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Plots on Maslenitsa — folk magic

Wealth and wealth will bring plots to Shrovetide

A lot of ancient magic rituals are associated with Carnival. Many plots on Maslenitsa have been preserved since pre-Christian times, when it was celebrated, as a celebration of the beginning of the new year and the awakening of the earth after winter.

Priests and magicians secret rituals tried to promote the fertility of the earth, animals and people. Other rituals were aimed at attracting in the new cycle good luck, wealth and strength.

Some of them are still alive today.

Plots on Maslenitsa - folk magic

At all times, conspiracies on Maslenitsa, involving the attraction of money and wealth, were very popular. Their effectiveness is time tested, but they will be effective only for hardworking people.

In addition, you need to understand that in order to attract money to him, you need to treat him with respect. You can not carelessly handle paper bills: crumple or crush.

One must always remember the importance of money in a prosperous life and that they are the equivalent of human labor.

If you have the opportunity to be out of town these days, you can apply the old conspiracy to Shrovetide to attract profits and wealth in the new season. To do this, you need to make a big fire and burn some old unnecessary things in it (the more — the better).

Getting rid of the old unnecessary property, you, thereby, symbolically make room for a new one.

At the same time, looking at the fire, repeat:

Plots on Maslenitsa - folk magic

Attract cash flow can be a rite, which is held at the place of a walk. You must visit the place of the national holiday the next day, that is, on Monday.

There you need to walk around until you find a coin, and this, in a place of public pastime, will happen necessarily.

The coin should be lifted with the left hand and the following magic words should be spoken:

The plotted coin must be hidden in your own house and stored for the whole year. It will be like a magnet to attract money and improve wealth.

A year later, at Shrovetide, the coin must be lost again in the same place.

The magic of this holiday will help in the material sphere. On a rising moon, you can read a conspiracy for financial well-being using snow.

At the same time, it is better to take snow for the ceremony at the intersection, and leave a yellow coin as a payoff. Having brought snow into the house, it should be put on a dish, then a green candle should be lit.

Then speak the following magic words:

After the snow has melted, you need to touch the melt water with your lips, after which the melt water should be thrown out onto the street.

Plots on Maslenitsa - folk magic

On Shrovetide, you can use conspiracy to attract luck in your own life. And, as is known, this concept is connected with the fulfillment of desires and the protection of one’s own life from alien influence.

But such rites are effective only if you yourself do not wish evil to others.

If you feel that you have been the victim of someone’s damage or the evil eye, or you suspect that this may happen in the near future, you can use protective plots on Maslenitsa. One of the most popular such conspiracies is done as follows.

At the dawn of the first day of Maslenitsa, turn to face the rising sun.

Then say:

Repeat this plot at the dawn of each day of Shrovetide. This conspiracy should be your magical armor, protecting against foreign malice and deceit.

You can also try a conspiracy on Pancake Week with pancakes, attracting luck and averting misfortunes. Take the most even and beautiful of the pancakes you baked.

Cut it strictly in half, and then slowly move the halves away from each other.

While sentencing the conspiracy to pancakes:

Move the halves as far as possible, then eat each separately.

Plots on Maslenitsa - folk magic

On Shrovetide can be a conspiracy, which will help to come true cherished desire. The rite is held late on Sunday evening.

It is advisable that before this it is imperative to visit the festive festivities in order to be charged with positive energy.

On the same day, before you go to bed, you should say the following conspiracy:

After pronouncing the words, it is necessary to cross three times, to bow three times, turning to the east. Then you need to go to bed and at the same time it is important to fall asleep as soon as possible, discarding all extraneous thoughts.

The dream that will come this night will be prophetic. It is by its content that it will be possible to judge whether your wish will come true.

Therefore, when you wake up, try to remember what you saw a dream and analyze it. The more positive the dream is, the higher the likelihood that the wish will come true.

The negative feelings of sleep indicate that, most likely, your request was not heard.

You can perform this ritual on any day except Sunday. To do this, go outside and say, looking at the sky, magic words.

After pronouncing such words, you need to pour three pinches of salt on the outer window sill of the window, which opens to the east and is located at the entrance door. On Sunday evening, that is, on the last day of Shrovetide, you must sweep the salt into a canvas bag of black color. In the process, you need to pronounce the well-known prayer “Our Father”.

Then it must be carried away from the house and buried in a deserted place.

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