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Plots of black magic: help the dark world

The means to achieve the goal — the conspiracy of black magic

Plots of black magic — a special section of practical magic, containing the most powerful, but at the same time the most dangerous rites. Black magic is known to people from immemorial antiquity.

For millennia, masters of black magic instilled fear and awe into people.

Unlike white magic, black magic to achieve its goals resorts to the help of dark forces, which makes it incredibly effective. The goals of black conspiracies are often just as black — damage with the goal of making the enemy suffer or even die, bringing discord between lovers and more.

However, people often use such conspiracies with quite ordinary goals — to achieve someone’s love, increase revenues, and so on, but they do it with the help of dark forces.

Plots of black magic: help the dark world

Black magic is always associated with the dark side of the universe and the absolute evil. In the Slavic world such witchcraft originated in the time of Ancient Russia.

All rituals, without exception, involve recourse to the forces of the Dark World. Therefore, to oppose the conspiracy of black magic is very difficult, and often impossible.

The danger of black magic is that the dark forces, which the magician resorts to, always charge. If the black conspiracy reaches its goal, the one to whom this conspiracy is directed can be seriously damaged physically and mentally.

In this case, the magician will stain his conscience and blacken his soul. If the conspiracy is committed ineptly, the order of actions is violated, or the wrong time is chosen, the power of the black energy of the conspiracy turns against the magician himself, which can lead to his illness or mental disorders.

Experienced magicians rarely make mistakes and know how to divert the reverse wave of negatives from themselves. For example, they conduct additional rites, and, collected, after the ceremony, negative, poured or thrown together with certain attributes at the intersection.

In such cases absolutely innocent people can suffer.

The plots of black magic are very diverse. They turn to different forces of the dark side and use different magic means and methods.

The plots differ in the method of guidance and power. For self-realization, preference should be given to simple rites to reduce the risk of possible error.

There is a huge number of rituals of black magic of the most various orientation. You can talk almost anything in any sphere of life. Plots of black magic are a powerful tool and allow you to solve any problems in a short time.

But when deciding to take advantage, you need to be aware of all the responsibility and be prepared for unforeseen and sometimes terrible consequences.

Black magic offers a large number of rituals for targeting damage to make a person suffer. And very often this method is used to protect themselves.

That is why there are rituals that, although they belong to black magic, but have minimal consequences if carried out in order to protect themselves.

So, a handkerchief can be used to target damage to the enemy, if someone has hurt you or your loved ones and made you suffer, wipe your tears with a white handkerchief and wait for a dark, moonless night.

At midnight, light a black candle and say three times:

(The victim of this conspiracy can be both a man and a woman — “he” is changed to “she” and so on). A conspiratorial scarf must be thrown at the victim — in a pocket, in a bag, in an apartment, or in any other place with which the victim is constantly in contact.

Plots of black magic: help the dark world

To bring damage, which, above all, will destroy human health, you must use a memorial candle. For this you need to bring such an unburned candle from the church, imperceptibly taken from the memorial place. But in return, in the temple, a new candle should be erected at the same place, mentally asking the forgiveness from the dead person to whom it was intended.

In addition, when visiting a church, you must leave a mention, for example, cookies and sweets.

For the ceremony, you also need to have a photo of your enemy, on which you plan to damage. In the modern world to get a picture is absolutely easy. For example, you can make it using a mobile phone.

Having retired in a separate room at night, you should put a photo of your enemy on the table and place a memorial candle on it. After that, you need to light a candle from a match.

And while the match is burning, speak the words of the conspiracy:

The words of the spell should be repeated four times, after the match burns out. Then the burned-out match, from which the candle was ignited and the melted candle itself, must be thrown the next day under the threshold of the house of the enemy.

If you do not know where your foe lives, then the attributes must be thrown out at the intersection and there must be left something.

After such a ceremony, it is very important not to remember your enemy, and it is advisable not to be interested in his state of health. It is better that he, just for a while, just disappeared from your sight, even if you have to leave for it.

In conclusion, once again I would like to note that if you are going to use black magic plots to achieve your goals, remember that in your hands is a terrible weapon, extremely dangerous both for the victim of the conspiracy and for you. Think again whether your goal is worth pursuing it with such means.

And most importantly, it should be understood that only a person with a strong will and by nature a powerful energy can effectively use the plots of black magic.

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