomes a consolation in his life and joy and support in inclement times. Help us and his parents to save ourselves by praying to our Lord.

May your angels always reliably guard my child.

Help my child to become sensitive to the grief and misfortunes of his neighbors, and may they carry the commandment of love through your life. And if it so happens that my child sinned, then I ask You to help him repent, forgive him and kindly show the true path. And after the expiration of life, do not throw him at a crossroads, take him to Your Heavenly Abode and let Your other slaves on earth let him go with him.

By the prayer of Your Mother the Virgin and Thy saints, Lord, have mercy and save us. Amen.»

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