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Plotting on a coin will help get rich

Every person dreams of a comfortable life. Money is a very important success factor in society.

But, unfortunately, it is often not possible to earn them in sufficient quantities. That is why magical rituals that attract financial well-being are in great demand.

They allow not only to draw wealth into life, but also to receive a good benefit from trade deals.

Plotting a coin will help get rich

Financial plots with a coin are very powerful. They allow a person to get rich in a short time.

There are a huge number of rituals that use a coin plot.

Any such rite must be conducted in strict accordance with the recommendations. Virtually all such conspiracies require regular repetition, since the effect of a conspiracy coin ends with time.

Virtually all rituals in which the coin starts to speak are conducted in the phase of a rising moon. For the effectiveness of such an impact, you need complete concentration and faith in magic.

A ritual in which a special coin is used is considered to be very effective, if it is a jubilee one. In addition, it should find a response in your soul, that is, it should you like.

Best of all, for some time, carefully look at the coins that pass through your hands, and, believe me, the one that needs to be made magic, you will definitely find out.

The ritual should be held on the new moon. In the future, with the growth of the night star, the coin will gain strength to attract small and big money to you.

In addition to the coin in the ritual will need to use:

  • Green candles of different sizes;
  • Red wine.

For the ceremony in one of the evenings you need to prepare a room in a special way, in it you need to try to create a special magical atmosphere. It is important to make sure to clean and remove all unnecessary things.

After that, in a room in different places should install candles and light them, artificial lighting is not recommended.

Then you should sit down at the table and put a coin in front of you, and put a glass filled with wine next to it. After that, you need to mentally describe everything you want, after the moment your well-being begins to improve. That is, you need to force yourself to dream, maximally visualizing the scenes being represented.

The deeper you plunge into the world of fantasy, the more powerful will be, you created, a magic coin.

Plotting on a coin will help get rich

Once you feel, then you are completely plunged into a fictional world filled with wealth, whisper clearly these words on the coin:

Such a spell must be spoken three times, after which the coin must be thrown into a glass of wine. Then you should drink three small sips of wine and immediately go to bed.

A coin in a glass of wine should lie until morning.

In the morning, the coin should be taken out and rinsed with water, after which it should be placed in a separate compartment of the wallet. It will become your money talisman and it can never be used to pay for goods.

To enhance the properties of the magic coin, such a rite must be repeated every month.

From ancient times, an ancient rite came to us that helps to cope with constant lack of money. Indeed, it often happens that in spite of hard work, there is no more money.

Very often this is due to damage caused by ill-wishers.

It is necessary on one of the evenings during the growing moon to melt a white candle made of natural wax on a water bath. After that, a coin of any value should be thrown into the melted wax.

Then speak these words:

After pronouncing the words, the wax coin must be carefully removed using a skimmer. Doused with wax coin on all sides, you need to cool, wrap in a small piece of natural fabric and always carry around with you.

Plotting a coin will help get rich

The power of natural elements always enhances magical action. And plotting on a coin is no exception.

Therefore, magic offers ceremonies that are held in the open.

An effective ritual is performed on a clear sunny day. It is necessary to take out the yellow coin to the street and put it under the sun’s rays.

Leaning over her, you should whisper these words three times:

After that, you can leave and leave the coin for several hours in the sun. Then you need to pick it up and store it in your own wallet.

To spend a conspired coin is impossible.

The arc is a strong rite aimed at improving your well-being, is carried out by the river. First you need to take your wallet, take out all the money from it, leaving one coin. Near the reservoir you need to open your own wallet, wet your hand in water and sprinkle its internal contents three times.

It is imperative that at least one drop of water gets on the coin.

In the process, you should say these words three times:

A conspired coin should be spent within three days. After that, you will notice how much easier you manage to make money.

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