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Positive affirmations for every day: love, work, health

Positive affirmations for every day: examples and rules

Affirmations are positive statements that help fulfill your desires. It is important to make sentences correctly for the Universe to hear your request.

Rules and Recommendations

Positive affirmations do not always work. The thing is that they need to be composed and pronounced according to certain rules.

Positive affirmations for every day: love, work, health

  1. You have to pronounce your wish as if it has already come true. Not “I want a new car,” but “I have a car that meets my needs.”
  2. Avoid the “not” parts. The universe does not perceive it, and your wish will be fulfilled with accuracy and vice versa. Not «I do not get sick», but «I have good health»
  3. Make sure the desire is truly yours. For example, if your mother wants you to get a job as an engineer, repeating «I am an engineer in organization N», you will not achieve anything if you don’t want it. It is better to repeat “I found a job that I like and brings income sufficient for a high standard of living”
  4. You can not make a wish that is associated with a particular person. The affirmation “Aleksey made an offer to me” will not work, because Aleksey may not want this at all. It is better to repeat “I am happily married to a man who suits me in all respects”
  5. A single thought has no power. Read one positive statement at least 15 minutes a day.
  6. The desire should be environmentally friendly and not cause anyone harm. Therefore, at the end, always add: “Desire is fulfilled for my and the common good”
  7. Consider that the Universe can fulfill your dream completely not as it would be desirable. For example, you make a new apartment, and get it as a legacy after the death of your beloved parents. So do not immediately ask something transcendental, look at things really
  8. Invest emotions in what you say. The heartless and mechanical repetition of the same words has no power. Therefore, one can say “I am happy that I have found the job of my dream”, “I am grateful to the Universe for a new phone” and so on
  9. It is very important not to ask for money or repay loans. Never say: “I repaid loans” or “I got rid of debts”. The money will come themselves if you send energy to the fulfillment of such a desire as the search for profitable and beloved work, for example

Next, we consider specific examples of affirmations for different life situations.

Affirmations to work

Before you start practicing, set a clear goal. What do you want to achieve? «For a man who does not know to which pier he is heading, not a single wind will be fair.»

Positive affirmations for every day: love, work, health

  • Take a piece of paper, a pen and formulate your goal. What is it? Do you want to get great offers from employers? Successfully have an interview? Or increase your sales plan for this month?
  • Then compose the text of a positive statement according to the rules set forth in the previous section of our article.

Here are examples of affirmations to work:

  1. If you do not know who you want to be, and dream of finding a job that will bring pleasure and, not least, good money. “I found my dream job that suits me in all respects”
  2. If you want to get to work in a particular organization. “I work for company N in a position that suits me the most”
  3. If you want a salary increase. «My income is N thousand rubles or more.» Do not ask for a specific amount, because perhaps the universe will want to give you more
  4. For career growth: «I got a position higher than the one I occupy now»

By analogy, you can independently come up with the best affirmations that are suitable specifically for your situation. And never ask the Universe for money — if you find your destination, a favorite thing, they will come and so.

Attract love

In attracting love, it is especially important to bear in mind that one cannot interfere with the wishes and intentions of other people. Therefore, never ask the Universe for mutual feelings from a particular person, marriage proposal from the guy you are currently meeting.

Positive affirmations for every day: love, work, health

It is better to make more neutral formulations, but be prepared for surprises. For example, by repeating “I am married to a beloved man,” you suddenly break up with your current partner, because the Universe decides that it’s not at all suitable for you.

But changes in any case will be to your benefit — you can meet a completely different man, with whom you will build happy and harmonious relations.

Examples of love affirmations:

  • For girls in search. “I have a lot of fans who want a relationship with me”, “I met a man who suits me in all respects”, “I have a happy and harmonious relationship with a loved and loving man”
  • For girls in a relationship. “I received an offer to get married”, “We have a happy and harmonious relationship with my man”
  • For married. “I am happy that our relationship with my husband is getting better every day”

Watch a video with examples of affirmations for each day:

For men

Affirmations for men are no different from women. All the same: we are determined with the goal and we formulate positive statements correctly.

  • «I am successful and held as a person»
  • “I am becoming more successful, smarter and richer every day”
  • «My career is constantly growing»
  • «I found my dream job»
  • «My income is enough to buy everything that I need and like»
  • «I am in a relationship with a woman who suits me in all respects»

Write your options in the comments, and we will analyze them.

In working with health, it is especially important not to make a mistake and compile the correct text. Consider the most popular errors and examples:

  1. You can not say «I am no longer sick,» the Universe will hear it, like «I am sick.» Therefore, we repeat: “I am absolutely healthy”, “my health is improving every day”
  2. You can not say «I lost 10 pounds.» You can achieve that seriously ill and depleted by these same 10 kg as a result of poor health. Therefore: “My figure is slim and beautiful”, “I look slim and fit”
  3. The same with bad habits. Do not say: «I do not smoke» or «I quit smoking.» It is better to repeat: “I lead a healthy and active lifestyle”, “I am free from dependencies of any kind”

An important point: in the case of health, you can repeat affirmations aimed at other people, because they themselves want to be cured. But at the same time in the text you need to add emotion.

For example: «I am happy that my daughter is completely healthy.» Or: «I am glad that my husband leads a healthy lifestyle.»

Positive affirmations will help to adjust the mind to the best way and attract the forces of the universe to the fulfillment of your desire.

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