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Plots on child health for parents

Plots on the health of a child are rooted in the deep past. After all, at all times, parents have always made sure that their children grow up healthy and strong.

Such ceremonies have not lost relevance in our days.

Plots on child health for parents

There is a very large number of various rituals, whose action is aimed at improving the child. Therefore, it is important to choose the right rite in accordance with the situation.

Remember that ceremonies aimed at the recovery of the child are always held in the period of the waning moon. That is, along with the decline in the activity of the night star, the disease will decrease.

Preventive healing rituals, which are aimed at improving the health of the child, should be carried out in the growth phase of the moon. The night star at this time shares its positive energy, and the baby’s body becomes stronger and more stable. But at the same time one should know that prayers for health can be read in any period of the lunar month.

And this can be done not only in the temple, but also at home.

Considered to be the most effective conspiracies on the health of the child, which are pronounced when bathing the baby.

To conduct a healing rite you need to use holy water. She needs to sprinkle a leaf on which wishes of good health to the child are written. It will need to be put under the bath.

The rest of the water should be poured into the bath for bathing, then carry out water procedures in the usual way.

When bathing a child, you can pronounce the following magic words:

When the bathing process comes to an end, when rinsing a child with clean water, it should be said:

When wiping the baby after bathing, you need to say the following words:

Pouring water from the bath must say:

A universal ritual allows not only to save the baby from existing health problems, but also to prevent the occurrence of problems in the future. For the ritual, you need to purchase a new pin and bring consecrated water from the church.

The pin before use in the rite must be cleaned of extraneous energy. For this, she must lie the night in holy water.

The next morning, after the first rays of the sun appeared, it should be taken out and read such a conspiracy over her:

While the baby is sleeping, this pin needs to be pinned to his clothes, which you plan to wear. It is important that the tip of the pin is pointing down.

After waking up the baby, you need to gently comb it and say these words:

After such a ceremony, you will soon notice the fact that your child has become less sick and has become physically stronger.

Plots on child health for parents

If you suspect that the cause of the illness of the baby is the evil eye, then you need to hold a cleansing rite with holy water. Such a plot should be read only in the period of the waning moon at night in a glass of holy water.

The ceremony should be carried out with a lit church candle and artificial light off.

The magic words are as follows:

Tuesday is considered to be the best time to read this plot. Slightly conspired water should be given to the child for a drink, and to wash her face with the remnants of it.

Rites to improve health always work more effectively if you monitor the health of your child and harden him.

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