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Plots on Ivana Kupala — the magic of Kupala night

Conspiracies in the feast of the sun, fire and water — Ivan Kupala

The holiday of Ivan Kupala is the most mystical and mysterious in the folk calendar. Our ancestors celebrated it for more than one thousand years, as a holiday of the summer solstice. On this day, and especially in the night preceding it, many magical rites were performed.

At the same time, conspiracies against Ivan Kupala for love, luck and material well-being were considered the strongest and most effective. After all, although the astronomical knowledge of our ancestors was far from complete, they knew well that the sun has the greatest energy and that this energy can be used for its own purposes.

Many of these ancient rites and spells are used today. After all, no matter how many centuries have passed, the energy of the Sun does not become weaker, just as the magic of water and fire is eternal.

Plots on Ivana Kupala - the magic of Kupala night

Among the many Kupala magical rites, the most popular conspiracies against Ivan Kupala for love. After all, this feeling is not only the most beautiful, but also creates the most problems for people.

You can solve many of these problems on the night of Ivan Kupala.

The strongest rites of love magic are associated with the traditional Kupala bonfire, the embodiment of the great fire element. If your favorite is present at the feast, you can bewitch it.

To do this, looking at the fire, utter such a conspiracy:

After that, persuade your chosen one to jump over the fire or pull it into a festive round dance.

Ivana Kupala is not only a holiday of the Sun and fire. At this time, another great element is activated — water, the magical properties of which are amplified many times during this period.

One of the strongest love plots on Ivana Kupala, it uses the energy of water and ritual ablution. Persuade your loved one to go swimming this night.

Before you go into the water, say in a whisper such a conspiracy:

After that, together with your chosen one enter the water.

Plots on Ivana Kupala - the magic of Kupala night

In the evening before the celebration of Ivan Kupala, you can hold a strong bewitching rite that will attract the love of the guy you like. To do this, go to an unheated bath and take water into the basin.

Then you need to throw a pinch of salt into it and cross the water with a piece of bread.

Next, say the following plot:

After that, a piece of bread must be eaten, and in the water to rinse a handkerchief, which later will need to put in your chosen one’s pocket. This ritual can be used for the love spell of the husband, in the case of cooling the senses.

At the same time in the conspiracy water should rinse one of the spouses of the spouse, which he should later wear.

On the night of Ivan Kupala, you can make a strong bewitching potion that can attract a young man you like.

For this you need:

  • Collect thirteen different herbs at your discretion;
  • Pick up from the road on which people walk, thirteen different pebbles.

Having brought everything gathered home, you need to put water on the fire and throw grass and stones into it. When the water boils, holding your hands over the pan, you should speak the conspiracy thirteen times in a row.

His words are:

Such a conspiracy potion brewed on the night of Ivan Kupala should be used on July 13. It should be thrown out in the place where your favorite walks.

Plots on Ivana Kupala - the magic of Kupala night

The plots on Ivan Kupala for good luck are very strong and equally diverse. Like love conspiracies, Kupala conspiracies to attract success in life use the energy of the great elements that became active during this period.

The conspiracy to the rising sun is very strong. In order to carry out this plot, do not go to bed in the Kupala night.

Wait for the morning and, at the first rays of the rising sun, repeat seven times:

No less powerful is the conspiracy to good luck, which uses an appeal to the energy of fire. In order to solicit luck and happiness at the fire, our ancestors used to dance around Ivan Ivan Kupala around the fire.

For knowledgeable people, this is still not easy fun. If you want to be always lucky, moving in a dance around a fire, turn to fire with magic words.

And they sound like this:

For your success plot to succeed, the circle must move clockwise at the time it is pronounced. In no case do not conspire, moving in the opposite direction, as in this case, you not only do not attract good luck, but you can seriously harm your business.

Such a national holiday as Ivana Kupala implies a universal positive attitude of all participants. This is the main factor for the success of all the ceremonies held on this fabulous night.

It should be remembered that plots aimed at goodness can be used against Ivan Kupala. Rituals in which there is a desire for evil to other people are absolutely not effective.

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