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Plots Vanga attract well-being and money

The conspiracy of the prophetess Vanga on well-being, money and luck

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga paid great attention to magical conspiracies. She considered them a very effective means to help in various spheres of human life, but she always warned against their abuse.

Plots Vanga attract well-being and money

In any conspiracy Vanga hidden powerful energy. Magic words, uttered in a special mood, always act purposefully and strongly. Therefore, any mistake during the ritual can lead to serious negative consequences.

Plots Vanga — is a powerful magic tool that can be compared with potent drug. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only in cases when there is not enough power to cope with the prevailing adverse circumstances.

Wang believed that if you bring good luck into life, then many problems a person can solve on their own. She offered very effective means in order to protect herself from external negative.

There is a very strong protective prayer from Vanga, which allows you to protect yourself and your home from evil forces and cleanse yourself from sins. If everything is done correctly, life will be filled with health and wealth, positive mood, love and joy.

Prior to the start of the ritual, it is important to withstand a severe fast for three days. It is necessary to completely abandon meat and dairy products. It is allowed to eat only vegetables and fruits, and you can only drink thawed water or consecrated.

Completely need to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages and smoking. All three days you need to think positively and avoid nerve overstrain and stress.

After such spiritual preparation in the morning on the fourth day you need to go to the temple. But before going out right on the threshold of your own house you should read a prayer.

Having come to church, you need to buy 7 church candles and place them in front of any icons. Near one selected image you need to pray, ask God for help and protection in arbitrary words.

After coming from the church, you need to once again read the above prayer on the threshold of the house.

It is also important to have a day when the prayer from Vanga was read in fasting, and from the next day you can gradually return to your normal life style.

Plots Vanga attract well-being and money

The great healer claimed that luck enters the house through the front door, therefore, the door and the threshold should always be kept in perfect purity. Dirt scares good luck and does not allow her to get into the house and live there for a long time.

To attract luck in your own home you need to read the plot during the growing moon period.

It sounds like this:

“There will be so many helpers and friends in my life, how many people will cross the threshold of my house. Enemies, enemies and evil spirits will not be able to enter my door.

As much as the door of my house opens wide, so much good will take my house. Grief and misfortune in my accommodation there.

In my home — good luck, happiness, health and wealth. It will only be as said.


After the conspiracy you need to sprinkle the door and the threshold outside and inside with holy water. Such a conspiracy will drive the evil away from your doorstep and open the way for good luck.

This plot helps to bring good luck and prosperity into your own home. The ritual should be conducted in solitude and in a darkened room.

It involves the use of pure spring water, which must be poured into a glass bowl.

Then say the following words over it:

After uttering the words of the plot should be sprayed with water all the rooms. At the same time it is most necessary to sprinkle the thresholds.

Wang sought to help people with all life problems. The great healer never denied the need for financial well-being for a happy life.

Therefore, it was considered very justified to attract money through magic. The wise woman believed that life, which is given once, must be lived in maximum comfort, and this is exactly what money can provide.

In this regard, Wang left people a very large legacy of conspiracies to raise money. They are very effective and allow you to get rid of financial problems in a short time.

It should be understood that Wanga always stressed that money is not an assistant in the spiritual sphere, they are certainly important in everyday life. Therefore, each person strives to earn them, and conspiracies aimed at attracting money can help in this.

Plots Vanga attract well-being and money

The next conspiracy from Vanga relates to strong magical influences, but in order for it to act it is necessary to believe that financial well-being will come soon. The slightest doubt or skepticism at times reduces the effect of the conspiracy.

To conduct a ritual on Friday at sunset. For this you need:

  • Put on a new spacious white shirt made of natural fabric;
  • Dissolve hair and remove all kinds of jewelry and watches;
  • Sit down facing the east corner of the room;
  • On the inside of the ring finger, use the pen to write the name of the currency;
  • Lean a finger against the corner opposite.

After all actions, the following words should be pronounced:

After the ritual, be sure to go to bed and try to fall asleep as soon as possible. It should be remembered that you can wash your hands and wash your face only the next morning.

To bring to life a specific amount of money can be the next rite. Such a ritual should also be performed on the night from Friday to Saturday, preferably during the rising moon.

On Friday, you need to relax and go to bed, fully concentrating on the idea of ​​the required amount of money. You need to imagine what you will feel when you receive the necessary money and make your innermost dream a reality.

After the picture has been visualized, the plot should be loud and clear.

His words are as follows:

After that, you need to try to fall asleep as soon as possible, without switching to other thoughts. But the rite does not end there.

You should set the alarm for early morning, so that you can get up before sunrise. Immediately you need to go out and wait for the first sun rays.

After that, the following magic words should be spoken three times mentally or aloud:

It is important that the money that you will soon receive after the ceremony is spent exactly on what you have planned. Otherwise, you will start to pursue the failure.

Plots Vanga attract well-being and money

Wanga offered a conspiracy to attract financial well-being to the family and make sure that people close to you do not need anything.

For this you need to wake up to read the following plot on a piece of bread:

After the words are spoken, a plotted piece of bread must be eaten and washed down with holy water. It is important to remember that after such a conspiracy, wealth will constantly fill your home, but only if you lead a good life.

There are many other conspiracies Vanga, but they only help sincere people who have no evil minds or desires to harm others. Conspiracies need to be pronounced with the absolute belief that your requests will be heard.

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