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Plots on the growing moon — effective rites

Plots on the growing moon are always used to bring something to life. The beginning of a new lunar month is considered a magical time, when all requests for higher forces will be heard and fulfilled.

Plots on the growing moon - effective rites

As a rule, in most rites for the growing moon, various additional attributes are used that reinforce the directional effect. But the most important thing is that all rituals should be performed when the crescent of the month is not visible in the sky. If the sky is covered with clouds, the effectiveness of magical influences is greatly reduced.

Plots on the growing moon should be read in a calm state and a positive mood.

At any night of the growing moon phase, a ceremony can be held that attracts wealth and money to life. To do this, retire in a separate room, pour ordinary water into the basin and leave it overnight.

Then you should go to bed, but you need to wake up at an early dawn, when the rays of the sun have not yet lit the earth and the month is still slightly visible in the sky.

It is necessary to wash the water out of the tank and after that, say the following magic words twelve times:

After pronouncing the words, wipe the face with a prepared new handkerchief. It should be worn with you, for example, in your pocket for a month.

It is very important that no one sees the shawl that was spoken, and the stranger does not touch it. At this time, you will open all cash flows, and you can easily make money.

At the end of the month, the handkerchief used in the rite should be put away in a secluded place where no one will ever find it. He will become your money talisman and will attract wealth to your home.

Plots on the growing moon - effective rites

For profit, it is necessary to conduct a rite with salt water in the phase of the rising moon. This ritual is performed after sunset.

First, three teaspoons of salt should be diluted in a glass of spring water or collected from a well.

Then go to the open window and take three sips of salt water and utter such a magical conspiracy:

After that, the conspiracy water moistened temples and forehead. After that, you need to spray yourself with the rest of the water, so that it falls into the bosom and under the collar.

The remaining droplets of conspiracy water need to spill over the threshold of your own home.

Conspiracies to bring love to life are very effective in the growth phase of the moon. As a rule, such rites are more often used by women.

Considered to be very effective love spell with the use of bread.

It is necessary to leave a small piece of bread on the windowsill. It should be put in such a way that when the moon appears in the night sky, moonlight shines on it.

After this happens, you need to go to the windowsill and say these words:

Bread after the spelling of magic words should be left on the windowsill until the morning. It is necessary to eat it early in the morning before sunrise on an empty stomach the next day.

This rite can also be used if you want to strengthen the love feelings of your chosen one. But in this case, the plot must be modified, that is, it must mention the name of a specific person.

Plots on the growing moon - effective rites

Once a year in the period of the growing moon should be put protection against damage to the evil eye. This is a very strong rite that will allow you to avoid any external negative influences, both accidental and targeted from enemies and detractors.

Despite its simplicity, the rite is very strong. You need to go out and find a secluded place where no one will distract from the impact.

Looking at the sickle of the month, it is important to utter these magic words in full concentration on yourself:

Most conspiracies on the growing moon are white magic. But in order to avoid any negative consequences, you should follow all the recommendations of a particular rite exactly.

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