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Plots in the full moon

From ancient times, it is believed that the full moon has a special magical power. This is the time to fulfill the most cherished desires. Conducted in the full moon plots have great power.

Therefore, conspiracies for money and love are very popular in this lunar phase. With a sincere belief in magic, they are always successful.

Since such rites belong to white magic, such rituals have no negative consequences.

Plots in the full moon

The ceremonies of love held in the full moon will help get rid of bad luck in his personal life or to return the beloved. This is the optimal time to conduct a ritual for a happy marriage.

Any girl dreams, above all, of mutual love. And in order to awaken the feelings of the chosen one to yourself, you should take advantage of the strong rite of white magic, which is held on the full moon.

In the ritual you need to use holy water, but you can replace it with water from a natural spring or from a well. This ritual can not only awaken love in the soul of the chosen one, but also induce him to make a marriage proposal.

That is why such an effect should be carried out only when you are confident in your own feelings.

At midnight in the full moon you need to retire in a separate room and, taking a glass of water in your hand, speak three times the magic words.

After pronouncing the words, water should be drunk. As a rule, the plot begins to work immediately, but the strongest feelings wake up in the soul of your chosen one, approximately in two weeks.

It is at this time that it is necessary, as often as possible, to meet his eyes.

Plots in the full moon

In the full moon you can call love into your life as a very simple rite. All you need is to walk under the moonlight.

This rite came from ancient times and was used by many nations.

It is necessary to take a walk alone, attuning to the positive changes in life that will come when a close and dear person appears next to you. When you feel that you are ready for changes, you just have to step over unconsciously into another reality.

Any feature can symbolize this, such as a shadow or a regular path in the park.

At this point, you should say:

If you were able to tune in correctly, then soon you will meet true love.

Conspiracy for money is very popular during the full moon period. At full moon with the help of magic you can improve your financial situation or get a one-time certain amount to solve certain financial problems.

For a strong rite aimed at attracting wealth into your own life, you must first purchase seven green wax candles in an esoteric shop. In addition to the day of the ceremony should collect paper bills of various currencies.

Moreover, the more they will be, the stronger will be the impact.

The ceremony is held in a separate room in complete solitude at night at a time when the disk of the moon is fully visible in the sky. On the windowsill should install seven candles and light them.

They must be illuminated by moonlight. Around the candles are laid out bills in random order.

After all the described actions are performed, the following magic words are pronounced seven times on such an installation:

After that, you should sit and wait for the candles to burn out. After this, the cinder should be wrapped in a napkin and hidden in a secluded place.

A conspired bills should be spent the next day for gifts to relatives and friends.

From this day you will begin to receive money from a variety of sources. In order for the flows to continue, it is imperative that after each receipt of finances you should arrange holidays for close people and buy gifts for them.

Plots in the full moon

It is during the full moon that you can create a money mascot yourself that will attract money. For example, they can be a small bright stone that you liked.

It must be picked up and put under the moonlight.

After that, utter these words:

Such a talisman is best kept in a wallet and during periods of full moon expose it under the moonlight.

Any magical rite can be strengthened if you first observe the fast for several days. It is also useful to visit the temple, where to put a candle for your own health and pray for your well-being in front of one of the icons.

The charms of the full moon can be used not only to bring love and wealth to life. But also in order to achieve success in various fields.

The moonlight during this period helps to clean up the unnecessary and re-examine your own attitude to life.

It is therefore very important during the full moon to take walks at night when the lunar disk is in the sky. At this time you will be able to get rid of all the problems and negatives and strengthen your natural energy potential.

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