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Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

Yoga for pregnant women — a definite benefit for both mother and baby

Many ladies who are waiting for the birth of the baby, think about whether yoga is useful for pregnant women, but unfortunately, not all of them get to the hall. In this material, I want to consider in detail the positive properties that yoga has for the body for women in position, as well as the possible contraindications and features of performing asanas in such a difficult time period.

Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

Why do pregnant women do yoga?

Yoga practices for pregnant women are acceptable for women who are on any term. With the help of yoga, future moms get the opportunity to eliminate the often occurring physical discomfort, manifested in the form of puffiness, pain in the back or sacrum, and so on.

In addition, during yoga classes, mood swings, emotional outbursts are normalized, thanks to which you will feel maximum harmony and feel a surge of strength and energy.

And one more plus — with the help of the practice of yoga, you gently prepare your body for the upcoming birth process. Yoga has various breathing techniques.

Some of them were specifically designed for women in the situation, as it allows them to relieve tension and improve breathing (and breathing for the future mother is the source of food for the baby).

Plus, you will be able to use techniques learned during pregnancy during childbirth: it will be much easier to achieve a state of relaxation, thanks to which you and your future baby will gently get this wonderful joint experience.

Yoga also helps to establish a connection between mother and child, which is a very important detail in the further full development of the child.

Valuable properties of yoga for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a number of changes occur in the female body — all structures of its body are rebuilt. The body is prepared to begin performing completely new functions for itself: nutrition, growth and protection of the child.

And right now he needs your help and support more than ever. It has long been established that the physical and psychological state of a woman most directly affects the course of pregnancy and childbirth.

Yoga in an interesting position has a number of positive properties:

  • helps to improve blood circulation, gives the body an additional portion of oxygen, while eliminating fetal hypoxia;
  • provides relaxation of the spine, the elimination of pain in it;
  • tissues, joints and muscles become more supple and elastic;
  • general psycho-emotional mood increases;
  • breath training is performed, due to which childbirth is easier;
  • control of body weight is provided;
  • bouts of nausea are minimized.

Top recommendations for pregnant women doing yoga

  1. Yoga classes should begin with the initial months of pregnancy. Please note that you should first consult with a specialist for possible contraindications.

Not all types of asanas are suitable for pregnant women. You should use special exercises that minimize harm to the future mother and baby.

  1. In frequent cases, you have to abandon a variety of exercises aimed at twisting and deflections, which are performed from a lying position. In particular, you will have to abandon the strong forward inclinations.
  2. Throughout the workout, listen to your body — it is important that you do not feel discomfort, and even more so — pain. If such sensations arise, it is necessary to immediately slow down the practice and give yourself relaxation. Take breaks between exercises so that the body does not accumulate tension.
  3. During the first twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy, yoga must be practiced very, very carefully.

The most useful options for yoga exercises for pregnant women

Before starting the practice, pay special attention to the choice of time and place to practice. It is very important to provide the most relaxed atmosphere — a well ventilated room.

Remember that your main task is to be in a state of complete pacification, free your mind from all negative thoughts.

Therefore, sit down in the most comfortable position, relax, calm down and mentally prepare yourself for the beginning of classes, feel your body and the body of your baby inside.

All asanas should be performed exactly as much time as you feel comfortable. As a rule, it is about 5 cycles of breathing — that is, inhaling with the help of a diaphragm and slow exhalation.

Asanas recommended for pregnant women

Sit down, connect the feet with the heels, pull them to the stomach to feel comfortable. Hands are placed on the feet, while you relax.

The back should be straight, try to stretch the spine. Feel your back being pulled up and your buttocks going down.

In this case, you should gradually push the hips, trying to relax as much as possible.

Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

Then take two to three breaths, they should be quite deep, lean your hands on the surface in front of you. Neck, shoulders and head — move slightly forward, strive for maximum relaxation of elbows and shoulders.

Then take a couple of deep breaths with the help of the abdomen and slowly move forward. Bend, feeling how your hips are in a relaxed state and begin to diverge.

It is very important to establish the moment when the buttocks gradually fall down and you feel a pleasant pleasure. Slowly breathe in and out a few more times, in that position.

When you exit the butterfly position, return your arms to your body and stretch, and then return to the upright position. This position will increase the flexibility of the pelvis, improve the proper development of the fetus and further make the birth process easier.

«Cat or Cow»

This is the main yoga asana that pregnant women practice. She is advised by obstetrician-gynecologists.

It is performed as follows:

First, you get up on all fours, set your knees so that you feel comfortable. The palms at the same time are located on the shoulders, and the fingers spread.

The head should hang without tension.

Toes should bend. After that, slowly tuck the buttocks until you feel the tension, light and pleasant feeling of tingling in the lower back.

Then rest your hands on the floor with your hands and round your back so that the tailbone and the cervical spine are involved. In this case, all the vertebrae rush to the top. You take a couple of deep breaths and exhalations while in that position.

Very slowly return to the starting position.

In this case, the abdomen should be in a relaxed position as close as possible to the level of the floor. Start the buttocks rush up to the ceiling, your back should bend.

Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

The head rises in such a way as if you want to look ahead. Try to imagine that you are breathing, using the lower back, breathing should visually be directed there.

With this pose, the back muscles become more flexible, the spine, on the contrary, relaxes. The cat’s asana is recommended to be performed in order to more comfortably survive contractions in the future (you will learn how to relax yourself, thereby minimizing the effects of stress on the body).

When pregnant can not do yoga?

Yoga, of course, is a very, very useful thing, but still you have to monitor your own state very carefully when you do it. Indeed, otherwise you can harm yourself or your baby.

So a categorical ban on yoga for pregnant women is imposed in the following cases:

  • in the presence of bleeding;
  • if they pose a possible threat of miscarriage;
  • with hypertonia of the uterus;
  • in case of high blood pressure;
  • with preeclampsia (late toxicosis);
  • with severe headaches accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and severe toxicosis;
  • with tachycardia;
  • with a lot of water.

It can be summed up briefly that the extent to which the practice of yoga will be useful for you «in an interesting position» depends on many factors, namely:

  1. How well you feel your body and hear it.
  2. How competent yoga trainer you will find.
  3. Did you go through a preliminary examination with your doctor, do you know which exercises you should give up during nine months of pregnancy?

When considering the benefits of yoga for pregnant women, the points listed above will be very important and they are all equally important. After all, not even the most qualified expert in yoga will be able to choose the right program for you, since he does not know what is going on inside you.

As a result, the useful properties of the practice are achieved only in the case of the “golden mean” — this is when the coach controls how you perform the exercises, their technique, but at the same time you concentrate on your inner state, and if you suddenly feel discomfort, you immediately stop exercising.

Yoga, like any other occupation, requires that it be treated very carefully and responsibly. And if you also use the help of real experts in this matter — a tangible effect will appear after a few weeks and he, of course, simply can not please you.

At what time is still allowed to start yoga?

You can begin to engage in any period of pregnancy. The trainer will adapt and select a program based on your training and physical condition.

Yoga classes will be beneficial for your body. In addition to training in the gym, it is also recommended to do the exercises yourself at home, but in this case you must be 100% sure that they are correct and not too zealous.

Do those asanas that you have already mastered with an instructor in the gym and are confident that they will not harm you.

Will yoga help ease the birth process?

Certainly yes! Moreover, the main goal of yoga for women in an interesting position is not just to normalize the condition of a pregnant woman, but also to make the process of childbirth easier, plus maintain the state after it.

With regular yoga classes, a delicate preparation of the body for childbirth takes place, the pelvic area is opened, the woman learns proper breathing and relaxation, feels her body much better, can perform movements while controlling the breathing process.

The future mother is extremely important to be able to feel your body, properly understand the signals sent to them in order to be in the most appropriate position during labor and during childbirth.

Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

Do yoga classes differ in different terms?

Definitely different. So, in the first trimester, women learn to fully relax, relax, master yoga nidra, and learn to breathe fully and deeply.

Already from the fifteenth to the sixteenth weeks and up to the thirty-second and thirty-fourth, the most active time begins when motions are necessary, the body’s energy potential increases, forces accumulate, and communication with the baby takes place. In this period, it is recommended to build up the position of the body, posture, you need to learn how to sit, stand and lie.

And on the thirty-second to thirty-fourth week begins the phase of «slowing down» when the implementation of some asanas is already a sufficient difficulty. Therefore, we have to stock up with additional props — blankets, pillows, in order to maintain our body in the right position.

At this time, the body is prepared for the process of childbirth, pregnant women in yoga classes are studying the birth breath, as well as learn to relax more.

An important point! After the thirty-fifth week of pregnancy, drink enough water to maintain normal placenta function.

A very frequent occurrence is when the calendar is due to be due for childbirth, but the child is not yet ready to be born. In such cases, many advise to resort to artificial stimulation of childbirth, but this method can not be called the most appropriate.

It is much more useful to use more natural methods:

  • talk to your baby;
  • take breath ujai;
  • perform small movements using the pelvis;
  • sing the sound of «U»;
  • massage the crotch;
  • consume an infusion of raspberry leaves.

Due to all these actions, the generic activity is stimulated, and without pills and any harm to you.

Many women in the position are afraid to practice gymnastics or yoga for pregnant women, because they are anxious not to harm their baby. What will be the benefits of yoga for the future children?

It should be noted that the practice of yoga for pregnant women is intended for both mother and baby. Indeed, in the process of studying, the mother communicates with the child, and also establishes a close mental connection between them.

In addition, when you feel good — this feeling is inevitably transmitted to your baby. In the process of deep breathing, the child gets more nutrients.

And during movements and asanas performed by you, the baby more correctly “gets up” in the birth canal, respectively, thanks to this, the process of childbirth is greatly facilitated.

Therefore, for the baby in this case, more than enough positive.

Is it true that yoga for pregnant women will facilitate the subsequent process of recovery after childbirth?

How long after childbirth can you start practicing the exercises?

Of course, because with the help of yoga practices, the body of a pregnant woman becomes stronger, she knows how to control her breathing, and also masters the correct work of the pelvic floor musculature.

In order to quickly get into shape after childbirth, special postnatal yoga is recommended, which is precisely intended for the woman to fully feel herself in a new role.

After all, if before the birth of the baby, all the asanas were aimed at opening, then after — on the contrary, at closing. These are completely different practices, the start of which is permissible only after the discharge of the last discharge.

After giving birth, about a month you should refrain from classes: during this time, a woman should be alone with herself and her baby, fully get used to her new role (even if she does not give birth for the first time) and just rehabilitate herself in physical and moral plans .

Positive properties of yoga for pregnant women, exercise

During these thirty recovery days, it is only permissible to perform very soft exercises aimed at “closing” the perineum in which breathing is used. Thanks to them, the return of sensitivity and normal muscle tone.

You can’t jog or press the press now — these exercises are more “aggressive”, they are not suitable for recovery, because you need to close the muscles below and make stronger muscles of the abdomen. In this case, the principle of «from the inside to the outside».

As a result, after childbirth, fast movements are not allowed, it is forbidden to stand, with legs wide apart, squat and focus only on your appearance.

Scientists have found that the female body is fully restored after childbirth approximately six months after the completion of breastfeeding. This is explained by the fact that when a woman breastfeeds a baby, her body produces hormones that contribute to the «softening» of the body.

It can be summed up that yoga is very useful for pregnant women, but it must be dealt with wisely, necessarily under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Then both you and your future baby will feel much better, and the process of his birth will be much easier.

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