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Prayer for the exam

Everyone knows how examinations are difficult moral tests. And at the same time, the age of a person is absolutely unimportant.

Examination at school, university, refresher courses — it is always stress.

It is very important to prepare yourself in advance for the exam. It sounds trivial, but good preparation saves from excitement best of all.

That is, during the whole training period, you should strive to study the material as fully as possible.

Prayer for the exam

But anything can happen, so you need to prepare for the exam in a few days, and for this you should follow the following rules:

  • You should not take any stimulants, in order to ward off sleep. A large amount of coffee or tea, not to mention energy drinks, will not be able to bring anything except harm to the body. If you wanted to sleep, then it is better to take a nap for a couple of hours — this will allow you to assimilate the examination material more qualitatively, so to speak, “with a fresh head”.
  • Every 2 to 3 hours you should take a break between classes for rest. At this time, you can just sit with your eyes closed to relax and think about something pleasant. It is also useful, if possible, to take a walk in the fresh air.
  • For the full and rapid absorption of the material, it is necessary to organize the workplace properly. All items should be conveniently located so that you do not have to spend time searching, for example, the necessary notes or pens.

After such training, even if it took place for several days, it is hardly necessary to panic. The exam is just a kind of test, only performed in a more solemn and pompous setting.

But if you still cannot manage with anxiety before the exam, even if you are completely confident in your knowledge, you can calm yourself before the exam by reading a special prayer.

So, it is important to understand that prayer will not add knowledge and will prove useful only to relieve unnecessary excitement. As a rule, after reading the prayer, students and students receive protection from the Lord.

This should increase self-esteem and set to get high results.

Prayer must be read immediately before the exam in complete solitude. You need to pronounce the words clearly, easily and naturally.

One should not adhere to the text exactly, because an appeal to God always comes from the human soul.

The words of the prayer should be approximately as follows:

At the exam, if you feel the excitement, you can also mentally pray. And after successful surrender, it is recommended to go to the temple, put a candle and turn to God with a prayer of thanksgiving.

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